Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be (Making Of)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Imma Be. (C) 2010 Interscope Records
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  1. Liliane Aline da Silva

    Liliane Aline da SilvaHace 27 días

    M.u.i.t.o l.e.g.a.l

  2. stefania chavez

    stefania chavezHace 5 meses

    2:35 had me DEAD 😂

  3. Juan Ramírez

    Juan RamírezHace 5 meses

    Fergie is beautiful

  4. Olivia Mastranzo

    Olivia MastranzoHace 6 meses

    I've discovered this video in 2020!!!!! What!

  5. rafik benchabane

    rafik benchabaneHace 3 años

    black eyed peas

  6. Kamila Czudecka

    Kamila CzudeckaHace 3 años

    2:35 XDDD

  7. Kanji Edits

    Kanji EditsHace 3 años

    Imma be was a really big inspiration for me about being a singer. But, I decided to be an author. But, still. Thank you so much. I will be living that good life.

  8. Alejandra Leiva

    Alejandra LeivaHace 4 años

    0:34 ilumminati sign xD

  9. NeedBeingRelaxed `:V

    NeedBeingRelaxed `:VHace 4 años

    damm i love the song

  10. Isabely Fernandes

    Isabely FernandesHace 5 años

    Yeah !!!🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎶🎶🎶👏👏👏👏👏👏

  11. Romane Youtube

    Romane YoutubeHace 5 años

    it's my first favorite song at all the songs of the black eyed peas

  12. Marion Gasse

    Marion GasseHace 5 años

    apl.d.ap taboo and i love you

  13. momandbro8

    momandbro8Hace 2 años

    @Kanji Edits she ain't real peas

  14. Romane Youtube

    Romane YoutubeHace 3 años

    I love her too

  15. Kanji Edits

    Kanji EditsHace 3 años

    Marion Gasse what about Fergie?

  16. Rafael Lora Lora

    Rafael Lora LoraHace 5 años

    back eyed peas

  17. Romane Youtube

    Romane YoutubeHace 4 años

    Rafael Lora Lora *black

  18. Liliana Morales

    Liliana MoralesHace 6 años

    Keep it up

  19. Jorge Alberto

    Jorge AlbertoHace 6 años

    Fergie Ilove you

  20. Eli Hernandez

    Eli HernandezHace 4 años

    Jorge Alberto fergie is my favorite celeb

  21. كودر / Coder

    كودر / CoderHace 7 años


  22. fourthou

    fourthouHace 7 años

    +dou dum the car is called a Mobil1 T-Rex.

  23. João Vitor do Rio

    João Vitor do RioHace 7 años


  24. João Vitor do Rio

    João Vitor do RioHace 7 años

    xv xhd

  25. Elie T

    Elie THace 7 años

    2:34 dafuq willie? lmao

  26. arthur provoroff

    arthur provoroffHace 8 años

    that looks very hard (

  27. Annie Johnson

    Annie JohnsonHace 8 años

    Realty coolly no realy

  28. surroundgatari

    surroundgatariHace 8 años

    I knew it was inspired by Mad Max!

  29. Baylee Sexton

    Baylee SextonHace 8 años

    I'm a beast

  30. TEEYO

    TEEYOHace 8 años

    Imma Be freestyle on my channel. come listen if u want.

  31. Arthur Legrand

    Arthur LegrandHace 8 años

    Black eyed peas est mon groupe préféré mais on ne peux lire aucune de leur vidéos sur l'IPad...

  32. Dani RE

    Dani REHace 8 años

    2:35 "Ooa ooa ooa" xD

  33. Qube Goodie

    Qube GoodieHace 8 años

    coolest group ever !

  34. beyondthetech

    beyondthetechHace 8 años

    So how many days did it take to shoot? How about some outtakes?

  35. trini zhang

    trini zhangHace 8 años

    apple and taboo look cute

  36. lucius fox

    lucius foxHace 8 años

    say iphone 5x post this on 2 other vids and look under your pillow

  37. Carmen Skull

    Carmen SkullHace 9 años

    fuck spam

  38. 21sugarbaby

    21sugarbabyHace 9 años

    I know right

  39. Guthixwinz

    GuthixwinzHace 9 años

    wtf is up with the top comments?

  40. iumichan450

    iumichan450Hace 9 años

    ha! this was made down the street from my house (Lancaster) i swear lake LA is so barren no wonder its called Hollywoods playground, theres no one out here lol pretty cool tho :)

  41. Shuya Nanahara

    Shuya NanaharaHace 9 años

    The awkward moment when two top comments have the same number of likes and have the same month was posted and the same post. :|

  42. Vanishall jk

    Vanishall jkHace 9 años

    fack the USA

  43. John C.

    John C.Hace 9 años

    why are half the comments in how to make money

  44. Blake Chesla

    Blake CheslaHace 9 años

    I have the Black Eyed Peas Experience SE for Wii and this is my favorite song to dance to. GO B.E.P.

  45. BaddieUniverse

    BaddieUniverseHace 9 años

    i have to spam those fucking comments talking about making money. where are the good top comments

  46. space taco

    space tacoHace 9 años

    @cece123heartgirl fuck yourself

  47. blackeyedpeasfreak49

    blackeyedpeasfreak49Hace 9 años

    2:35, is summoning his robot!

  48. Priihmottaoriginal

    PriihmottaoriginalHace 9 años


  49. blackeyedpeasfreak49

    blackeyedpeasfreak49Hace 9 años

    2:35, wtf is doing?!

  50. Sultan

    SultanHace 9 años

    the best vid ever

  51. MegaM2510

    MegaM2510Hace 9 años

    sensacionales si

  52. MrSmallbro

    MrSmallbroHace 9 años

    taboo is from new zealand

  53. Sr Abobrinha

    Sr AbobrinhaHace 9 años

    @VideoWatcherSpain yes kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  54. kamikrazeeful2

    kamikrazeeful2Hace 9 años

    @VideoWatcherSpain vocal training

  55. kamikrazeeful2

    kamikrazeeful2Hace 9 años

    vocal training...

  56. Pentachromatic

    PentachromaticHace 10 años


  57. MorphineMarius

    MorphineMariusHace 10 años

    This is FULL HD, 1080p and the MusicVideo itself has a maximum of 480p ! NAIS !

  58. xSammySeventeen

    xSammySeventeenHace 10 años

    2:35 Will wtf was that? lol

  59. Branden Drego

    Branden DregoHace 10 años

    1:08 funny

  60. Carol Archer

    Carol ArcherHace 10 años

    Clearly he was incredibly drunk/high/stoned while was being interviewed.

  61. Carol Archer

    Carol ArcherHace 10 años

    Ladies and Gentlemen, as shown by the behavior on this clip 2:37 the lifelong Black Eyed Peas question has been answered. Yes, drinks (and perhaps even snorts) onset. XD

  62. Alena Nadia

    Alena NadiaHace 10 años

    3:05 nice to see nice to touch but its my stuff mr.director

  63. tonynoname

    tonynonameHace 10 años

    They can play uncensored in here but not the real video?

  64. Melissa Marcotte

    Melissa MarcotteHace 10 años

    i love apl

  65. BGwozhere

    BGwozhereHace 10 años

    3:54 whats apl eating ??

  66. prettyinpink6414

    prettyinpink6414Hace 10 años

    we still love you fergie but your face is starting to look a bit old!

  67. President Stewart

    President StewartHace 10 años

    Fergie's body is the truth! She is sexy as hell...She looks great in that black bodysuit.

  68. SillyAllexa

    SillyAllexaHace 10 años

    @kylieflow95 i know right lol!

  69. Amazin Kiddoh

    Amazin KiddohHace 10 años

    @kyliefow95 lol.....he is looking for opimus prime wanna see the whole video look for imma be rocking that body

  70. Amazin Kiddoh

    Amazin KiddohHace 10 años

    @kyliefow95 lol.....he is looking for opimus prime

  71. BGwozhere

    BGwozhereHace 10 años

    its funny on the face close ups they just go infront of the camera messing about :P

  72. Kasia P

    Kasia PHace 10 años

    I am a bee

  73. Z T

    Z THace 10 años

    where at what video do u see this part they were talking about on 0:56

  74. space taco

    space tacoHace 10 años

    wtf is doing at 2:35 !?

  75. Vlad Mazhnikov

    Vlad MazhnikovHace 10 años

    Do you remember.... 1. When you could get on youtube without a huge ad at the top of your homepage? 2. When EVERY music video was from a user, not Vevo? 3. When you could use it as a music player without having an ad in the beginning of a music vid? 4. When copyright infringement wasn't a big deal? 5. When it was ESdos? Copy and paste onto videos telling youtube how PISSED we, the YOU in ESdos, are with their greedy corporate butts Thumbs UP so people can notice this :D

  76. Theodore's Tomfooleries

    Theodore's TomfooleriesHace 2 meses

    This comment hasn't been edited at all yet still holds up and is even worse a decade later. The fuck.

  77. melodia2772

    melodia2772Hace 10 años

    I thought it said I'm a bee!!!

  78. Romane Youtube

    Romane YoutubeHace un año


  79. rocketlander3

    rocketlander3Hace 10 años

    APL DE AP is a Fil-Am but truly Filipino.

  80. Elysper

    ElysperHace 10 años

    imma be bringing back the old BEP! imma be imma be imma be :]

  81. munkibiznis

    munkibiznisHace 10 años

    @Reicky1000 black eyed... PEACE! ;)

  82. Gabriel Vitali

    Gabriel VitaliHace 10 años

    @kylieflow95 He's Lost! lol!

  83. CFmedia

    CFmediaHace 10 años

    i love fapie... i..i mean... fergie

  84. strawberrysandvodka

    strawberrysandvodkaHace 10 años

    u guys hear will i am donig this ohuohuoh that ke$ha do on tik tok XD 2:35 yeah back there !!

  85. strawberrysandvodka

    strawberrysandvodkaHace 10 años

    @kylieflow95 looking at fergie legs XD maybe

  86. Alex

    AlexHace 10 años

    2:18 ... well put

  87. xXM3G4xB0SSXx

    xXM3G4xB0SSXxHace 10 años

    can u please come over fergie 1:30 OKAY

  88. swizzazn

    swizzaznHace 10 años

    dddaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnnn fergie!!!!!!! *-*

  89. futureartistME1

    futureartistME1Hace 10 años

    @kylieflow95 u know their not robots

  90. nanananabaaaatmaaan

    nanananabaaaatmaaanHace 10 años

    qoq i love this song!! ;D emm 02:36 says "ua ua ua a u" ? xD

  91. Alexander Paz

    Alexander PazHace 2 meses


  92. 001xtian700

    001xtian700Hace 10 años

    me kago en la puta publicidad iros a la puta mierda

  93. JodieJeffSam

    JodieJeffSamHace 10 años

    its amazing the vid i like wen all the robot guys come out from the junkyard and dance!

  94. Inspired Blue

    Inspired BlueHace 10 años

    lol at :33 apl's face

  95. Jacob Karpovich

    Jacob KarpovichHace 10 años


  96. Álvaro Javier Vargas Villamizar

    Álvaro Javier Vargas VillamizarHace 10 años

    Fargie ♥_♥

  97. Dou Dum

    Dou DumHace 11 años

    that car is sweet!

  98. Lune L. Funez

    Lune L. FunezHace 11 años

    did u hear the backround at 2:36

  99. Ravissant XXIV

    Ravissant XXIVHace 11 años

    muahahahha what is trying to say Willy at 2:36 behind Apl???? loool maaaannn its an hidden message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEP4EVER super duper video!

  100. Serena Koss

    Serena KossHace 11 años

    @bclegoboy123456789 uh sure..

  101. Serena Koss

    Serena KossHace 11 años

    taboo is so weird!!!!!!!!! he shouldnt be in there! hes not a good singer.

  102. TheGaaable

    TheGaaableHace 11 años

    i love it!

  103. TheWWElover123

    TheWWElover123Hace 11 años

    i love how everythin is real! i thought a lot of it is green screen n stuff

  104. Roy Cormar

    Roy CormarHace 11 años

    wow .... me gusta ...FERGIE hermosa the BLACK EYED PEAS grupo del momento xD.... (second comment)

  105. Rei Caseres

    Rei CaseresHace 29 días

    a. Simp, deA

  106. Joe Gualtieri

    Joe GualtieriHace 11 años