Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be Rocking That Body (Official Music Video)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Imma Be Rocking That Body. Watch this video with lyrics at
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  2. Mouad

    MouadHace 11 horas

    After 10 years i have this in my suggestions. Please ESdos EXPLAIIN !!

  3. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki BakugouHace 14 horas

    2025 anyone?

  4. Александр Забаев

    Александр ЗабаевHace 21 un hora

    Такая настольгия...

  5. abizar nur ramadhan

    abizar nur ramadhanHace un día

    what the song lyric : imma be what i heard : om mobi 😆😆

  6. acetex1408

    acetex1408Hace un día

    i wanna go i wanna gopher to ride

  7. Enrique Fragoso V

    Enrique Fragoso VHace un día

    Will, my boy wasn't wrong

  8. Belkis Torres

    Belkis TorresHace un día


  9. alternative fashiøn is my passion

    alternative fashiøn is my passionHace un día


  10. JR

    JRHace 2 días

    Baje a lo comentario, y no entendi nada

  11. Dozixy

    DozixyHace 2 días

    they use to be 4 people but fergie left I don't know why I think its because she has a kid

  12. revecolis

    revecolisHace 2 días

    I can't believe that it's been 10 years ago

  13. half _

    half _Hace 2 días

    We wanna rock right now

  14. Andressa Silva

    Andressa SilvaHace 2 días

    Música top 💖2020

  15. Vinicius Favorito

    Vinicius FavoritoHace 2 días

    Me ajuda ai Clã, por favor - @t

  16. koko koko

    koko kokoHace 2 días

    ???: 부엉이 바위~ 노무 노무 부엉이 바위~ (부엉이바위 쪽으로 가자)

  17. Valerie Sánchez

    Valerie SánchezHace 3 días

    Before having the transition from Chromatica II to 911, we got Imma be to Rock that body

  18. Ricky

    RickyHace 3 días

    Yo where's my bee memes

  19. Felipe Sousa

    Felipe SousaHace 3 días

    Super nostálgico....

  20. Paula Beatriz Da costa gomes

    Paula Beatriz Da costa gomesHace 3 días


  21. dallas thomas

    dallas thomasHace 3 días

    1867?just passing through

  22. Panda Gamer

    Panda GamerHace 3 días

    When I was 6 I knew all the lyrics 🥺

  23. Sessa Cawley

    Sessa CawleyHace 3 días

    5:52 "Bucky?"

  24. Nicola Pagliacci

    Nicola PagliacciHace 3 días

    I love Will.I.Am's glasses

  25. Latter Mohamed

    Latter MohamedHace 5 días

    The hell i'm doing here 😂 and it's 4 A.M 😂😂😂

  26. GihSilvah

    GihSilvahHace 5 días

    Transformers are diff , aren't?

  27. Sa Fugim!

    Sa Fugim!Hace 5 días

    That s1000 RR... pft..

  28. Academia Lépera

    Academia LéperaHace 5 días

    03:53 La enfermedad puesta en un ritmo

  29. The.Black.Panther. 009

    The.Black.Panther. 009Hace 5 días

    Dang 10 years ago and still awesome 👏

  30. Nula-v

    Nula-vHace 5 días

    Why is it.. all these years, I didn't realize the whole point of the video was that she was hit by a vehicle? .. I always would be shocked when she suddenly woke up in the desert.

  31. Matheus Barbosa

    Matheus BarbosaHace 6 días

    I miss them so much

  32. Carl Johnson

    Carl JohnsonHace 6 días

    2021 anyone?

  33. Vanna Savanna

    Vanna SavannaHace 6 días

    I love how they combined two songs perfectly. BEP was really ahead of their time.

  34. Sebastian

    SebastianHace 6 días

    A song ahead of its time

  35. SkirmishX

    SkirmishXHace 6 días

    Can't believe I used to crank this when I was 7...

  36. Jeslyn Sama

    Jeslyn SamaHace 6 días

    Imma 🐝 imma🐝 imma imma imma🐝imma 🐝🐝🐝🐝imma imma 🐝

  37. esteban salazar

    esteban salazarHace 7 días

    2020 presente desde 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  38. Raul Bor

    Raul BorHace 7 días

    A pesar de 10 años me sigue gustando esta cancion



    Como pasan los años 🤘

  40. Tina NGUYEN

    Tina NGUYENHace 7 días

    I need that gun in 2020

  41. foxy Gamer

    foxy GamerHace 7 días

    I liked the music from when I liked it

  42. emily tq

    emily tqHace 7 días

    They used the future before us

  43. Robert Turner

    Robert TurnerHace 7 días

    I wonder what Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock think about this song? They gotta luv how they're being sampled is being used. Atleast, I would hope so because the Peas are doing them justice!

  44. Just Munchkin

    Just MunchkinHace 7 días

    I'm now a bee

  45. Dúda Nascimento

    Dúda NascimentoHace 7 días


  46. Alientape Lion

    Alientape LionHace 7 días

    miss it

  47. HOT Zoneplus

    HOT ZoneplusHace 7 días

    ➡ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre...

  48. Basetsana M

    Basetsana MHace 7 días

    You just unlocked: A new core memory 🔒🔐🔓💰

  49. wave Runner

    wave RunnerHace 7 días

    10 years ago 😳 the time is soo fast

  50. Andrew Australian

    Andrew AustralianHace 8 días

    IMA be head of state

  51. Ana Laura Sousa

    Ana Laura SousaHace 8 días

    Esse clipe é pica

  52. Jim Dejesus

    Jim DejesusHace 8 días

    If you’re watching this 10 years later you’re a legend


    O BIPOLARHace 8 días

    se beber não case alguem

  54. DIOGO.

    DIOGO.Hace 8 días

    Sim sim ksksk tava assistindo

  55. Thalía Magalhães

    Thalía MagalhãesHace 8 días

    Ficava esperando o clipe começar na tv união 😅😅

  56. Thalía Magalhães

    Thalía MagalhãesHace 7 días

    @DIOGO. 😂😂😂

  57. DIOGO.

    DIOGO.Hace 8 días

    Era triste kskkk

  58. Keva Prescott

    Keva PrescottHace 8 días

    2020 UwU

  59. Tonie PTRP

    Tonie PTRPHace 8 días

    what if this is the creation of dancing zombies in the song Party Rock Anthem? hahahaha just wondering

  60. lil Kelly

    lil KellyHace 8 días

    2020 anyone???????

  61. TGWM

    TGWMHace 9 días

    huh, bios setup utility.

  62. Liana Vlogs

    Liana VlogsHace 9 días

    i searched this up-

  63. Ranger

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  64. Juan Torres Cora

    Juan Torres CoraHace 9 días

    Por que hay gente que le da dislike Si es buenísimo 2 músicas en una

  65. Robert Turner

    Robert TurnerHace 9 días

    The Peas always come with banging music. I wish they'd do a U.S. tour so it would be easier to see them live.

  66. Matthew Coolness

    Matthew CoolnessHace 9 días

    Why have a real black girl in the group when you can just have a white girl who try’s to sound like one? It’s the American way.

  67. NICO24 BS

    NICO24 BSHace 9 días


  68. dish125db

    dish125dbHace 9 días

    1:15 your freedom it spoke right here.

  69. Rootless Wanders

    Rootless WandersHace 9 días


  70. Jesse Lee

    Jesse LeeHace 9 días


  71. Amelia Mampane

    Amelia MampaneHace 9 días

    this version still slaps...2020 into the future

  72. Thet Pai

    Thet PaiHace 10 días

    Why fergie left the group

  73. Jessenia Lerma Pérea

    Jessenia Lerma PéreaHace 10 días

    Me encanta esa musica

  74. Liam Redpath

    Liam RedpathHace 10 días

    The fuk kinda helmet she wearing for a bump rr

  75. Beatriz Koep

    Beatriz KoepHace 10 días


  76. The camodog

    The camodogHace 10 días

    Ai singing back then was a dream

  77. Jonathan Lupus

    Jonathan LupusHace 10 días

    Too Fast Future(?)

  78. Debapriya Chanda

    Debapriya ChandaHace 10 días

    Aww.. Cuuuute Fergie Ma'am _/\_ :)

  79. Ana Maldonado

    Ana MaldonadoHace 10 días

    It sounds like more effort to sing every word in the English vocabulary than to just go to the studio

  80. Peanut Butter

    Peanut ButterHace 10 días

    Fergie's verse is the only reason why listen to this song. It reminds of Mileys in feeling myself

  81. sonia conde

    sonia condeHace 11 días

    I miss Fergie :( in this group

  82. Leonel Jaramillo

    Leonel JaramilloHace 11 días

    I love

  83. Emiya Ann

    Emiya AnnHace 11 días

    Why the heck is it 10 mins and 20 secs

  84. techno union representative

    techno union representativeHace 10 días

    It's two songs eddited together

  85. 릴양갱

    릴양갱Hace 11 días

    Back when pop was good no nudity no drug or any shit but full of creativity

  86. alanabc

    alanabcHace 11 días


  87. Diego Malendez

    Diego MalendezHace 12 días

    Miraba este video en disco en mi sala cuando tenia 9 años 🤍

  88. Giselle Sousa

    Giselle SousaHace 12 días

    sdss kkkkkkkkkkkk

  89. Dman2020

    Dman2020Hace 12 días

    3:38 Fergie serving face... they need her to be poppin again

  90. Anou Sone

    Anou SoneHace 12 días


  91. Anou Sone

    Anou SoneHace 12 días


  92. ÉO Victor Souza

    ÉO Victor SouzaHace 12 días

    Brasil 2020: Present

  93. krassos

    krassosHace 13 días

    Saints Row is that you?

  94. PABLO’s just dance games Coronado

    PABLO’s just dance games CoronadoHace 13 días


  95. PABLO’s just dance games Coronado

    PABLO’s just dance games CoronadoHace 13 días


  96. Checkerëd

    CheckerëdHace 13 días

    back when pop music was fun and had quality

  97. haru

    haruHace 14 días

    alguém em 2020?

  98. yuh

    yuhHace 14 días

    fergie was ahead of her time with the anti-AI

  99. vampyre gersirde

    vampyre gersirdeHace 14 días

    miss Fergie :(

  100. lil Kelly

    lil KellyHace 14 días

    this will always be my favorite song

  101. Enedina Licea

    Enedina LiceaHace 15 días

    He struggling with his lines lol, i know cause that be me asking the manager when im done if i can take a break. They also fighting about sounding like robots but all the mubble rappers be sounding like robots and getting paid for wack music.

  102. The Deco

    The DecoHace 15 días

    and fergie never came back

  103. nel4eto95

    nel4eto95Hace 15 días

    1:44 - imma be 😉 5:43 - rock that body


    IVIE PERSIAHace 15 días

    The best

  105. 차예성

    차예성Hace 15 días

    락댓운지 원곡 ㅋㅋ