The Black Eyed Peas - Concert 4 NYC (Trailer)

Music video by The Black Eyed Peas performing Concert 4 NYC (Trailer).
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  1. Evan G

    Evan GHace 2 meses

    Robinhood fighting for the poor DID NOT age well

  2. 卂ᐯ卂ㄒ卂尺

    卂ᐯ卂ㄒ卂尺Hace 3 meses

    Covid-19 I am grateful! Stupid rich people can't go to party concerts anymore! so the fame of the colonial singer who earns a lot of money will end 😎👎

  3. Prof.Fábio Especial

    Prof.Fábio EspecialHace 6 meses

    quem ta sentindo falta da gata Fergie deixa o LIKE que saudades ...

  4. Wasted Shin

    Wasted ShinHace 7 meses

    Im from the future wassup.

  5. Elaine Jacinto Pereira

    Elaine Jacinto PereiraHace 10 meses

    Saudades 😍 Julho 2020

  6. Jose Gomzalez

    Jose GomzalezHace 11 meses

    megustA El sitio you tube en cuatro lo que busco!!!/)/

  7. Jaba

    JabaHace 3 años

    contiune releasing songs :C

  8. Blvck Bird

    Blvck BirdHace 3 años

    I was there at that show i was with my parents i was only 15 & made a 7h drive from montreal to new york but i enjoyed evey single moment of it tell me if you were there too in the comments

  9. Altinez MTZ

    Altinez MTZHace 5 años

    Whatever happened to them?

  10. brie

    brieHace 3 años

    Oprah Winfrey’s: Where are they now?

  11. _DragTastic _

    _DragTastic _Hace 4 años

    They probably fell out

  12. Not Valid

    Not ValidHace 6 años


  13. Altinez MTZ

    Altinez MTZHace 5 años

    Did you not see when this was uploaded...

  14. Jerome khan

    Jerome khanHace 6 años

    Damn she looks different from the 2004 version of her

  15. Alex Eflov

    Alex EflovHace 7 años


  16. Lise uwuwu

    Lise uwuwuHace 7 años

    come back pleaseeeeeeeeeee(blazilians like youuuuuuu)

  17. Dylan Kudaibergenov

    Dylan KudaibergenovHace 8 meses

    They're back now with their new single "Translation" :)) hope you liked it :D

  18. Antonio Salgado

    Antonio SalgadoHace 7 años

    Mis idolos son los mejores!!!

  19. Let's Rock!

    Let's Rock!Hace 7 años


  20. Don Wayne

    Don WayneHace 7 años

    The Black Eyed Peas did NOT split up. They went on a hiatus but one of the members has confirmed that they are working on a new album.

  21. Dai Herman

    Dai HermanHace 3 años

    Sigo esperando el nuevo álbum de los 4..

  22. takeoffyourpants!

    takeoffyourpants!Hace 3 años

    Don Wayne yea

  23. Salvador Parra

    Salvador ParraHace 4 años

    Don Wayne yeah...

  24. Les BZ

    Les BZHace 5 años

    +Don Wayne ...

  25. ReggIOzZ LeiiVEVO

    ReggIOzZ LeiiVEVOHace 7 años

    My love Fergie!!

  26. Big Jason

    Big JasonHace 7 años

    When uall coming back

  27. Derek Ramirez

    Derek RamirezHace 7 años

    What happened to the Black Eyed Peas?

  28. Jason M

    Jason MHace 7 años

    And we care cuz?

  29. Nick Sykes

    Nick SykesHace 7 años

    I use to live in new York


    TXMASWRLDHace 7 años

    What happened to the black eyed peas did they split up or something

  31. romel herrera herrera

    romel herrera herreraHace 7 años

    yees :) XD

  32. Joelma Lucena

    Joelma LucenaHace 7 años

    linda linda de viver

  33. angelina gonzlez ortega

    angelina gonzlez ortegaHace 7 años

    Black eyed peas !!!!

  34. beet111

    beet111Hace 7 años

    one more time i think

  35. eventos desfiles

    eventos desfilesHace 7 años

    I enjoy it :¨(

  36. Maddy Gordon

    Maddy GordonHace 7 años

    Are they coming back?

  37. Arthur

    ArthurHace 7 años

    uhmmmmm they did

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    RihannaX RihannaHace 7 años

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  39. wardain

    wardainHace 7 años

    there is spam flood

  40. Justin Koenig

    Justin KoenigHace 7 años

    holy shit so much spam

  41. Michele Lamanna

    Michele LamannaHace 7 años

    Ma si sono sciolti?porca puttana sto aspettando una risposta da due anni

  42. Hordak The Wendigo

    Hordak The WendigoHace 7 años

    We all are sad that you guys split apart you guys should come back

  43. Nico-inK08

    Nico-inK08Hace 7 años

    Il se sont séparées

  44. Tabby Kat

    Tabby KatHace 8 años

    It's sad that u guys a have split apart I love u guys but I can't listen Ooo I have a song u guys can use and make ur big come back

  45. Stella M'saidie

    Stella M'saidieHace 8 años

    sa fait lomgtemps les black eyed peas

  46. Johan Andrade

    Johan AndradeHace 8 años

    En XVIDEOS también!

  47. Joseph Félix

    Joseph FélixHace 8 años

    eso fue 2011 !

  48. Joseph Félix

    Joseph FélixHace 8 años

    No creo que mejor que el que hay en el mío!


    NO NEIGHBORSHace 8 años

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  50. david jimenez

    david jimenezHace 8 años

    cuando bahacer suconcierto cuantocuesta

  51. Alvaro Vargas

    Alvaro VargasHace 8 años

    maybe will i am will stay solo who knows

  52. Wayline Banana

    Wayline BananaHace 8 años

    the time

  53. Wayline Banana

    Wayline BananaHace 8 años

    bep come back in 2014 !!!! they are just in a little break for fergie's baby !!!

  54. Wayline Banana

    Wayline BananaHace 8 años

    no it is sure !!! i see that on a interview of will i am !!!

  55. Alvaro Vargas

    Alvaro VargasHace 8 años

    is on black eyed peas of not

  56. Alvaro Vargas

    Alvaro VargasHace 8 años

    you think

  57. Wayline Banana

    Wayline BananaHace 8 años

    yes why rip ? the black eyed peas comme back at the end 2013- begin 2014 !! and fergie is pregniant ! it is cool !!!!

  58. Stéphanie La Mantia

    Stéphanie La MantiaHace 8 años

    Rip :'(...

  59. Candyb4by12

    Candyb4by12Hace 8 años

    That song is called Dirty bit

  60. da1newyorkg

    da1newyorkgHace 8 años

    I was there!

  61. Seo Mike

    Seo MikeHace 8 años

    love NYC!

  62. Chloe's backup

    Chloe's backupHace 8 años

    43years oh my gosh

  63. carlos jardiel

    carlos jardielHace 8 años

    black eyed peas tem que voltar

  64. Oleidys Pineda

    Oleidys PinedaHace 8 años

    You are mad.:? :P

  65. tmanstheman

    tmansthemanHace 8 años

    there is more spam in the comments below then a 1970 wars movie.

  66. Ryan Rossetti

    Ryan RossettiHace 8 años

    hi my name ryan yars old eleven i love you black yead peas byee

  67. Ryan Rossetti

    Ryan RossettiHace 8 años

    muitoo legalll

  68. Quagmire Giggity

    Quagmire GiggityHace 9 años

    crazy f**kin cool you bad a** mo**erf*ckin gags!

  69. Simone Rossi

    Simone RossiHace 9 años

    it's very great

  70. yaaniii1

    yaaniii1Hace 9 años

    WTF, está lleno de spam esto :|

  71. Lupu Marian

    Lupu MarianHace 9 años

    wow... FERGIE looks normal

  72. damx121

    damx121Hace 9 años

    What's the name of song in the background???

  73. Derek Tsang

    Derek TsangHace 9 años

    love it!

  74. joka222

    joka222Hace 9 años

    it funny how this got cancelled lol

  75. chillySw33t

    chillySw33tHace 9 años

    you multi-accounted spammer

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    Kajuan DebrellHace 9 años

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  77. Lilyan Pontes

    Lilyan PontesHace 9 años

    entendi porcaria nenhuma!

  78. Lucɑs Wɑlker™

    Lucɑs Wɑlker™Hace 9 años


  79. Skarlett Cristina

    Skarlett CristinaHace 9 años

    The Black Eyed Peas I LOVE YOU 💓 ♥♥ LOVE LOVE

  80. TheFunnyguy9000

    TheFunnyguy9000Hace 9 años


  81. Harajukafist

    HarajukafistHace 9 años

    I was there last Staurday. IT WAS GREAT! :D

  82. 555rino

    555rinoHace 9 años

    The Black Eyed Peas will be performing at the Michael Forever Tribute concert in Wales! Tickets are still available! Concert will be held on 8 October 2011. Beyonce, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Ne-Yo, Jennifer Hudson & Leona Lewis will also be performing!

  83. Bejetc

    BejetcHace 9 años

    How can't no love BEP?

  84. Juren

    JurenHace 9 años


  85. camc1804

    camc1804Hace 9 años

    @TheIrbe cause the rain and lightnings

  86. Probs 'n Mayhem

    Probs 'n MayhemHace 9 años

    Like this. Dirty bit.

  87. Núbia Barbosa

    Núbia BarbosaHace 9 años

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll d++ msmm

  88. TheIrbe

    TheIrbeHace 9 años

    @RobPP25 why was it cancelled?

  89. Rushfall Hawaii

    Rushfall HawaiiHace 9 años


  90. Artush Djartush

    Artush DjartushHace 9 años

    boomba video & saund 5+

  91. Mateus Machado de Oliveira

    Mateus Machado de OliveiraHace 9 años

    You are the best band in the world

  92. kauaicr07

    kauaicr07Hace 9 años

    August 3, 2011 wishing 2013 Our Blue Canoe Pacific Voyagers epic sailors, cast and crew fair winds and following seas in San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, Los Angeles and San Diego California USA. July 11, 2011 we were onboard and stand up paddle surfed with world renowned actor Oceans educator philanthropist, environmental artist author Pierce Brosnan OBE honorable bravo Kauaicr07 #233. Great concet by Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas terrific fight awesome win against poverty in NYC bravo VEVO.

  93. kauaicr07

    kauaicr07Hace 9 años

    August 2, 2011 Pacific Voyagers Our Blue Canoe 2013 anchored in Bolinas Bay made epic Pacific Crossing in twenty-two days safely arrived San Francisco Bay 4:00PM will visit Los Angeles and San Diego. July 11, 2011 we were onboard and stand up paddle surfed with Pierce Brosnan OBE Pacific Voyagers Our Blue Canoe Hawaii USA honorable bravo. Aloha Fergie Concert 4 NYC Central Park wins fight against poverty starring the Black Eyed Peas thank you VEVO.

  94. Juan Daniel Ramirez Vargas

    Juan Daniel Ramirez VargasHace 9 años

    Por que no puedo ver los vídeos es mi iPod?

  95. Trill Clinton

    Trill ClintonHace 9 años

    whats that beat?

  96. Joao Maicon

    Joao MaiconHace 9 años


  97. Dany G

    Dany GHace 9 años

    Diablo sto va star bueno


    JOE LAWRENCEHace 9 años


  99. Moei Al Debis

    Moei Al DebisHace 9 años


  100. O R

    O RHace 10 años

    Make a donation: purchase a ticket!

  101. Stamatios

    StamatiosHace 10 años

    Hey, +1 if your are hearing this in 2011... owh..... Ehhhh +1 anyways

  102. Jb V

    Jb VHace 10 años

    Hey guys! I just wanna know if what do you think about these girls? They are really popular in ASIA! watch?v=j7_lSP8Vc3o&feature=re­lated cuz they will debut their U.S album this years! Will-I'am of Black eyed peas worked w/ them!

  103. Rauni RR

    Rauni RRHace 10 años

    Black eyed peas and taboo here in the brazil see here : /watch?v=Rf0jYp5D-jM

  104. Timi Tim

    Timi TimHace 10 años

  105. Noam Ktz

    Noam KtzHace 10 años

    Fergie will you marrie me :)


    MELUCHIDANCERHace 10 años

    Sick Dance Video For "Next To You" By Chris Brown & Justin Bieber On My Page

  107. Kamila91130

    Kamila91130Hace 10 años

    Lucky you Newyorkers! :) BEP come also in Italy pleeeeaseee! D:

  108. Kamil Mohoboob

    Kamil MohoboobHace 10 años

    25 people was late at the concert