Don't Miss A Beat - The Black Eyed Peas Edition (Level 1: The Time (Dirty Bit))

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  1. NeonTX_GD

    NeonTX_GDHace 16 días


  2. AQUISI 孤獨。

    AQUISI 孤獨。Hace 23 días

    Que temazo del pasado

  3. Mateo Gomez

    Mateo GomezHace 2 meses

    Sing came out when I was 2 and I'm now 14 and now remembering this

  4. Micaela Zerpa

    Micaela ZerpaHace 2 meses

    Enamorada de esta cancion

  5. Micaela Zerpa

    Micaela ZerpaHace 2 meses

    Los amo

  6. Huber CJ

    Huber CJHace 2 meses


  7. Rahmad Riski Warisman

    Rahmad Riski WarismanHace 2 meses

    im see 2021

  8. Emanuelz58

    Emanuelz58Hace 2 meses

    Crecí con estás canciones :")

  9. Negin Akbari

    Negin AkbariHace 3 meses

    22 January 2021 💕💕💕

  10. Paty Calvario

    Paty CalvarioHace 4 meses

    Mi profe nos ponia esta cancion para activacion fisica todas las mañanas y nos encantaba era nuestro profe fav pero lastimosamente fallecio en un accidente de trafico...Ya no hacemos esa activación porque ya no quieren pero siempre lo recordaremos...

  11. fеdегаlкаіі

    fеdегаlкаііHace 4 meses



    YAZZZ VILLATOROHace 5 meses

    La vieja escuela nostalgia y agradecimiento por tan hermosos recuerdos.

  13. jeconiah cellose

    jeconiah celloseHace 5 meses

    omg i miss this song

  14. Felipe Polippo

    Felipe PolippoHace 6 meses

    2020 ?

  15. Ale Cardenas

    Ale CardenasHace 6 meses


  16. Tobias Acosta

    Tobias AcostaHace 9 meses

    Like you music

  17. yun;3

    yun;3Hace 9 meses


  18. Kathlyn Dhote-Gastel

    Kathlyn Dhote-GastelHace 10 meses

    S'avait lentent que j'avais pas endendu cette musique

  19. Ricardo Soares

    Ricardo SoaresHace un año


  20. josue no me digas

    josue no me digasHace un año

    2021 alguien me cago el todos🚬

  21. Negin Akbari

    Negin AkbariHace 3 meses


  22. DAKEMO

    DAKEMOHace un año


  23. Тим Бардин

    Тим БардинHace un año


  24. Ashley gamer

    Ashley gamerHace 2 años

    Like si no sabes ingles 😔😔😂

  25. Benja

    BenjaHace 5 meses


  26. Luis Artg

    Luis ArtgHace 7 meses

    Mi infacia , pura nostalgia :'(

  27. JosexD

    JosexDHace un año

    Pero se recuerdan buenas musicas xd

  28. Ahmed Radi

    Ahmed RadiHace 2 años

    Whoever answered honestly... You're phucking lying

  29. creeps

    creepsHace 2 años

    annotations don't appear

  30. Zuzeth Reyna

    Zuzeth ReynaHace 3 años


  31. victoria fisher

    victoria fisherHace 3 años

    when i hear this song again in years i cried.... cuz my cousin died at 4yrs old she was disabled and could never speak and she love this song it was her faviroute song and she had died in hospital 😢😢😭

  32. rabbit milk

    rabbit milkHace 7 meses

    @dat boi joey stfu

  33. dat boi joey

    dat boi joeyHace un año

    Ok boomer

  34. Juan Manoel

    Juan ManoelHace un año

    Oi eu sou do Brasil

  35. Kappa

    KappaHace 3 años

    victoria fisher k

  36. fvded

    fvdedHace 4 años


  37. Darren Hernandez

    Darren HernandezHace 4 años

    how i can play? im in a cellphone :(

  38. penisman

    penismanHace 2 años

    Darren Hernandez in ?

  39. Joao Pedro

    Joao PedroHace 5 años


  40. MF da Costa Locadora

    MF da Costa LocadoraHace 4 años

    Euu ♡♡♡

  41. Heder Gomes

    Heder GomesHace 4 años

    O nós ake \o/

  42. Pedro Tuma

    Pedro TumaHace 4 años


  43. Not Valid

    Not ValidHace 6 años

    did u see that minecraft face

  44. MineCreed

    MineCreedHace 5 años

    @shayan mojarad the like trap didn't worked right? :D

  45. Lucas Chein

    Lucas CheinHace 7 años


  46. Amir Muhummad

    Amir MuhummadHace 7 años

    I want them 2 make 1 more song together

  47. Boggie Manipon

    Boggie ManiponHace 7 años

    Yo.. just can't get enough from 'the Guys!!...

  48. alicanteSHOW

    alicanteSHOWHace 7 años


  49. Michelle Carranza

    Michelle CarranzaHace 7 años


  50. Lucas Cavalcanti

    Lucas CavalcantiHace 7 años

    a he the time of ma laaa

  51. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. AdabaHace 7 años

    Looks good.

  52. Giulio Hanchar

    Giulio HancharHace 8 años

    YOU got the answer wrong his jacket is purple or blue you REPLACED SAYING SHIRT WITH JACKET!

  53. EeyeE

    EeyeEHace 8 años



    NO NEIGHBORSHace 8 años

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    Skaty PerryHace 8 años


  56. Emma Anastassova

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  57. Kwaku Ghana

    Kwaku GhanaHace 8 años

    My message for all.I have a dream freedom for all people in the world.Peace All the best for all.In memory from oury jalloh.

  58. hahahehehz

    hahahehehzHace 8 años

    hdhidsdhsidhsiweh - whats that all about

  59. Mario Peredo

    Mario PeredoHace 8 años


  60. Chris Mouss

    Chris MoussHace 8 años

    game over

  61. Dpoke Masta

    Dpoke MastaHace 9 años

    Please come do a concert in france ! you have lots of fans over here !!!! PLEASE ! I'll be their !!

  62. tristan0312ify

    tristan0312ifyHace 9 años


  63. Henrique Augusto Rocha Oliveira

    Henrique Augusto Rocha OliveiraHace 9 años


  64. Federico Barrionuevo

    Federico BarrionuevoHace 9 años

    hii :3

  65. MusicLyrics Lyrics

    MusicLyrics LyricsHace 9 años

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  66. Roki Aguirre

    Roki AguirreHace 9 años

    es chido el video jodor chevre he

  67. Ashley Diaz

    Ashley DiazHace 9 años

    Hmw k bjj

  68. Nick P

    Nick PHace 9 años

    @x410keXeCuTiv3 Vevo and all the companies dont pay youtube to do this, they volenteer dumbfuck

  69. Mama Marion

    Mama MarionHace 9 años

    Mdr !!

  70. Gryphon The Lad

    Gryphon The LadHace 9 años

  71. creeps

    creepsHace 2 años

  72. Archie Andrews

    Archie AndrewsHace 3 años



    MELUCHIDANCERHace 10 años

    Sick Dance Video For "Next To You" By Chris Brown & Justin Bieber On My Page

  74. TheWhicks

    TheWhicksHace 10 años


  75. creeps

    creepsHace 2 años

  76. eduardo peñaloza

    eduardo peñalozaHace 10 años

    pase la prueba sin equivocarme

  77. Sam Roka

    Sam RokaHace 10 años

    cool game

  78. Jai Mu

    Jai MuHace 10 años

    /watch?v=EYbK98jf45U I beat it for you.

  79. creeps

    creepsHace 2 años

  80. hernanronaldo9

    hernanronaldo9Hace 10 años

    he querido mirar el puto video entero y no he pedido por el puto vevo que no me deja... che ya me estoy cansando...

  81. kimpado27

    kimpado27Hace 10 años

    @blackandblueist oi! based from what u said about without vevo blah blah blah, no one will watch on youtube mate if we are going to pay for it.. so they shouldn/t put 'you' on youtube right? it should be vevotube or whatevertube!

  82. Gabriela Castellanos

    Gabriela CastellanosHace 10 años

    Hahaha veery COOL! :D

  83. tixe

    tixeHace 10 años

    wow, bep really got ruined by autotune. This is maybe the best kid song hahhahhaaa

  84. TheBloodWorks

    TheBloodWorksHace 10 años

    @x410keXeCuTiv3 I totally agree with you but... you are going on their Videos which is all they care about. If you want to do something dont visit their videos and create your own petition ect.

  85. Alizarine

    AlizarineHace 10 años

    @abdo682 Really? They're greedy because they're letting us watch high quality music videos with high quality sound? Are you kidding me?

  86. Zatch_Bell

    Zatch_BellHace 10 años

    Es un señOr Videeoo! XD

  87. Abdelrahman Fayez

    Abdelrahman FayezHace 10 años

    Dear Vevo, Let me start by saying that your filthy dick-rich corporation sucks youtube dry of democracy and fun. Ever since these big companies started paying off youtube so they could post their shit...etc, we have been getting flagged for infringement every time we include a song we like in our videos. This is ESdos, the place where we can post OUR videos.To people who want greedy corporations expelled indefinitely from youtube - thumbs up and copy this into Vevo videos.

  88. Alizarine

    AlizarineHace 10 años

    @x410keXeCuTiv3 Just shut up already. If it wasn't for VEVO we woudn't be able to see high-quality music videos like we do now. The fact that we can't put music on our own videos is a compromise, but hey if you want crappy quality music again then keep complaining.

  89. Diseno Dixital

    Diseno DixitalHace 10 años

    Please Block contento of Vebo is ambicious compañy. Suck Vebo dañas a los artistas que tienes secuestrados, a muchso de ellos los queremos promover en nuestros sitios que no son comerciales y tu no lo permites porque quieres ahogarte en dinero? Fuck you

  90. Archie Andrews

    Archie AndrewsHace 3 años

    Diseno Dixital ж

  91. Ruaraidh Gillies

    Ruaraidh GilliesHace 10 años

    Press F13 Thumbs Up If You Looked

  92. Me llama llama

    Me llama llamaHace 10 años

    thumbs up if the black dancers ugly

  93. Kerr Teves

    Kerr TevesHace 10 años

    @msGGkittenthey get paid they get richer they get motivated to make more music, i dont want to live without music, so it must be done the only way by legally doing it.

  94. Kerr Teves

    Kerr TevesHace 10 años

    @x410keXeCuTiv3 -_-

  95. x410keXeCuTiv3

    x410keXeCuTiv3Hace 10 años

    @KerrTeves yes

  96. Kerr Teves

    Kerr TevesHace 10 años

    @x410keXeCuTiv3 so you want people to watch their music at youtube and music owner wont get to gain profit because most people will just record it and conver to an mp3? making the mussic indutry to loose money over time, and finally end up in bankruptcy and no more new music will be released at all? you want that? wanna say bye bye Black eyed peas?

  97. TWilk

    TWilkHace 10 años

    the questions are so easy

  98. Ruben Santos Morales

    Ruben Santos MoralesHace 10 años

    Escuchen el verdadero dirty house guetta y los peas deberian de tener un estilo

  99. krealle1

    krealle1Hace 10 años

    O_O 999,999 veiws it must be my lucky day!

  100. x410keXeCuTiv3

    x410keXeCuTiv3Hace 10 años

    Dear Vevo, Let me start by saying that your filthy dick-rich corporation sucks youtube dry of democracy and fun. Ever since these big companies started paying off youtube so they could post their shit...etc, we have been getting flagged for infringement every time we include a song we like in our videos. This is ESdos, the place where we can post OUR videos.To people who want greedy corporations expelled indefinitely from youtube - thumbs up and copy this into Vevo videos.

  101. megaVICES

    megaVICESHace 10 años

    yo soy dj d denme consejos tengo 10 años

  102. Mc JART

    Mc JARTHace 10 años

    la ruca baila con madre :D

  103. iluvmalik

    iluvmalikHace 10 años

    this is fucking digital vomit

  104. jorge andres rodriguez gomez

    jorge andres rodriguez gomezHace 10 años

    que bueno queesta ufff black eyed peas son de lo mejor

  105. Rishi Chandra

    Rishi ChandraHace 10 años

    I just love this song its got this rizzing effect on you i really like that

  106. Edj Lima

    Edj LimaHace 10 años

    Muito legal o game feito dentro do ESdos, vale a pena..

  107. Kara Fitchett

    Kara FitchettHace 10 años

    get rid of all the question crap things

  108. VolodyaBeats

    VolodyaBeatsHace 10 años


  109. Tony Richie

    Tony RichieHace 10 años

    my remix made the vergin mary wet

  110. Jorges Sandoval

    Jorges SandovalHace 10 años


  111. Kobz Emocling

    Kobz EmoclingHace 10 años

    level 1 hahahah

  112. Crazz Fisherboy

    Crazz FisherboyHace 10 años

    I saw Shakira

  113. Martyn96

    Martyn96Hace 10 años

    THE first time i was really happy that vevo on youtube

  114. Xian Gabriel

    Xian GabrielHace 10 años

    i love it

  115. TheBasplay

    TheBasplayHace 10 años

    the best > 0:00 - 0:33

  116. iBelgium

    iBelgiumHace 10 años

    WARNING: This game contains 15 levels. If you make it till the end you get a link to the video "The Time" which you can easily see by clicking the first video of the suggestion column at the right. So don't complain afterwards if you spend 20 minutes of your life for nothing like me. :( Thumbs up so others know what they get into.

  117. TrashGamer

    TrashGamerHace 10 años

    mto bom

  118. AlfieEngland100

    AlfieEngland100Hace 10 años

    Thank god for autotune