Black Eyed Peas, Ozuna, J. Rey Soul - MAMACITA (Official Music Video)

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Baby, ven conmigo (ven conmigo)
Baila (Baila)
La música es testigo
Ya la veo, Mamacita
Louis Vuitton en su vestido (Su vestido)
Diamante, le gusta cuando al oído
Yo le digo (eh-eh)

Mamacita, Mamacita
Qué bonita, Mamacita
Mamacita, Mamacita
Qué bonita, Mamacita

Ella no le baja, nunca tumba (Nunca tumba)
Siempre anda lista pa' la rumba (Pa' la rumba)
Do' amiga' que le secundan (Oh-oh)
Salen y gastan la funda (Ey)
Le gusta sudar el alcohol (Sudar el-)
Sola la pasa mejor (Pasa)
Vestía' de Christian Dior
Siempre llega cuando sale el sol
Dame de lo que yo sé, eh-
Una botella de Rosé
Que la shorty tiene sed
Ese booty, mami, la rompe
Ella tiene algo que hace que a mí me guste
Ella tiene algo que hace que a mí me guste

I'ma put you in the mix
Put you in the mix
Put you in the
Put you in the
Put you in the mix (eh)

Alright, okay
I'ma love you all kinda ways
Boy, you got me caliente
When you call me "Mamacita"
Alright, uh-huh
Boy, you got me sayin', "Ooh-la-la"
Ay, Dios mío, oh my God
Call me "Mamacita"

Mamacita, Mamacita
Qué bonita, Mamacita

Dame eso, dame beso
Dame tu corazón, dame cuerpo
Mami, when you give me body, I won't let go
You're the best, baby, yup, you special
Damn, baby, I want what you got
First time I seen you, I'm like, "Who that?"
Dame dulce, dame azúcar
I do what you say, vamos a bailar
'Cause I like the way you move like this (Eh)
I like the way you wind up your hips (Eh)
I like the way you grind and twist it (Eh)
Hot damn, baby, you got me lit

When you put me in the mix
Put me in the mix
Put me in the
Put me in the
Put me in the mix

I'ma put you in the mix
Put you in the mix
Put you in the
Put you in the
Put you in the mix (eh)

Alright, okay
I'ma love you all kinda ways
Boy, you got me caliente
When you call me "Mamacita"
Alright, uh-huh
Boy, you got me sayin', "Ooh-la-la"
Ay, Dios mío, oh my God
Call me "Mamacita"

Mamacita, Mamacita
Qué bonita, Mamacita
(Eh-oh-oh-oh, eh)

Put me in the mix, put me in your vida
Put me on top, ponme arriba
Put me in be', put me in be', put me in between ya
Mami got the fire and I got the gasolina

Mueve, mami, move it on me (Eh)
Sacúdelo, make me a zombie (Eh)
Girl, make me sweat like wasabi (Eh)
I know I got you wet like tsunami (Eh)
I wanna make you my princesa (Eh)
Where you wanna go? What interests ya? (Eh)
Give you that mundo to impress ya (Eh)
If you're hot, baby, let me undress ya

Alright, okay
I'ma love you all kinda ways
Boy, you got me caliente
When you call me "Mamacita"
Alright, uh-huh
Boy, you got me sayin', "Ooh-la-la"
Ay, Dios mío, oh my God
Call me "Mamacita"

Alright, okay
I'ma love you all kinda ways
Boy, you got me caliente
When you call me "Mamacita"
Alright, uh-huh
Boy, you got me sayin', "Ooh-la-la"
Ay, Dios mío, oh my God
Call me Mamacita
(C) 2020 BEP Music, LLC, under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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