Black Eyed Peas - 2010 Red Carpet Interview (American Music Awards)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing 2010 Red Carpet Interview (American Music Awards). © Dick Clark Productions

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  1. johana uyaguari

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    First comment in 5 years

  3. rafik benchabane

    rafik benchabaneHace 3 años

    black eyed peas

  4. Jamie Tracey

    Jamie TraceyHace 3 años

    so cring the hott meter

  5. Senna ff

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  6. dafuqawew

    dafuqawewHace 4 años

    lmao this nigga wearing some lego hat

  7. Armando Chitave Junior

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  8. justDaaf

    justDaafHace 7 años

    just love it

  9. justDaaf

    justDaafHace 7 años

    thats so not fucking true, Ferg doesnt care about shit like money, she aint the richest and she will never be cuz she dont care. she loves people and she loved to be interviewed

  10. ballpythonexpert

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    This comments that are at the top are fucking spams. they both have fucking 66 likes like wtf. FAKE!

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  12. acceber reynald garbo

    acceber reynald garboHace 9 años's from 1:00(like wat d F***!)

  13. will floyd

    will floydHace 9 años

    i love when they say they are going to play dirty bit the hot metter goes down

  14. GGPR00

    GGPR00Hace 10 años

    this interview was a disaster

  15. Ramix09

    Ramix09Hace 10 años

    i want the william cap

  16. Garie Angelie

    Garie AngelieHace 10 años

    so cool.. xD

  17. MJforever127i

    MJforever127iHace 10 años

    lol whitney didn't really say much. fergie looks awesome!!!

  18. Aurelio Ortiz

    Aurelio OrtizHace 10 años

    haha Jennette McCurdy!!!

  19. popbabyface22

    popbabyface22Hace 10 años looks super bored

  20. Cassidy Small

    Cassidy SmallHace 10 años

    @animallova97 I think she was like oh know!

  21. Cassidy Small

    Cassidy SmallHace 10 años

    I like Fergie's dress. It's beautiful.

  22. Greenshow81

    Greenshow81Hace 10 años

    Lance is a horrible host/interviewer lol

  23. Hibo Ali

    Hibo AliHace 10 años

    DAMN! that girl with the pink shirt is tall! :D

  24. xSammySeventeen

    xSammySeventeenHace 10 años

    lol i love the way Fergie rolls her eyes at the question lol such a diva :P

  25. Káťa Vodvářková

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    Will has hot clothes xDxD

  26. Ever Medina

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    ok jajj

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  28. Erik Kroon

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    love will's cap =D

  29. Daniel Legg

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    will... you legend X)

  30. farukoddc

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    @guineapigglets yea! LOL

  31. Klimentina Radkova

    Klimentina RadkovaHace 10 años

    they r awesome, saw them on their tour on my birthday....

  32. zombiesurfer1

    zombiesurfer1Hace 10 años

    Gotta Love the peas

  33. misteryiulia

    misteryiuliaHace 10 años

    @mblm96 LOL yeah, she's like: Oh no! not another question for me, leave me alone! :P

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    Um...first be typing this at 11 pm. :)

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    first share!

  37. thoax3

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    seeing a train dress woulda been awesome hahah

  38. goldwincs

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    even when will said "dirty bit" it sounds so musical.. lol

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    first favorite (x

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    first like (:

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