The Black Eyed Peas - BIG LOVE

In a time where our government can take kids away from their parents, but can’t take guns away from kids, we all need to speak up. We all need BIG LOVE. To see video testimonials from the families and partners involved in the creation of our video, please head to
A very special thanks to our partners March For Our Lives, Families Belong Together & Change The Ref for your continued support.
"MASTERS OF THE SUN VOL. 1" is out now.
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  1. Michael LeCompte

    Michael LeCompteHace 16 horas

    Why on earth would they make a music video like this?

  2. glitter girl

    glitter girlHace 2 días

    Why am I just now hearing this song? This year, 2020, we should be shouting this from the rooftops.

  3. Kiên Huân

    Kiên HuânHace 3 días

    give love to illegal immigrants? sad to see BEP become a propaganda sellout

  4. Jack Raschke

    Jack RaschkeHace 3 días

    Powerful video!!

  5. Philip Lester Floro

    Philip Lester FloroHace 3 días

    NOVEMBER, 2020 I was here.

  6. Lovely Bangtan

    Lovely BangtanHace 4 días

    Quién sigue escuchando BIG LOVE en 2020?

  7. Zakaria Elharti

    Zakaria ElhartiHace 4 días

    SO SAD ...

  8. mathys Melon

    mathys MelonHace 4 días

    10 min

  9. Cat

    CatHace 5 días

    Its crazy that there's ppl that actually do this.

  10. Kelley Hayes

    Kelley HayesHace 6 días

    I wish the person who made this would really imagine having this trauma, and maybe the effect on the victims that the explicit violence might have on them. I’m cringing. It’s a little bit exploitive.

  11. George Edogg

    George EdoggHace 6 días

    This song is so dope!!!! The music video is great!!! Very thoughtful song!

  12. Agustin D. Guzmán

    Agustin D. GuzmánHace 7 días

    I don´t know how this song is not viral!!

  13. Lore AG

    Lore AGHace 7 días

    Malo 🥺☣️☢️🤔💀☠️

  14. Quilan Bachlet

    Quilan BachletHace 7 días

    School shootings should stop.

  15. HOT Zoneplus

    HOT ZoneplusHace 7 días

    ➡ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre..

  16. V I N D I C T A

    V I N D I C T AHace 8 días


  17. DanteBands400

    DanteBands400Hace 8 días

    Who else noticed Jorge from Bunk'd?

  18. Yllah Josuylla Oliveira

    Yllah Josuylla OliveiraHace 9 días

    Primeira vez assitindo e ouvindo essa música. Black eyed Peas 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Senti a dor como se eu tivesse lá 💔

  19. Nat Dafn

    Nat DafnHace 12 días

    this video breaks my heart

  20. wtf buttercup

    wtf buttercupHace 10 días


  21. Gary Hill

    Gary HillHace 13 días

    when she runs to the boy who had been shot in the gy hall- she literelly missed the girl infront of him

  22. wtf buttercup

    wtf buttercupHace 10 días

    fr i could kill better honestly

  23. abner garcia

    abner garciaHace 16 días

    Deamm is all that jazz baby

  24. Jmar kolar

    Jmar kolarHace 16 días

    Big big love from Earth by human

  25. Dilvan Cedraz

    Dilvan CedrazHace 16 días

    It's easy says things against guns when you are surrouded of armed body guard. Great message !

  26. jovannaఌ angieఌ

    jovannaఌ angieఌHace 18 días

    Song that went viral love a lot love Big love

  27. Roberto Vera

    Roberto VeraHace 18 días


  28. Roberto Vera

    Roberto VeraHace 18 días


  29. sheila mariz rengel

    sheila mariz rengelHace 18 días

    💙💛❤️ 1corinthians 13:13 it all about having Faith and Hope and Big LOVE.. 🇵🇭

  30. Karim La mark

    Karim La markHace 18 días

    if you help someone you wil live!

  31. Brayan Alvira

    Brayan AlviraHace 20 días


  32. Siddeequah Caudrado

    Siddeequah CaudradoHace 22 días


  33. Simone Lombardi

    Simone LombardiHace 23 días

    Who clicked here because you thaught this was the song from fifa 21 ???

  34. Christian Marino

    Christian MarinoHace 18 días

    No ?

  35. POLUX 7054

    POLUX 7054Hace 23 días

    The human makes his own monsters.

  36. Florencia Mecklenburg

    Florencia MecklenburgHace 24 días

    A beautifull mesaage

  37. I'm Awesome

    I'm AwesomeHace 26 días

    Who else have something on your body when hearing this song

  38. I'm Awesome

    I'm AwesomeHace 26 días

    This song got me addicted, i can't stop watching this every single day, I think I watched like 100 times this month alone

  39. Elva Ramirez

    Elva RamirezHace 28 días

    Where is the love, big love y the love, ojalá la música pudiera cambiar la mentalidad de las personas 😟

  40. mynation123

    mynation123Hace 28 días

  41. NinjaBETA

    NinjaBETAHace 29 días

    don't pretend to be innocent, it is the fault of everyone who does bullying and then pretend to be victims, fuck u all.

  42. hebert silva

    hebert silvaHace un mes

    É muito doloroso ver isso 💔

  43. Kahoot It

    Kahoot ItHace un mes

    People are the problem with school shootings it’s not the guns that kill people but you can NEVER change people there is too many who think so differently you can however change guns-countries without guns do so much better than America and yes we are bigger but it’s a start

  44. Eliana Martinez

    Eliana MartinezHace un mes


  45. Jeremias

    JeremiasHace un mes

    Girl: *sees friend dying* Girl: starts singing BIG LOVE aight boys, world peace achieved, let's go

  46. Jeremias

    JeremiasHace un mes

    "'Cause all that we are All that we're made of Is big, big love" Yeeeeess........ Nah. Watch some ISIS videos.

  47. Mina Turner

    Mina TurnerHace un mes

    I couldn't stop watching and at the same time I wanted it to end. Great work, Black Eyed Peas! AWESOME MESSAGE. Please, American People, please, VOTE!!! AND VOTE CONSCIOUSLY

  48. zaira obraian

    zaira obraianHace un mes


  49. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis RodriguezHace un mes

    don't you love propaganda in the form of art and music

  50. LAPAC Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory

    LAPAC Los Angeles Performing Arts ConservatoryHace un mes

    wow amazing

  51. Unload FMS

    Unload FMSHace un mes

    Who cares

  52. karel krmela

    karel krmelaHace un mes

    , qpekghaskzhv by 😭😭😭😭

  53. karel krmela

    karel krmelaHace un mes


  54. Dennis de bouter

    Dennis de bouterHace un mes

    we need a russion, chinese and hawayan version of this song, that music could be taken serious by the masses as whell. maybe one sang in Esperanto, the international language... how about teaching everybody that International language in school, so we can all start understanding eachother... ?

  55. Zeus William

    Zeus WilliamHace un mes


  56. Vesna.M. S.

    Vesna.M. S.Hace un mes

    This is reality this is what happens in this country, this breaks my heart, in one of the biggest country’s in the world shit like this happens, poor and innocent kids have lost their life’s, because of gun laws that they won’t do nothing about. It breaks my heart knowing that there’s nothing I can do to protect innocent life.

  57. Aurora Autumnfly

    Aurora AutumnflyHace un mes

    we are made of love. Greetings from Polish👋❤️

  58. Chloe Rose

    Chloe RoseHace un mes

    So sad

  59. Milena Almeida

    Milena AlmeidaHace un mes

    comentários em português?

  60. Arcangel Gabrgiell

    Arcangel GabrgiellHace un mes

    un vídeo increible

  61. Denica Wiltshire

    Denica WiltshireHace un mes

    Brave kids for coming together and making this music video when things like this could be so raw for them

  62. Tania Edith Preciado Garcia

    Tania Edith Preciado GarciaHace un mes

    Este video me causa escalofrios😯No al racismo. No al maltrato. No a la masacre🖤✊🙏

  63. JeNaaitUtSteeds

    JeNaaitUtSteedsHace un mes

    you were right, this was hard to watch. but necessary. thanks.

  64. Fazendo Arte

    Fazendo ArteHace un mes

    Fergie come please!!!

  65. Jacque Kost

    Jacque KostHace un mes

    when i listen to this i cry every time, but i watch the video all the time just to remind me of how the world is now!!! Thank you for such a powerful song

  66. BloodyMatey13 X

    BloodyMatey13 XHace un mes

    This will always got me crying and wanting change whole of world. But it’s just too impossible...

  67. Leonardo Gabriel Moreno Silverio

    Leonardo Gabriel Moreno SilverioHace un mes


  68. Cristian Bravo

    Cristian BravoHace un mes


  69. Kids in Trouble Help Page

    Kids in Trouble Help PageHace un mes

    Guns are not freedom! They are the freedom to take lives!

  70. Narek Ounanian

    Narek OunanianHace un mes


  71. DeakyTheDancingQueen39

    DeakyTheDancingQueen39Hace un mes

    10/1/17 Las Vegas

  72. Berioox

    BeriooxHace un mes

    wer kommt auch vom apple event?

  73. Berioox

    BeriooxHace un mes

    who comes vom the apple event?

  74. Frederic Reid

    Frederic ReidHace un mes







    me encanto la cancion pero ojala se cague muriendo el que les disparaba

  77. Diana dionicio tumayquispe

    Diana dionicio tumayquispeHace un mes

    que hermoso video! que gran mensaje :(

  78. Frederic Reid

    Frederic ReidHace un mes


  79. Asad Masav

    Asad MasavHace un mes

    Black eyed peas for President !! We lost our humanity.share this song To the world peace and love for everyone !

  80. Sunflower Playz

    Sunflower PlayzHace un mes

    Im crying rn☹️😭

  81. Frederic Reid

    Frederic ReidHace un mes


  82. Ale huawei Arias

    Ale huawei AriasHace un mes

    escucharlo y verlo recien ahora el tema cuanta verdad ... pueden sacar a los chicos de sus padres pero no las armas de los chicos asesinos en las escuelas que locura

  83. Prophit7

    Prophit7Hace un mes

    You want this madness to end. Vote the Dems out! It is that simple!

  84. Help me reach 20 subscribers with No videos PLS

    Help me reach 20 subscribers with No videos PLSHace un mes

    BEP is the best group this year they deserve big recognition. Miss Fergie but this new girl is also awesome :) TiEMPOOO

  85. li- san

    li- sanHace un mes

    This is what we are This is how our world is because of our bad decisions...

  86. Shirley Montero

    Shirley MonteroHace un mes

    Que tal impacto pudo dar este video. Aún no lo supero, excelente! 👏👏👏👏👏


    SAMIR BOSS LEXUSHace un mes

    Amo a los black.Amo esta cancion y hasta hoy vi el video y me llego mucho.Mi pareja murio en un tiroteo en Guerrero y feo saber que era un dia casual cuando las balas se lo llevaron.

  88. Lian Ross Котовская

    Lian Ross КотовскаяHace un mes

    А что тут случилось с Taboo?

  89. Vander Good

    Vander GoodHace un mes

    This is a life anthem

  90. Isabela Álvarez

    Isabela ÁlvarezHace un mes

    Maldito Dhonal Trum

  91. Isabela Álvarez

    Isabela ÁlvarezHace un mes

    Tiene una tématica fuerte y real

  92. Ernesto Che Guevara

    Ernesto Che GuevaraHace un mes


  93. Adil zaraoui

    Adil zaraouiHace un mes

    The policeman who killed the citizen probably didn't watch this

  94. Daniel Rosa

    Daniel RosaHace un mes

    2020 is the year of no massacre in schools tanks coronavirus

  95. Zoey Tyler

    Zoey TylerHace 2 meses

    Ok hand cuff the black people BLM f cops

  96. Zoey Tyler

    Zoey TylerHace 2 meses

    This is what is happening now

  97. betzy betzy

    betzy betzyHace 2 meses

    😢si en las escuelas enseñaran la palabra de Dios no hubieran tanta falta de amor a los demas 😭me gustaria que los gobiernos permitieran el libro sagrado en casa lo hacemos pero no todos lo practican seria buena que en la escuela lo permitieran

  98. Emperor Nephew

    Emperor NephewHace 2 meses

    all you giving big love to some mumble singers, and that ellish that doesn't have face or mouth bones and can't make out her lyrics. Yeah support them. This project of BEP and only 13mln views in 2 years.... shame

  99. X D

    X DHace 2 meses

    Is real music🎶

  100. Fer ojeda

    Fer ojedaHace 2 meses

    No puedo creer que no encontré este tema antes....

  101. Alex Villegas

    Alex VillegasHace 2 meses

    Watching this from Houston, Texas and realizing that this was filmed using my high school campus of Don Bosco Tech located in Rosemead, CA, and also featuring the chapel at the St Joseph Salesian Retreat Center. I did a youth encounter retreat there while a freshman. Wow ! looks the same after all of these years.

  102. yannie solonar

    yannie solonarHace 2 meses

    After how many years this song always make me cry

  103. yannie solonar

    yannie solonarHace 2 meses

    So sad but true,,its happening everywhere

  104. Los games de José

    Los games de JoséHace 2 meses

    we go together we get stronger

  105. Estephany Fernandes

    Estephany FernandesHace 2 meses

    Me lembra o massacre da escola de Suzano 😔😔😔😔