Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body (Making Of The Video)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Rock That Body. (C) 2010 Interscope Records
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  1. Jeeva

    JeevaHace 20 días

    Still listening in November 2020😍😍

  2. Marcelo Antonio

    Marcelo AntonioHace un mes

    I want ti get this weapons!!!!

  3. Zach TRP

    Zach TRPHace 4 meses

    I love Fergies voice in this song!!! I also miss the band. I want them to come back 😔😭😭😭🥺

  4. Jay C

    Jay CHace 6 meses

    I wish I was able to dress like that

  5. Anna Rivas

    Anna RivasHace 6 meses

    Taboo looks amazingly hot in those sunglasses ❤️

  6. Marcci Cz

    Marcci CzHace 11 meses

    Osea no existieron esos robotitos bailarines :c

  7. maria ッ

    maria ッHace un año

    The best era fergie

  8. D .B.T.

    D .B.T.Hace 2 años

    What is that city?

  9. Naima Sarrab

    Naima SarrabHace 3 años

    cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Fernando santos

    Fernando santosHace 3 años

    Oi gente

  11. Anne Gomes

    Anne GomesHace 3 años

    fergie eu te amo

  12. Shanejr Carnley

    Shanejr CarnleyHace 4 años

    so you're remaking saints row 3 and 4?

  13. Dominick Velsquez

    Dominick VelsquezHace 4 años

    I wonder how Fergi voice was shrunk

  14. xin_valeria

    xin_valeriaHace 28 días


  15. Nobody of importance

    Nobody of importanceHace 2 años

    Dominick Velsquez edit

  16. Carmen Amadori

    Carmen AmadoriHace 4 años

    Son una maravilla! los ví en vivo junto a mi esposo aquí en Chile, amo la energía positiva que tienen :)

  17. gtasplay

    gtasplayHace 4 años

    please the filme rock that body ;-;

  18. AndyTech

    AndyTechHace 4 años

    i like taboo's outfit and shades!!

  19. skrill lover

    skrill loverHace 4 años

    come back guys . we love the band 😢😢😢😢

  20. Stickman fighter gamer Blogs

    Stickman fighter gamer BlogsHace 2 meses

    Wow i cant believe you commented this years ago

  21. Yadira Mejia L

    Yadira Mejia LHace 4 años

    make more songs please black eyed peas

  22. AttackerPictures

    AttackerPicturesHace 4 años

    You created the Dubstep Gun

  23. Supra Emotion

    Supra EmotionHace 4 años

    where is the robot?

  24. Pietra Sgarbi

    Pietra SgarbiHace 4 años

    please come back! i love you ;-;

  25. Romane Youtube

    Romane YoutubeHace 4 años

    I love taboo

  26. Marialuisa Papa

    Marialuisa PapaHace 4 años

    me too

  27. Retaj Naser

    Retaj NaserHace 5 años

    your the best singers ever. I herd all of your songs.

  28. Marion Gasse

    Marion GasseHace 5 años

    i love It i love black eyed peas!!!

  29. Romane Youtube

    Romane YoutubeHace 5 años


  30. Tracy Horse

    Tracy HorseHace 5 años

    Me too I love this song

  31. Aline Uai

    Aline UaiHace 5 años


  32. Kevin Ortiz

    Kevin OrtizHace 5 meses

    @Zara Elizabeth CPO yeah, but they are collaborating with reggaeton singers

  33. Zara Elizabeth CPO

    Zara Elizabeth CPOHace 3 años

    Are they? Completely missed that 😂

  34. Nice Going

    Nice GoingHace 4 años

    They're back

  35. Aline Uai

    Aline UaiHace 5 años

    omg realy? what is the name of a new song? Oo

  36. Gee Hunter

    Gee HunterHace 5 años

    +Aline Godinho Aguiar There back

  37. Jack Tellner

    Jack TellnerHace 5 años


  38. tinysunflower21

    tinysunflower21Hace 5 años

    Stop with the god damn fucking nerf gun comments we know god fucking damn it's a modified nerf gun so I don't matter it's not the end of the fucking world god damn it bitches

  39. Romane Youtube

    Romane YoutubeHace 5 años


  40. TheSideDish

    TheSideDishHace 6 años

    they are using nerf guns as the music weapons

  41. XodeFX | New channel in subbox!

    XodeFX | New channel in subbox!Hace 6 años

    What? 0:57

  42. clesio santos

    clesio santosHace 4 años

    XodeFX | New channel in subbox! traduc@o

  43. Jack Tellner

    Jack TellnerHace 5 años

    @ItzOrangeFX LOL!

  44. Parvin Kerimova

    Parvin KerimovaHace 6 años

  45. Ivon Abraham

    Ivon AbrahamHace 6 años

    toboo and fergie and apl. de ap and boy

  46. Nobody of importance

    Nobody of importanceHace 2 años

    Ivon Abraham that's

  47. Ivon Abraham

    Ivon AbrahamHace 6 años

    fergie is my i want him

  48. Andersson A. A.

    Andersson A. A.Hace 6 años

    This video is in 1080 and the video oficial is in 480??

  49. Brian E

    Brian EHace 11 meses

    Spoiler Alert From The Year 2019 It’s Remastered Up To 4K

  50. Jorge Alberto

    Jorge AlbertoHace 6 años

    JOY are my @jalcazarr

  51. Hondaguy99

    Hondaguy99Hace 6 años

    Nice looking green tuning Honda in the video

  52. Victoria Valdivia

    Victoria ValdiviaHace 6 años

    Despues de ver este video crei que esta banda era una banda callegera

  53. Micky Kurosawa

    Micky KurosawaHace 6 años


  54. Mel_19UZ

    Mel_19UZHace 6 años

    And... Where are the BLACK EYED PEAS?

  55. Andriy Basko

    Andriy BaskoHace 6 años

    theres no way to actually listen to fergie, shes that hot

  56. Nicole Acosta Jaime

    Nicole Acosta JaimeHace 6 años


  57. randallkelly10

    randallkelly10Hace 6 años

    Taboo I love you

  58. randallkelly10

    randallkelly10Hace 6 años

    Black Eyed Peas I didn't know that this beli rail no video is real not really but not really it says so cool I got all those are real but not bike I don't know that girl name but but um but he to read different but he is but he talks he does to a different Lee Ann and an end and dan imma be video from Black Eyed Peas where I am bike make a blog videos not where I am well I am NOT well well yeah well well well well well well well okay you'll make me mad laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud lol lol lol lol I love the song copyright that body rock not right rock that body and I got that way that when I got I got a feelin gotten a bill in is God telling it's nice to be a good night is not good be a good night is my dad be a good good night yeah it's gonna be a good night is tonights gonna be a good night is nice to be a good good night yeah Knight Batman so full oh ok um that song though and boom boom pow imma be too I love you guys Black Eyed Peas you rock goodbye and have a nice great day Black Eyed Peas

  59. varyth

    varythHace 6 años

    The fuck did i just read?

  60. randallkelly10

    randallkelly10Hace 6 años

    Did you know that the real

  61. Edivanio gonçalves

    Edivanio gonçalvesHace 7 años

    i love taboo

  62. Kevin Johan Ramos Alcaraz

    Kevin Johan Ramos AlcarazHace 7 años

    Love It !!! ♥ Colombia c:

  63. Briza de la Torre Rdz

    Briza de la Torre RdzHace 7 años


  64. Marie-perry côté

    Marie-perry côtéHace 7 años

    we love you BEP!!!!❤❤❤❤

  65. Jonathan Jr D Belarminio

    Jonathan Jr D BelarminioHace 7 años

    Mto bom

  66. Mika Sánchez

    Mika SánchezHace 7 años


  67. Mika Sánchez

    Mika SánchezHace 7 años

    Greaaaaaaaatt!!!!! We Love You BEP!!! I missing you music *-*

  68. Batuhan Göçer

    Batuhan GöçerHace 7 años

    fuckkk wonderfull

  69. RememberKenny

    RememberKennyHace 7 años

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  70. Chloe's backup

    Chloe's backupHace 7 años


  71. Ejuan Hunter

    Ejuan HunterHace 7 años

    longshot,longshot pistol,maverick and firefly..

  72. Kaileexlee

    KaileexleeHace 7 años

    is it because they dont make any M/V s anymore together

  73. Kaileexlee

    KaileexleeHace 7 años

    high voice to regular voice

  74. Chloe's backup

    Chloe's backupHace 7 años

    There all in there thirtys 37 - 38 39 40!

  75. misterpepe8

    misterpepe8Hace 7 años


  76. Quanta Meteor

    Quanta MeteorHace 7 años

    :-) :D

  77. smokjulia

    smokjuliaHace 7 años

    0:43 xd


    DAREALSLYCOOPHace 7 años

    Taboo Seems like he would be the one to make the music and like the beats and stuff i dont know if he do lol so no need for anyone to call me a dumbass :(

  79. mxtt!!!

    mxtt!!!Hace 8 años

    The weapons look life modified nerf guns

  80. MrMadFingaz

    MrMadFingazHace 8 años

    There clothes are soo cool :D

  81. partyro23

    partyro23Hace 8 años

    @Pabst exorcism they've took another break, but they haven't broken up -'s doing a solo album anyway :-)

  82. BloodLine Recordings

    BloodLine RecordingsHace 8 años

    what happened to the black eyed peas?

  83. roboticpunk

    roboticpunkHace 8 años

    YES WE DO!!

  84. Hanna Frost

    Hanna FrostHace 8 años

    Appel looks like "ultraman" haha

  85. blademaster7891

    blademaster7891Hace 8 años

    is nthis the same spot were PartRock antem nwas made at? seems supicious;)

  86. tnmusic

    tnmusicHace 8 años

    see that robot that passed by no brobot, a black robot is a brobot LOL

  87. MineCraftKid1212

    MineCraftKid1212Hace 8 años

    nice add ons to the nerf guns :P but still awsome!!

  88. Lexi Govan

    Lexi GovanHace 8 años

    Taboo 3

  89. Tee

    TeeHace 8 años

    Taboo is so fucking hot

  90. esteban sosa

    esteban sosaHace 8 años


  91. Willpower

    WillpowerHace 8 años

    Worst spam of life

  92. Willpower

    WillpowerHace 8 años

    Worst spam of life

  93. pipebknOT

    pipebknOTHace 8 años

    what says in 2:23?

  94. cole nichols

    cole nicholsHace 8 años

    ??? realy weird

  95. toby chicoine

    toby chicoineHace 8 años

    ferges hot

  96. Shuya Nanahara

    Shuya NanaharaHace 8 años

    2:28 Tawang PINOY! :DD We love you apl de ap

  97. clint poonae

    clint poonaeHace 8 años

    i like the thunder guns

  98. john rodriguez

    john rodriguezHace 8 años

    sorry it was 2:26 apl de ap laugh sorry

  99. john rodriguez

    john rodriguezHace 8 años

    2:28 ultimate Apl Di Ap Laugh

  100. Ziggo

    ZiggoHace 8 años


  101. mrwhoiamorwhatever

    mrwhoiamorwhateverHace 8 años

    freaking spammers!!!!!!!

  102. Daniel

    DanielHace 8 años

    Guys just flag those comments for spam they'll learn ;)

  103. edie kaumans

    edie kaumansHace 8 años

    how did you make the robot dance

  104. cdhann

    cdhannHace 8 años


  105. chriss aguirre

    chriss aguirreHace 8 años

    1:10 beat girl xD

  106. blackeyedpeasfreak49

    blackeyedpeasfreak49Hace 9 años

    I love's laugh at 2:26! lol


    BOXCHEVYBOY350Hace 9 años


  108. lil2eze18

    lil2eze18Hace 9 años

    There guns are nerf guns

  109. Mr Brayans

    Mr BrayansHace 9 años


  110. felipe5083

    felipe5083Hace 9 años

    they used nerf guns.

  111. BeatBox140

    BeatBox140Hace 9 años

    Where's The Top Comment ??!

  112. Seno Aji

    Seno AjiHace 9 años

    What's up this fergie and i'am so sexy

  113. vick silva

    vick silvaHace 9 años


  114. Aza Kadir

    Aza KadirHace 9 años

    They sound really smart :)

  115. stop this

    stop thisHace 9 años

    how many spams are there in page 3?

  116. TheRandomSpider

    TheRandomSpiderHace 9 años

    2:21 Brobot along with the best laugh ever.

  117. safiras1

    safiras1Hace 9 años

    Da hora !