Black Eyed Peas, J. Rey Soul - TONTA LOVE (Audio)

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  1. vernie gil alinmunsurin

    vernie gil alinmunsurinHace 16 horas

    Wow amazing voice j rey soul I proud Filipino

  2. Leony wright

    Leony wrightHace 2 días

    ➡ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre..

  3. Paula Venini

    Paula VeniniHace 5 días


  4. David Martin

    David MartinHace 16 días

    La energía , una bomba !! Y adictiva jajaja Make me tonto !! Quisiera que se repitiera en vueltas jajaja

  5. Guilherme RLS

    Guilherme RLSHace 17 días

    J . R . Soul's vocals 🙌

  6. Invalid Username

    Invalid UsernameHace 21 un día

    Kto to jest J Rey soul

  7. ちゃくらい

    ちゃくらいHace 29 días

    I love this Rey’s attractive voice ! Big Love from Japan ❤️

  8. Alessandro Maia

    Alessandro MaiaHace un mes

    I love her ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. rodrigo fajardo

    rodrigo fajardoHace un mes

    J Rey does great

  10. Michael Namusenda

    Michael NamusendaHace un mes

    you are losing your men`te

  11. Michael Namusenda

    Michael NamusendaHace un mes

    you are on fire JEY REY

  12. Michael Namusenda

    Michael NamusendaHace un mes

    you are losing your mente

  13. renz

    renzHace un mes


  14. Ragush E

    Ragush EHace un mes

    Ganda ❤️

  15. My jennys

    My jennysHace un mes

    La voz de esa chica es tan melodiodosa. Es delicada pero con mucho poder es divinaaaaaaaaaa omg me encanta esta canción 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  16. My jennys

    My jennysHace un mes

    Omg la voix de la fille me fait capoter 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 J adoreeeeee

  17. slickshift6

    slickshift6Hace un mes

    I just keep coming back to this song!! It's so good. Vocals, production, beat, lyrics... Bravo.

  18. Erika Patrícia

    Erika PatríciaHace 2 meses

    I still don't understand why the new girl isn't in the album photo...

  19. aye

    ayeHace 2 meses

    This song deserves more love ❤

  20. noe flores

    noe floresHace 2 meses

    Esto suena más en México ke en Estados unidos🇱🇷🇲🇽

  21. Gommo

    GommoHace 2 meses


  22. Diego Gonçalves

    Diego GonçalvesHace 2 meses

    it is impossible for this song not to succeed.

  23. Isabel Cristina Pérez

    Isabel Cristina PérezHace 2 meses

    ¿Y el video? ¡LO ESTOY ESPERANDO!

  24. Wild Fire Matt

    Wild Fire MattHace 2 meses

    New Favourite

  25. Tiktoker sakijeeabt

    Tiktoker sakijeeabtHace 2 meses

    You guys are splended awesome ...

  26. Victoria Vasquez

    Victoria VasquezHace 2 meses

    ya hubieran sacado video de esta cancion , estoy segura que seria un viral en tik tok

  27. Yael Jose Villanueva

    Yael Jose VillanuevaHace 2 meses

    Si eda cuantos años tienes

  28. Isa Santos

    Isa SantosHace 2 meses


  29. ELY• G

    ELY• GHace 2 meses

    Me encanta 😍❤️

  30. Cleide Nunes

    Cleide NunesHace 2 meses

    Sou super fã, parabéns! Vocês são os melhores.

  31. Lau Chavez

    Lau ChavezHace 2 meses

    Esa mujer canta hermoso😍😍

  32. Juan Calderon

    Juan CalderonHace 2 meses

    Fergie is the only one who led this group to success FERGIE LLEVO AL EXITO A LOS CHICOS ESTOS. 

  33. Mayora Tindera

    Mayora TinderaHace 3 meses

    Pls make her your new member she is keri hilson 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 oh my geeeeeee

  34. alexobeatdj

    alexobeatdjHace 3 meses


  35. Kam Sa-ao

    Kam Sa-aoHace 3 meses

    Love it! 💚💚💚💚💚

  36. Meepingmeepers

    MeepingmeepersHace 3 meses

    I can't get this song out of my head, I am not complaining though. I hope this get released as a single.

  37. @emerson_spn

    @emerson_spnHace 3 meses


  38. Kary C

    Kary CHace 3 meses

    My new favorite song ❤️❤️❤️love u all !! J Rey u rock !!

  39. Fernando MIRANDA

    Fernando MIRANDAHace 3 meses

    Tonta/tonto 🆘

  40. lester andes

    lester andesHace 3 meses

    New girl in the line up is J Rey Soul (Jessica Reynoso). I love their new sound.

  41. eeuu nniiccee

    eeuu nniicceeHace 3 meses

    I am so happy that BEP is back and this time they’re with J Rey Soul! I can’t wait to see BEP on the Grammy’s stage again!

  42. Glenn Peter Perez

    Glenn Peter PerezHace 3 meses

    it rap has a JLO vibe

  43. white stone

    white stoneHace 3 meses

    que voz tan hermosa

  44. miclazy

    miclazyHace 3 meses

    i prefer the 2000s stuff they did, this is too modern

  45. Eizell Suarez Labalan Dumagpi

    Eizell Suarez Labalan DumagpiHace 3 meses


  46. Ileana Murillo

    Ileana MurilloHace 3 meses

    Love you, J Rey Soul!!

  47. Азиза Бердыева

    Азиза БердыеваHace 3 meses

    Кто русский?

  48. vegan guy

    vegan guyHace 3 meses

    I am tonta in love for this beat.

  49. Yuranis Piñeros.

    Yuranis Piñeros.Hace 3 meses

    Te admiro J.Rey cantas increíble. 😊👍🏼

  50. Diogo Duarte

    Diogo DuarteHace 3 meses

    Cátia Reinoso voice is divine

  51. Jeniffer Sanchez

    Jeniffer SanchezHace 3 meses

    Me encanta su voz!

  52. baby cam

    baby camHace 3 meses

    Her voice it's amazing

  53. aleks aleksa

    aleks aleksaHace 3 meses

    J Rey Soul gives new flavor to the group... Hope to hear more from you.. I love Fergie, but I'm loving you more!

  54. Anera Koid

    Anera KoidHace 4 meses

    All these bops dropping during quarantine :')


    HASEL SATOHace 4 meses

    Wow nice voice


    HASEL SATOHace 4 meses

    Wow nice song

  57. Mari

    MariHace 4 meses

    I thought J Rey is a permanent member since years ago. So why it says: Black Eyed Peas, J Rey Soul?

  58. Steven Xavier

    Steven XavierHace 4 meses


  59. Alex Noble

    Alex NobleHace 4 meses

    Where is the extended club mix. This track as well as the whole c.d. is fierce!!!! New and fresh!!

  60. Wilkins Port

    Wilkins PortHace 4 meses

  61. Nathan Gavrielov

    Nathan GavrielovHace 4 meses


  62. Muriel Olier

    Muriel OlierHace 4 meses


  63. chaim gevaldik

    chaim gevaldikHace 4 meses

    I feel it in my veins again the hype of BLACK EYED PEAS!!! I feeling young again! Thank you BEP!!!

  64. Negros Oriental Music Society

    Negros Oriental Music SocietyHace 4 meses

    Sounds like Beyonce in her early 20s

  65. Elián Santana

    Elián SantanaHace 4 meses

    Con la nueva Fergie del grupo🏃🏻‍♂️

  66. Victor Duong

    Victor DuongHace 4 meses

    I want an outfit like theirs


    NATURE WONDERSHace 4 meses

    Everytime I listen to this song it feels like it is going to be a big hit in the US. Hope your group will release this song after Mamacita and Feel the beat. It has the beat to hit the chart and lyrics are just easy to catch. It is an RnB Pop and will surely impact most of the chart especially Spanish and Latin chart.

  68. Allisson Alves

    Allisson AlvesHace 4 meses

    The best music of the entire album 😁❤️

  69. Erick Castillo

    Erick CastilloHace 4 meses

    bommmm!!!!!! Wow!!!

  70. Alberta Opino

    Alberta OpinoHace 4 meses


  71. Stella Grigorian

    Stella GrigorianHace 4 meses


  72. Moises Mora

    Moises MoraHace 4 meses


  73. white stone

    white stoneHace 4 meses

    español porfavor joven

  74. Kathleen Tandy

    Kathleen TandyHace 4 meses

    Latinos repórtense ❤️ mi album favorito de Black eyed peas 🇵🇪

  75. AKBees

    AKBeesHace 4 meses

    the production and vocals on this track are sick! 🔥 love it

  76. Marian Jenica Rodriguez

    Marian Jenica RodriguezHace 4 meses

    Hands down one of the best songs in this album!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  77. Kristen. Santiago

    Kristen. SantiagoHace 4 meses

    She kind of sound like Fergie but better

  78. jonh gonzalez

    jonh gonzalezHace 4 meses

    No sé porqué esta canción se volvió una de mis favoritas de todo el álbum, ahora es la que más escucho.

  79. Queen Takes the King

    Queen Takes the KingHace 4 meses

    Ang lutong ng "tonta"... say it to your friend who goes luka-luka when in love.

  80. Elfwiine

    ElfwiineHace 4 meses

    Me siento muy feliz de tener a Jesica con mis Black Eyes Peas ♥️, sería muy bueno que la oficialicen como nueva miembro ♥️🤗

  81. Xavier Moreno

    Xavier MorenoHace 4 meses

    Love is great 👍🏽 here voice is a angel

  82. Prince Daniel Pelisco

    Prince Daniel PeliscoHace 4 meses

    Every song on this f**ckn album is f**ckn goooooood!!!! This song is lit!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  83. Kathy Capapas

    Kathy CapapasHace 4 meses

    the fact that 'tonta' can be understood in both spanish and filipino is so cool~ my queen j rey soul makes me proud to be pinoy!

  84. Erselle Oppo

    Erselle OppoHace 2 meses

    @neil acero noice

  85. neil acero

    neil aceroHace 2 meses

    @Erselle Oppo bobo is also a spanish word

  86. Alex Muñoz

    Alex MuñozHace 2 meses

    @Erselle Oppo Eh???

  87. Erselle Oppo

    Erselle OppoHace 2 meses

    Tanga is synonymous to Bobo

  88. Alex Muñoz

    Alex MuñozHace 2 meses

    @Erselle Oppo of course, it is a word in SPANISH!

  89. Brad De Souza Veloso

    Brad De Souza VelosoHace 4 meses

    Jessica Reynoso bep essa é a melhor música do álbum

  90. Mari Blanco

    Mari BlancoHace 4 meses

    Sometimes I feel Tonta when it come 💜❤️💖🥰

  91. kaneki D

    kaneki DHace 4 meses

    My fav! ♥️

  92. K P

    K PHace 4 meses

    Wow this kind of vibe 😻😻

  93. manuel herrera

    manuel herreraHace 4 meses

    Black eyes peas finally back! Fuck yeahhh!!

  94. manuel herrera

    manuel herreraHace 4 meses

    Esta canción es lo + 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 dope!!!

  95. Rysa Chibana

    Rysa ChibanaHace 4 meses


  96. Aljone Jackson

    Aljone JacksonHace 4 meses

    I'm imagining this as an intro in BEP World Tour.🥰🥰🥰👑👑👑

  97. Aljone Jackson

    Aljone JacksonHace 4 meses

    @comiccominc it would be lit🌶️🔥

  98. comiccominc

    comiccomincHace 4 meses

    Aljone Jackson YEEESSSSSSSS OMGGGGGGGG!! 🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭

  99. Melissa DS

    Melissa DSHace 4 meses

    BEP is really passive aggressive with J Rey... Sometimes she's included, sometimes she's not... She's separately credited here and look at their album art, she's nowhere... I mean, is she an official member or temporary or what? Please clear this lol

  100. The Joker

    The JokerHace 4 meses

    She is not an official member . She is a guest singer . There is no agreement or contract to be an official member.

  101. Spoon

    SpoonHace 4 meses


  102. Wilnalyn Olmedo De Vera

    Wilnalyn Olmedo De VeraHace 4 meses

    R.I.P replay button. This song is so lit!

  103. Pookemoncito Lara

    Pookemoncito LaraHace 4 meses

    On fire ❤🤘

  104. JakZero

    JakZeroHace 4 meses

    Such an underrated song, she is great.

  105. Eduardo juarez castellanos

    Eduardo juarez castellanosHace 4 meses


  106. Tangerine KPopper

    Tangerine KPopperHace 4 meses

    Vocalsss!!! Slay gurrrrrllll! 🔥🔥🔥

  107. ianArt Gallery

    ianArt GalleryHace 4 meses

    Damn. This is so goooddd.!! Vocal is lit 🔥🔥🔥

  108. Glock 7 Block 7

    Glock 7 Block 7Hace 4 meses

    Boom! J Rey Soul! I love your voice👍👏👏👏

  109. blatherskite

    blatherskiteHace 4 meses

    Is Tonta in Filipino stupid?

  110. Ern Prz

    Ern PrzHace 4 meses

    Latin lol with same meaning STUPID

  111. hats 0ff Gaming

    hats 0ff GamingHace 4 meses

    not liking this video is the most TONTA thing you can do!!!

  112. Mr. J Realtalk TV

    Mr. J Realtalk TVHace 4 meses

    what a voiceeee

  113. Ann Lalic

    Ann LalicHace 4 meses

    Love you j rey!!! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭