The Black Eyed Peas - BEP Empire (Official Music Video)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing BEP Empire. (C) 2000 Interscope Records
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  1. BenyCK

    BenyCKHace 17 días

    Call centre operators are very friendly and seem to love their job xD

  2. Елена Афанасенкова

    Елена АфанасенковаHace 24 días

    waw its LOL hip-hop

  3. E bizzare comunity

    E bizzare comunityHace un mes

    Watching this on 2020?

  4. Fede Luque

    Fede LuqueHace un mes


  5. Brass Man

    Brass ManHace un mes

    Plot twist: the songs on their first album that called out sellouts were a warning of the future of the peas

  6. XHDR Gamer

    XHDR GamerHace un mes's an ad

  7. Jayden Hand

    Jayden HandHace 2 meses

    311 did better

  8. Ariv Gomez

    Ariv GomezHace 2 meses


  9. Zoilo Dabon

    Zoilo DabonHace 3 meses

    I gof a cd of this one

  10. Vai Survey

    Vai SurveyHace 3 meses

    HIP POP...

  11. Cherepakha Ruka

    Cherepakha RukaHace 4 meses

    I've listening to this song since 20 years. Never knew there was a videoclip.

  12. Макс Михневич

    Макс МихневичHace 5 meses

    To all the sellout critics out there: BEP do not belong to hip hop. Hip hop belongs to them.

  13. Chimiriwe Culo sucio

    Chimiriwe Culo sucioHace 5 meses

    Like si la escuchas en cuarentena 2020

  14. Denis Fulgore GAMES

    Denis Fulgore GAMESHace 6 meses

    2020 🔥🔥🔥

  15. ADjustinG2013

    ADjustinG2013Hace 6 meses

    in my book, BEP only have 3 albums. And 1 of them is Masters of the Sun. No question what the other 2 are.


    OFFICIALESSYHace 3 meses

    🤦🏻‍♂️ smh...there old school stuff was way way better than anything they released now...they were ahead of there time then...

  17. 蔵前鈍次郎

    蔵前鈍次郎Hace 6 meses

    OMG. Is this BEP? Why did they change so much?

  18. springer 90

    springer 90Hace 6 meses

    311 made this better!

  19. Enny Toldo

    Enny ToldoHace 7 meses

    Icônicos, Amo VCS ♥️

  20. Greg C

    Greg CHace 7 meses

    Who remembers when they were Atban Klan classic

  21. Proyecto Treaz-C

    Proyecto Treaz-CHace 7 meses

    Nuevo estilo.... Hip hip hopppp

  22. Amenadiel The Fallen

    Amenadiel The FallenHace 7 meses

    You guys probably need to look at the noisey interview with tabu and will I am where he explains the change in genre of music their created aside of Kim hill quitting he states fergie era music was for the time that people wanted to listen to But they are back now to this verssion as this music is for them

  23. Od Oddy

    Od OddyHace 8 meses


  24. Beeswax

    BeeswaxHace 8 meses

    Good old times.

  25. Ela Joanna

    Ela JoannaHace 8 meses


  26. Tony D

    Tony DHace 9 meses

    Tweeta! 1:00 lol

  27. Odes1Angel

    Odes1AngelHace 9 meses

    I loved this whole album when it released. Before Fergie, there was this.

  28. Matt Willar

    Matt WillarHace 9 meses

    Love the DJ Motiv8 cameo!

  29. Big el aka fat daddy Channel

    Big el aka fat daddy ChannelHace 11 meses

    So awesome and strong

  30. Cafe_80’s Barako

    Cafe_80’s BarakoHace 11 meses

    The video theme is very 80’s,,,though they started late 90’s....

  31. pakin rey

    pakin reyHace 11 meses

    Olv, si era puro Hip Hop

  32. Tyson Miller

    Tyson MillerHace un año

    Preemo should’ve saved this beat for MOP

  33. 21. Hlompho

    21. HlomphoHace un año

    I'm liking black eyed peas before where's the love. What they created after is still awesome and amazing . I'm not hating.😗

  34. 21. Hlompho

    21. HlomphoHace un año


  35. Alexander Hill

    Alexander HillHace un año

    The fact this song pays out new BEP is ironic... The fact that I'd sell out harder than them to get paid... I'm not sure what that is... xD

  36. Erwin Joseph

    Erwin JosephHace un año

    Just a comment from 2019 passing through...

  37. Jhonel Cordovez

    Jhonel CordovezHace un año

    How much that? Damn, I love that 😍

  38. Daniel Borrie

    Daniel BorrieHace un año

    311 had something to do with it I think

  39. Dorien Wharton

    Dorien WhartonHace un año

    Yeah dope song and they went all pop for the money kinda like outkast did too its a shame but all these rappers do it in a different way some go pop some just flat lie about themselves or hide who they are like corrections officer rick ross so most of them sell their souls for money

  40. Militant Marxman

    Militant MarxmanHace un año

    had to come here to heal my ears after hearing that bullshit Be Nice single they just put out.

  41. Victoria Appiagei

    Victoria AppiageiHace un año

    hip hop real lyrical rapper goat black eyed peas

  42. Tangitaua Falala

    Tangitaua FalalaHace un año

    What happened to the black Eyed Peas

  43. triplerider

    tripleriderHace un año

    Proof that money and fame is not what you should wish kills your BEP became shit is so sad...

  44. patrick grondines

    patrick grondinesHace un año

    love this song

  45. Robinho Zinho

    Robinho ZinhoHace un año

    the pure bep as they were when i got to know them, one of my fav vids of all time, so cool and hilarious 0:55. 2:22, 3:34 ROFL the fat guy with the specs has got some stylish funky moves :D



    I can’t even take these lyrics seriously, knowing what they did after this album.

  47. The Vintage Archive

    The Vintage ArchiveHace un año

    I remember I went on holiday for a couple of weeks and when I got back I heard that a group called the Black Eyed Peas were No1 in the pop charts, I actually was totally confused. I recall thinking that can’t be them, they made a great song about not selling out. Well sadly it was them and the rest is history. I had the EP of this, it was a slightly different version, I can’t find it on you tube or iTunes

  48. milfmanni Let ́s Play

    milfmanni Let ́s PlayHace un año

    Their Realness ended faster than Miley´s virginity.

  49. springer 90

    springer 90Hace 2 años

    311 brought me here.

  50. miguel t

    miguel tHace 2 años

    THEY'RE BACK 2 HIP HOP 🔥🔥 on their new album Masters Of The Sun

  51. Rich's random stuff

    Rich's random stuffHace 7 meses

    And the world does not care. They made a statement with the appearing to sell out

  52. SK AIR

    SK AIRHace 2 años

    Roule avec Driver

  53. Phoenix Swanson

    Phoenix SwansonHace 2 años

    I always despised the Black Eyed Peas...until I heard this.

  54. Mister Daz

    Mister DazHace 2 años

    I remember when BEP were awesome.

  55. ygo Schultz

    ygo SchultzHace 2 años

    Her Cum Der Hieb-hieb Dear Hope Hop Pop Drop, I'm cummty- On & Once C. Sy se

  56. Adrian Marquez

    Adrian MarquezHace 2 años

    That Preemo beat. So cold. What happened to the BEPs? Smh

  57. Victoria Appiagei

    Victoria AppiageiHace 2 años

    hip-hop real raw lyrical era good Listen a trlbe called quest vbes flow foletry

  58. Y-3T klein

    Y-3T kleinHace 2 años

    Como estas tu con el tiempo ⏳

  59. Marco Ramírez

    Marco RamírezHace 2 años

    I want to order ti but, do you have it on Blue-ray?

  60. Fred Behrend

    Fred BehrendHace 2 años

    Oh man, good times....

  61. cian

    cianHace 2 años

    that blob in a chair hahah

  62. Andrew Flood

    Andrew FloodHace 2 años


  63. Pure Pep

    Pure PepHace 2 años

    @2:18 You too can make America great again right from your own back yard! Those shoes and socks tho!

  64. Jazzmin Earthling

    Jazzmin EarthlingHace 2 años

    "This soulful, ole school stuff is nice.. but can you make POOOOOOP ??? " **a multimillion $$$ record executive**

  65. Dani Elle

    Dani ElleHace 2 años

    Hahaha wtf this video is gold

  66. gonzalo olivero

    gonzalo oliveroHace 2 años

    Molaba más cuando era Crema.

  67. Drip.

    Drip.Hace 2 años


  68. Frank DM

    Frank DMHace 3 años

    Holy shit. They were actually good??!

  69. Gavin Wieland

    Gavin WielandHace 3 años

    This is before fergie came into the band. This song is so awesome.

  70. Merlin Price

    Merlin PriceHace 3 años

    Fuck you Fergie. Holy shit they were good.

  71. Java Boy

    Java BoyHace 3 años

    Damn, looking back at young apl

  72. Jean Nascimento

    Jean NascimentoHace 3 años


  73. Aaron Valas

    Aaron ValasHace 3 años

    Scumbags like 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, Lil Pump and Uzi Vert may be order the entire collection

  74. spaceman00

    spaceman00Hace 3 años


  75. Francis Castiglion

    Francis CastiglionHace 3 años

    Back when they really focused on the lyricism and rhythm.

  76. Chaingui Rafael da Silva

    Chaingui Rafael da SilvaHace 3 años

    2:11 and 2:22... Life can't be better than that!

  77. emu sp1200

    emu sp1200Hace 3 años

    Premo Do it!!

  78. Remi Martin

    Remi MartinHace 3 años

    Curtis Mayfield - Billy Jack brought me here

  79. Henry Martin

    Henry MartinHace 3 años

    This is not the Black Eyed Peas I know lol. They really did change.

  80. Albert Jr Seidel

    Albert Jr SeidelHace 3 años


  81. Mirlon

    MirlonHace 3 años

    Genial, sem palavras. Só de ver quem produziu essa música dá pra sentir a qualidade: Dj Premier.

  82. B HH

    B HHHace 3 años

    musicians evolve. if they hadn't none of y'all would even care to know who they were to come here and complain like you care about the preservation of Hip hop when you got Eminem in your Ipod so keep it moving

  83. Dylan Ferrer

    Dylan FerrerHace 3 años

    BlackEyedPeasVEVO like si lo ves en 2017 ++ 0

  84. Daniel Adoni

    Daniel AdoniHace 3 años

    yup, keep it up, movin', groovin', sound's so soothin', what style r U in?

  85. Youri Semenjuk

    Youri SemenjukHace 3 años


  86. HipHopHobbyKlub

    HipHopHobbyKlubHace 3 años

    I'm still waiting for my order................ #gosh

  87. Kultrun

    KultrunHace 4 años

    what happened

  88. Kyle Thomas

    Kyle ThomasHace 4 años

    before will's primo intro, it was too obvious that it was a premier beat. cuz its head boppin as fffuucckk from the start

  89. mario eh

    mario ehHace 4 años

    I miss this Black Eyed Peas :'(

  90. Karpuffel Toffer

    Karpuffel TofferHace 4 años

    This album was great. Then the sellout started.

  91. yaboyschooledya

    yaboyschooledyaHace 4 años

    @3:05 RIP Pumpkin Head #BattleRapLegend

  92. Rachel Davis

    Rachel DavisHace 4 años

    Well, this is ironic. They make actual hip-hop track with a video mocking the commercialization of hip-hop (the lyrics even include "money is the drug and emceesis on it") AND then a few years later, they make a tactical change to pop hits and brainless catchy choruses and become one of the best-selling acts of all time. Amazing.

  93. Dbo on ma back

    Dbo on ma backHace 2 años

    wasn't tactical, when fergie joined they became a R&B Rap icons, boom boom pow and later albums was will i ams innovation on electro rap, Its stupid when people say that boom boom pow is when BEP became sell outs... to become a sell out you have to change you music into something thats been heard before; boom boom pow was the first its kind tho... he spear headed that type of music.

  94. Daniela Figueiredo Rocha

    Daniela Figueiredo RochaHace 4 años

    que saudade

  95. patrick grondines

    patrick grondinesHace 4 años

    was this a TV infomercial type of video

  96. B-Mint1994

    B-Mint1994Hace 4 años

    Biggest sellouts ever

  97. Kelvin Skendaj

    Kelvin SkendajHace 3 años


  98. tomshady Macahine

    tomshady MacahineHace 4 años

    But wait there's more!!

  99. Travis Moss

    Travis MossHace 4 años

    Their first two albums were great. Unfortunately, they slowly got worse over time...

  100. The Balockhead

    The BalockheadHace 20 días

    Elephunk while poppy was honestly pretty good

  101. patrick grondines

    patrick grondinesHace un año

    you should hear their new album masters of the sun, very good

  102. patrick grondines

    patrick grondinesHace 4 años

    their new stuff is garbage and too techno

  103. YoungBlackWonder2000

    YoungBlackWonder2000Hace 4 años

    I grew up on the 2008-2012 Black eyed peas

  104. Oliver Milgate

    Oliver MilgateHace 4 años

    Hilarious how they talk about money corrupting music and rappers talking about Stupid things and then Sellout quicker than Olympic Games tickets

  105. Carlos Arroyo

    Carlos ArroyoHace 4 años

    Oliver Milgate I know right, some irony there. But they had no ways of promoting music as easily as today, nowadays u have the internet and with that u can easily make it up. Back then u had to work ur ass off to get noticed and when their albums when unnoticed and their wallets went empty well I guess they said "fuck it" and went full on pop. It's sad of course but really it's not our fault as gangsta rap dominates hip hop right now and then and it surely always will, but if people of the time had given them a chance for being different maybe we could've had a different face of hip hop along with the gangstas...

  106. Austin Edwards

    Austin EdwardsHace 4 años

    Real Black Eyed peas right here

  107. Andy Howard

    Andy HowardHace 4 años

    first track smells like premo for sure, brings the best out of even the wackest rappers

  108. Zodiac Trigga

    Zodiac TriggaHace 2 años


  109. Kyle Thomas

    Kyle ThomasHace 4 años

    premier makes any rapper sound like a pro

  110. Elch Elch

    Elch ElchHace 4 años

    Flayxz yup, thats preemo on the beat

  111. Flayxz

    FlayxzHace 4 años

    3:06 Premo and the Peas?

  112. Andy Howard

    Andy HowardHace 4 años

    fuck me i forgot black eyed peas where actualy hiphop, this was a good album in the day, now its boom boom pow shit