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  1. I am

    I amHace 2 días

    Highly underrated song🔥

  2. Paula ayelen Cabrera

    Paula ayelen CabreraHace 8 días


  3. berlin*

    berlin*Hace 11 días

    Skechers:i'm the best indian song. Action:*Hоld my ratatatata*

  4. Еркежан Нурдангали

    Еркежан НурдангалиHace 12 días


  5. canal games

    canal gamesHace 19 días


  6. Flydrone

    FlydroneHace 21 un día


  7. やさぐれまさる

    やさぐれまさるHace 24 días


  8. Asish Kumar

    Asish KumarHace 27 días

    Sun TV: it's time for some action 😂

  9. Deepak Kumar

    Deepak KumarHace 28 días

    Oh bhai maro mujhe maro jo dekhne aya tha wo kha gya😆😆😆

  10. bl_Bepi

    bl_BepiHace un mes


  11. Priya Chandran Gopi

    Priya Chandran GopiHace un mes

    its time for some action boiiiiiiiii

  12. Priya Chandran Gopi

    Priya Chandran GopiHace un mes

    oh yhea

  13. Priya Chandran Gopi

    Priya Chandran GopiHace un mes

    cooi boiiiiiiiiiiiii

  14. Dias Lestianto

    Dias LestiantoHace 2 meses

    best after 8 years

  15. Asma Begum

    Asma BegumHace 2 meses


  16. Hoshi's tiger agenda

    Hoshi's tiger agendaHace 2 meses


  17. Mazinho

    MazinhoHace 2 meses

    We're waiting action music video

  18. Isaiah O

    Isaiah OHace 2 meses


  19. Lennon Rubens

    Lennon RubensHace 2 meses

    this song give me the feeling that I'm about to begin a dance battle with a boss in a dancing game

  20. djane wicca

    djane wiccaHace 3 meses

    Why did they remove the video from the song? it was good xd

  21. Aasams P B

    Aasams P BHace 3 meses

    Sun Pictures owned the rights of the movie Robot. So they didn't allow it.

  22. vladimir putin

    vladimir putinHace 3 meses

    Those who dont know about the video...🤣🤣🤣

  23. 脑哥开脑洞

    脑哥开脑洞Hace 3 meses

    I just want to know what's indian think about this MV

  24. Anonymous

    AnonymousHace un mes

    It was funny lol

  25. Devesh Barhai

    Devesh BarhaiHace un mes

    It was awesome (previous MV) 😂😂

  26. Drago

    DragoHace 3 meses

    I am an Indian and still really pissed at how India's movie company copyrighted the video. Sometimes they can be really stupid :/

  27. MovieS ClipS

    MovieS ClipSHace 3 meses 😳😳

  28. Lyrics And Music

    Lyrics And MusicHace 3 meses

    Tiktok brought me here ♥️

  29. Sir Charles

    Sir CharlesHace 3 meses

    What happened to the "Action" music video?

  30. ExPlOdInG eArS

    ExPlOdInG eArSHace un mes

    Has been deleted due to copyright

  31. Tony Keller

    Tony KellerHace 4 meses

    this fits perfectly into the new fast&furious movie

  32. YusufTalhaOrta

    YusufTalhaOrtaHace 4 meses

    The only band that always has the best clip and bass balance

  33. Lollipop

    LollipopHace 4 meses


  34. Blessy Stella

    Blessy StellaHace 4 meses

    This gives me vibes from "I am the best" by 2NE1.. Ratatatata...

  35. Gesi Doci

    Gesi DociHace 4 meses

    Yeeaaahhh satisfaction 🤩

  36. Frank's Rc Car's

    Frank's Rc Car'sHace 4 meses

    Bad boy tune:)

  37. qlxkz

    qlxkzHace 4 meses


  38. Junão Souza

    Junão SouzaHace 4 meses


  39. Алекс Всея

    Алекс ВсеяHace 4 meses


  40. Robert downey jr.

    Robert downey jr.Hace 4 meses

    Indian cinema is bull shit who copyrighted the mv....

  41. Alma Culera

    Alma CuleraHace 4 meses


  42. KatyCats

    KatyCatsHace 5 meses

    Ja go uhihopnie hahah 🤣

  43. Paula Venini

    Paula VeniniHace 5 meses


  44. علي بابا Ali Baba

    علي بابا Ali BabaHace 5 meses

    1 🤟 12 #Cairo 21 🤟 #Ali 84 #Egypt🇪🇬 #SouthAfrica🇿🇦 #Morocco🇲🇦 Egypt 🇪🇬 South Africa 🇿🇦 Morocco 🇲🇦 Made in Africa 🌍 #Made #In #Africa2047 50% africa 50% Asia #Africa2073 2020 99 88 77 66 55 44 33 22 11 to

  45. hhh fgcc

    hhh fgccHace 5 meses


  46. Sha Fisi

    Sha FisiHace 5 meses


  47. Georgina Sanschez

    Georgina SanschezHace 5 meses

    Black eyed Peas the best

  48. DJ S Universe Q

    DJ S Universe QHace 5 meses

    Here to lasted song "ACTION" album from "Translation" my official music video! 🎦 👇 Click here:

  49. Im Giuli

    Im GiuliHace 5 meses

    Qui grazie a striscia!

  50. Simon3

    Simon3Hace 5 meses

    Ra ta ta ta ta give me action 😂😂

  51. Srijan Magar

    Srijan MagarHace 5 meses


  52. jedeyonmusic

    jedeyonmusicHace 5 meses

    Hello, today I listened to your song, I liked so I would like to make a remix for this song. If possible, can you send me an acapella?

  53. Kem Windell Nazareno

    Kem Windell NazarenoHace 5 meses


  54. Tenzin Chopa

    Tenzin ChopaHace 5 meses

    Why remove orignal video😡😡

  55. patrick grondines

    patrick grondinesHace 2 meses

    stupid copyright

  56. Jenny Ochoa

    Jenny OchoaHace 5 meses

    buena cancion

  57. Chonghong Po

    Chonghong PoHace 5 meses


  58. Storm Anqel

    Storm AnqelHace 5 meses

    Bune Len :QWE:QWE:QWE:QWE

  59. Jose Hernandez

    Jose HernandezHace 6 meses


  60. Awin Artist

    Awin ArtistHace 6 meses

    who is with me in 2020 😉😉

  61. Mack Suting

    Mack SutingHace 6 meses

    Black eyed peas made one of the best music video ever.. sad to see it got took down

  62. Zehra Sahin

    Zehra SahinHace 6 meses

    er das das video gelöscht :/

  63. Maxi Medina

    Maxi MedinaHace 6 meses

    no esta el video


    GENRICK VHace 6 meses

    Will I am ha sacado buenas rolas, me moló más con la de Shakira, hicieron un buen trabajo en hora buena y que ¡¡¡¡¡ VIVA LATINOAMERICA!!!!

  65. Mathias Bodewell

    Mathias BodewellHace 6 meses


  66. Dúlēßwár bstry

    Dúlēßwár bstryHace 6 meses


  67. Tomais Silva

    Tomais SilvaHace 6 meses

    What's happened with the MV?

  68. patrick grondines

    patrick grondinesHace 2 meses

    copyright issues or something

  69. Lakshay B

    Lakshay BHace 6 meses

    Bratatata means?? 😂

  70. Nayeli Franco

    Nayeli FrancoHace 6 meses


  71. علي بابا Ali Baba

    علي بابا Ali BabaHace 6 meses

    💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 الله اكبر

  72. Nifraz Nizar

    Nifraz NizarHace 6 meses

    No harm was there... they gave all the credits and respect... feel very upset for deleting the video..

  73. amitgamer ps4

    amitgamer ps4Hace 6 meses


  74. bridget Ramirez

    bridget RamirezHace 6 meses

    ratatata 💣

  75. MoreValue Plus

    MoreValue PlusHace 6 meses


  76. MoreValue Plus

    MoreValue PlusHace 6 meses

    IT'S TIME FOR SOME ACTION and restore the video.

  77. Jody Alvian

    Jody AlvianHace 6 meses

    wtf with the MV

  78. Jarimin Owary

    Jarimin OwaryHace 6 meses

    Why removed the video 😖

  79. ElCesar_YT

    ElCesar_YTHace 6 meses

    hola xd

  80. Ahammed Suhail

    Ahammed SuhailHace 6 meses

    Best ever of blackeyedpeas 🔥 video blocked by sun network 👎

  81. Delegasi Al-Fatih

    Delegasi Al-FatihHace 6 meses

    Suka tengok mv sebelum ni

  82. Nits Cheetos

    Nits CheetosHace 7 meses

    What happened to the original video????

  83. Tas Ben.C

    Tas Ben.CHace 6 meses

    I looked for it yesterday to watch it again but didn't find it, apparently they took it off for some copyright infringement. Because as far as I know, they mentioned every artist and movie included in the video

  84. Marcos Flores

    Marcos FloresHace 7 meses

    Borraron el vídeo de ésta canción?

  85. Bibin augustin

    Bibin augustinHace 7 meses

    The offical video was taken down by youtube. Shit. It was very intersting. It was claimed by sun networks..

  86. thepaperninja

    thepaperninjaHace 13 días

    Adei sun pictures baadu

  87. Bibin augustin

    Bibin augustinHace 4 meses

    @Russell Fernandezsome people are uploading it just search

  88. Russell Fernandez

    Russell FernandezHace 4 meses

    Do you have a source please

  89. Massive-G

    Massive-GHace 7 meses

    WTH original video got deleted?? damn it, it was really funny.

  90. aldo mayorga

    aldo mayorgaHace 7 meses

    The video has been deleted on ESdos from Sun TV cause of copyright infringement

  91. aldo mayorga

    aldo mayorgaHace 6 meses

    @Tas Ben.C yes agree and I didn't know the rest of that

  92. Tas Ben.C

    Tas Ben.CHace 6 meses

    I looked for it yesterday to watch it again but didn't find it, apparently they took it off for some copyright infringement. Because as far as I know, they mentioned every artist and movie included in the video


    THEJUANTRAX GOHace 7 meses

    Todavía no me creo que le borren el video super epico que parecia película , efe

  94. j42078

    j42078Hace 7 meses

    The video is amazing😍😍😍 love this track

  95. Roy Velasquez Espiritu

    Roy Velasquez EspirituHace 7 meses

    Porque lo eliminaron el video??

  96. Camilo Palmer

    Camilo PalmerHace 7 meses

    I can´t watch the OFFICIAL VIDEO ACTION what happened?

  97. Aasams P B

    Aasams P BHace 3 meses

    @Camilo Palmer Why are you calling them bastards? Yeah that action scenes are bad and black eyed peas did a good thing making fun of it. But any company will do the same thing here.

  98. Camilo Palmer

    Camilo PalmerHace 6 meses

    @Chiranjeevi Rai those bastards

  99. Chiranjeevi Rai

    Chiranjeevi RaiHace 6 meses

    Taken down by Sun Networks :/

  100. Rayane Martins

    Rayane MartinsHace 7 meses


  101. xXdoobXx

    xXdoobXxHace 7 meses

    Such a waste, the MV have been deleted due to copyright claim lmao😂. I'm really enjoying all those action, for real tho.


    YANERY WARNEROSHace 11 días



    YANERY WARNEROSHace 11 días

    Z Xbox fdddx

  104. Ibra. N

    Ibra. NHace un mes

    @Amsyar Raes 2 ²⁸p⁷⁸

  105. ExPlOdInG eArS

    ExPlOdInG eArSHace un mes

    But it was theirs..?

  106. Ayush Garg

    Ayush GargHace 2 meses

    Bollywood sucks. Bollywood never appreciated talent.

  107. rohit S

    rohit SHace 7 meses

    Official video missing ???


    THEJUANTRAX GOHace 7 meses

    Video delete

  109. soalexa

    soalexaHace 7 meses

    Q paso con el videooooo???

  110. Gokul.7

    Gokul.7Hace 7 meses

    mental sun tv network deleted the original video song in the you tube

  111. Vasanth Prabakar

    Vasanth PrabakarHace 5 meses

    they should be ashamed of holding such crap action scenes

  112. Mohamed Afsar

    Mohamed AfsarHace 7 meses

    Brah ta ta ta ta 😂

  113. Camila Campos

    Camila CamposHace 7 meses

    Cadê o clipe original. ? :(


    THEJUANTRAX GOHace 7 meses

    Yes delete

  115. Andrés López

    Andrés LópezHace 7 meses

    noooooooo por qupe borraron el video?

  116. tatj z

    tatj zHace 7 meses

    Wo ist das Original-Video? Dss mit 👮🏿👮🏻‍♂️👮🏾‍♂️👮🏼👮🔫🔫🔫🧐

  117. tatj z

    tatj zHace 6 meses

    Marvin Severin hey marvin😃 mein tag ist gerettet🙏🏼😅 danke schön👍🏼👌🏼💪🏼🦾😂 endlich mal ne gute nachricht😷🤮😝😆😊

  118. tatj z

    tatj zHace 7 meses

    Marvin Severin 😊

  119. tatj z

    tatj zHace 7 meses

    Marvin Severin ok😏 verletzungs-kack😂 danke marvin 😄

  120. Cubana Double

    Cubana DoubleHace 7 meses

    Its time for some action.

  121. Alex Araica

    Alex AraicaHace 7 meses

    Joo joo jo uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dammmm! 😎🤘🤘🎼

  122. Sebastian Rubio Carmona

    Sebastian Rubio CarmonaHace 7 meses

    Gracias NBA por poner esta canción en el Half Time .

  123. Ana Godoy

    Ana GodoyHace 7 meses

    Los verdaderos están de vuelta

  124. ahmed mohammed

    ahmed mohammedHace 7 meses

    You guys nailed it with this song. Long time no see black eyed peas. Big love grok 🇰🇼

  125. HannsFav -UnderTheSun

    HannsFav -UnderTheSunHace 8 meses

    Hot hot hot ACTION mabuhay


    DJ STEVE T ROCKHace 8 meses

    This is a real action song 😍😍😍😍😍