The Black Eyed Peas - 2010 Backstage Interview (American Music Awards)

Music video by The Black Eyed Peas performing 2010 Backstage Interview (American Music Awards). © Dick Clark Productions
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  1. Sabrina Batalha

    Sabrina BatalhaHace 2 meses

    Omg Fergie 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Renildo Mata

    Renildo MataHace 6 meses

    RENILDO mais

  3. josé neto

    josé netoHace 11 meses

    manda salve carai

  4. yatlink burbusoda

    yatlink burbusodaHace 2 años

    Realy! no juegues!( exprecion mexicana ) Ferg eres la mejor tobe or don't know seas fea o seas bonita te respeto y admiro este viernes sera el concierto en mexico extrañare verte black eyed peace send my message to ferg please!! #OldScoold #Milenial #Mexico #Fergie♡Beatles♡aguacate♡paz

  5. Megan Foreman

    Megan ForemanHace 3 años

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww look at will 0:01 look at his hand

  6. Zahra Malik

    Zahra MalikHace 5 años

    Kiss ur hand 10 times Say ur crushes 15 times Comment this on a different video Next time u look at ur crush he will ask u out

  7. santiago devia muñoz

    santiago devia muñozHace 6 años

    Jajaja q video tan genial se lo recomiendo al 100% yo se porque se los digo chicos es lo maximooo

  8. Fernando Arrieta

    Fernando ArrietaHace 6 años


  9. Ivon Abraham

    Ivon AbrahamHace 6 años


  10. TheJacobEwing

    TheJacobEwingHace 8 años

    Love you fergie

  11. Erin Ngo

    Erin NgoHace 8 años


  12. Igor Gustavo

    Igor GustavoHace 8 años

    Amazing, THX Black Eyed Peas...

  13. Hellen Dias

    Hellen DiasHace 8 años

    que legal se eu fisese a entrevista com eles eu ia me emoçionar

  14. felpszin

    felpszinHace 9 meses

    Quem não!!

  15. Mrad Cryser

    Mrad CryserHace 8 años

    They are good as real life

  16. trixosaurusrex

    trixosaurusrexHace 8 años


  17. hifatpeople

    hifatpeopleHace 9 años

    Watching the American Music Awards. My mom sighs and says "music has gone way downhill". I never thought i'd say this, but i agree. Fucking lmfao, lil wayne, niki minaj, katyparry, whoever else the fuck that was. They all dress weird as fuck too. Minaj was going on stage, Friend: "whos that?" *niki minaj* Friend: "oh my god... she looks like a tree" Everyone agreed that all the singers suck live.

  18. hifatpeople

    hifatpeopleHace 9 años

    @colonelboston shoot her? Oh my god thank you. (not the dirty way)

  19. Luizz ramirez

    Luizz ramirezHace 10 años

    esta curada la ropa k trae puesta

  20. Roisin O'Hara

    Roisin O'HaraHace 10 años should blend in with everyone elses clothes

  21. Garie Angelie

    Garie AngelieHace 10 años

    so cool.. xD

  22. atrapforfools

    atrapforfoolsHace 10 años

    @lgirll00 Same here!

  23. Jazmin Cristina

    Jazmin CristinaHace 10 años

    is fergie blond again?

  24. MrBumblebot

    MrBumblebotHace 10 años

    @kvn024 yes yes she did

  25. Jacob White

    Jacob WhiteHace 10 años


  26. Michaël Labrecque

    Michaël LabrecqueHace 10 años

    @Democratic4Life Wow really? I don't see anything homophobic about what they do, and you are really stupid if you believe these rumors, you clearly haven't seen many of their interviews, you're so ignorant. You don't even know that BEP are the ones who made Fergie famous, she would be nothing without them.

  27. Michaël Labrecque

    Michaël LabrecqueHace 10 años

    @Democratic4Life Lol, is the best, he's the one who produces almost all of their songs, as well as producing for other artists, he writes the most parts in all of their songs, and he's a very versatile rapper. He is super mega talented, everyone who is big in the music industry wants (or wanted) to work with him. From Michael Jackson to James Brown, U2, Usher, Whitney Houston, and now Leona Lewis, just to name a few.

  28. Santiago Haspert

    Santiago HaspertHace 10 años


  29. SwankyOrc

    SwankyOrcHace 10 años

    will just looks pissed at the beginning

  30. Iván Alejandro

    Iván AlejandroHace 10 años

    i want 2 f..k fergie

  31. Aleksandra Hus

    Aleksandra HusHace 10 años

    fergie is so natural here :D

  32. Cassidy Small

    Cassidy SmallHace 10 años

    I love's hat!

  33. Olivier Beaulieu

    Olivier BeaulieuHace 10 años

    fergie wow total beauty (L)

  34. Mark Demian

    Mark DemianHace 10 años

    i love fergie..

  35. ManiacalBoombox

    ManiacalBoomboxHace 10 años

    New video Same Shelf on this channel, commented on by NigaHiga!

  36. Michaël Labrecque

    Michaël LabrecqueHace 10 años

    Best group ever. Oprah said it.

  37. KevinWeiTV

    KevinWeiTVHace 10 años

    @zipperscream thirty second!

  38. Francesca Merolle

    Francesca MerolleHace 10 años

    Fucking love them *-*

  39. Fernanda Prado

    Fernanda PradoHace 10 años


  40. Steve Cross

    Steve CrossHace 10 años

    wow another album so soon? They're on fire! :)

  41. thoax3

    thoax3Hace 10 años


  42. thesofakillers

    thesofakillersHace 10 años

    omg 310, im always 310th its creeping me out!

  43. wheelsatwork

    wheelsatworkHace 10 años

    When did Stacey get implants?

  44. Nevoh Benjamin

    Nevoh BenjaminHace 10 años

    i love the bep's

  45. Rhoda Talisaysay

    Rhoda TalisaysayHace 10 años

    I cried over his childhood story here in the Philippines . I am just happy for him whatever...

  46. Kev Fran

    Kev FranHace 10 años

    did she said beganing

  47. Miguel Capistrán

    Miguel CapistránHace 10 años

    OMFG 15

  48. James Vásquez

    James VásquezHace 10 años

    I hope the peas don't dissapoint with this new album, "The Time" is catchy but i'ts not the best of their songs, i hope to find in that album something more than just "crazy beats" :)

  49. Gamerofps3

    Gamerofps3Hace 10 años

    they really change

  50. Héctor Liquidano

    Héctor LiquidanoHace 10 años

    that´s wonderfull my bep, but fergie! es the best! ilove fergie

  51. aki azmi

    aki azmiHace 10 años


  52. camila cerra

    camila cerraHace 10 años


  53. fruitegable

    fruitegableHace 10 años

    Also, wtf was will talking about? Or am i just deaf?

  54. fruitegable

    fruitegableHace 10 años


  55. zipperscream

    zipperscreamHace 10 años