The Black Eyed Peas - Do It Like This (Audio)

Music video by The Black Eyed Peas performing Do It Like This. (C) 2010 Interscope Records
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    AIEXGO-BRAWL STARSHace 19 días


  2. HOPE

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    AIEXGO-BRAWL STARSHace 21 un día


  4. Talking Tom música Samuel Dj

    Talking Tom música Samuel DjHace 25 días


  5. Your Favourite Worst Nightmare

    Your Favourite Worst NightmareHace 3 meses

    The lyrics lol

  6. Neldine Mercy

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  7. Neldine Mercy

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  9. Neldine Mercy

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  10. Neldine Mercy

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  11. nzriot

    nzriotHace 8 meses

    I heard this song on the album - it has a really good vibe and it seems kinda genius... but the lyrics ... they are so shockingly terrible lolz. Not near appropriate for any listening ear nah mean? Crazy

  12. nzriot

    nzriotHace 8 meses

    It's the same for a number of BEP's later songs really... If they had done without all the fucking swearing and toned the other crap down, they'd be able to pull a much more massive crowd these days... and I think Will.I.Am knows it.


    ASHTON STEELEHace 8 meses

    wandor what games those where

  14. Bib Bobby

    Bib BobbyHace un año


  15. Gavin Wieland

    Gavin WielandHace un año

    I love this song.

  16. Stupid orange AUTTP ALT

    Stupid orange AUTTP ALTHace un año

    This song is cool and 8 bit

  17. VASK IN

    VASK INHace un año

    Im listening your song, since i was 7 years old, now im 13 years old. Im russian. My mum and me their fan))))

  18. lola lacastagne

    lola lacastagneHace un año

    2019 ?

  19. Erdem

    ErdemHace un año

    What was the Inspiration for this song???

  20. Sub Cerdo

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  21. TopaZ QuartZ

    TopaZ QuartZHace un año

    Pixels Not Lining Up Hurts.

  22. Mecca Freeman

    Mecca FreemanHace un año

    One of my favorites 🔥

  23. katalina tarango

    katalina tarangoHace 2 años

    When I was younger I felt so cool listening to this

  24. YouTube Drifter

    YouTube DrifterHace 11 meses

    You felt?’!!!!! You’re still fucking cool homie

  25. Name Surname

    Name SurnameHace 2 años

    Wait where is the hard part?

  26. Esel

    EselHace 2 años

    I felt like I was the only person on the planet who loved this 😩

  27. Stephen Turnbach

    Stephen TurnbachHace 2 años

    【Fenta】 same

  28. O Mago Implacável

    O Mago ImplacávelHace 2 años

    Miss so much

  29. Reyna

    ReynaHace 2 años

    we’re doing a hip hop dance to this in my dance class :)

  30. Ahawa Nur

    Ahawa NurHace 2 años


  31. Hetaliagarbage Five

    Hetaliagarbage FiveHace 3 años

    I love this! THIS IS MY SHIT!! But this isn't the full version

  32. Mr Jammy James

    Mr Jammy JamesHace 3 años

    This is is so catchy

  33. Ειρήνη Σπανού

    Ειρήνη ΣπανούHace 3 años

    !!! 2017 !!!

  34. Ethan Weig

    Ethan WeigHace 3 años

    Demon days

  35. Doggo

    DoggoHace 3 años


  36. Eric Álan Brown

    Eric Álan BrownHace 3 años

    donde esta la parte de Taboo y 😕

  37. queenbrave kitty

    queenbrave kittyHace 4 años

    bet you can't rock it like this

  38. Cordel Michael

    Cordel MichaelHace 4 años

    but the one i had was longer and im gonna have to say the original

  39. Wilnaliz Charlotte

    Wilnaliz CharlotteHace 3 años

    Cordel Michael me too i was looking for the original :/ the longer version

  40. Cordel Michael

    Cordel MichaelHace 4 años

    ohhh myyy fucknnn goddddd i've been searching for this song for at least 3 years because i got this mp3 from a gurauge sale and this song was on it but it was untittled so thank you a lot

  41. Bradley Davis

    Bradley DavisHace un año

    Shazam bro

  42. Martha Medrano Romero

    Martha Medrano RomeroHace 4 años

    los mochitos de the black eyed peas cantaba do it like this

  43. Dayane Pereira

    Dayane PereiraHace 4 años


  44. Eric Ohlson

    Eric OhlsonHace 2 años

    Dayane Pereira ❤️

  45. Larkeezy

    LarkeezyHace 4 años

    But it is lyrics not audio :)

  46. Rafi Rafi

    Rafi RafiHace 4 años


  47. Rafi Rafi

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  48. Daniely LS

    Daniely LSHace 4 años

    Fodas demais

  49. omartflores

    omartfloresHace 3 años

    @Lola e sabs 0%erk eke=k ()k (k (k l ll)(l (jz Z, ,,, *##! $$$•

  50. ALGUEM

    ALGUEMHace 3 años

    Daniely LS concordo

  51. XRainingGamingX

    XRainingGamingXHace 4 años

    It's really funny at the first because the image cant even fit and that looks dumb

  52. Gemma Gómez

    Gemma GómezHace 4 años

    pene de cubani

  53. Ted le gendre

    Ted le gendreHace 4 años

    its a good song i like the singing

  54. wholesm

    wholesmHace 3 años

    Ted le gendre rs

  55. Lorraine Demercado

    Lorraine DemercadoHace 4 años

    hot. very.

  56. Juliana Rios

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  57. D .B.T.

    D .B.T.Hace 2 años

  58. Lara Cardoso

    Lara CardosoHace 5 años


  59. Lara Cardoso

    Lara CardosoHace 5 años


  60. nelly Blom

    nelly BlomHace 5 años

    5 years ago created crazy , so long time and still in memory hah.

  61. XenaOW

    XenaOWHace 5 años

    What are their names I know Fergie and will.i.a.m but what are the other to names

  62. Itzel Hdez

    Itzel HdezHace 5 años

    Taboo and Apl. d Ap

  63. Itzel Hdez

    Itzel HdezHace 5 años

    Taboo and Apl. d Ap

  64. saints O

    saints OHace 5 años

    another shittie soundtrack

  65. noone special

    noone specialHace 5 años

    this was my shit when I was 15 lmao listening to this 5 years later I'm still loving it

  66. R1CK1999

    R1CK1999Hace 3 años

    noone special i jave the same thing only theb i was 12

  67. Fart Faker

    Fart FakerHace 5 años

    Am I the only one who finds their cartoon version cute?

  68. Jean Nascimento

    Jean NascimentoHace 4 años

    They aren't cute, they're NOICE! (they're nice!)

  69. Marc Nathaniel Agcaoili

    Marc Nathaniel AgcaoiliHace 5 años

    The style of this song is reminiscent of Missy Elliott.

  70. Flora 6171

    Flora 6171Hace 5 años

    Urrrgghhhh the black eyed peas used to make songs wth meaning not infused with corruption

  71. Padre Fluminense

    Padre FluminenseHace 5 años

    this is not the complete song, the original has 5:20min

  72. Leg3nds Sh4d0w

    Leg3nds Sh4d0wHace 2 años

    for him because the thing that you say it's true

  73. Leg3nds Sh4d0w

    Leg3nds Sh4d0wHace 2 años


  74. RoadTriper

    RoadTriperHace 4 años

    just deal with it

  75. Kotori

    KotoriHace 4 años

    I posted the url for those who don't

  76. RiskiVR

    RiskiVRHace 4 años

    @Quidditch 33 Sorry but I already have the song in itunes

  77. Crystal Sioux

    Crystal SiouxHace 5 años

    I betcha you cannot rock it like that!!!! LOL XD

  78. PoTaTo KrAzi

    PoTaTo KrAziHace 5 años

    More like a lyric video.

  79. Trenia Clay

    Trenia ClayHace 5 años


  80. Henry Brown

    Henry BrownHace 6 años

    I liked it a little bit

  81. ALevLLaXx 27

    ALevLLaXx 27Hace 6 años

    y su video do it like this tambien es un exito

  82. Tayeni Ramirez

    Tayeni RamirezHace 6 años

  83. Mr. Albert

    Mr. AlbertHace 6 años

    the full version of the song is so much better

  84. Pablo Rey18

    Pablo Rey18Hace 4 meses

    @Erdem yes

  85. Erdem

    ErdemHace 6 meses


  86. Raimonds Kleins

    Raimonds KleinsHace 6 años

    Did we like this

  87. Ilovedanapple

    IlovedanappleHace 6 años

    when are they coming out with another album I like but I want the whole group they used to make me and my friends so happy

  88. Darren Ball

    Darren BallHace 5 años

    They not together now there all doing there own thing soz to disappoint

  89. dabombofstuff

    dabombofstuffHace 6 años


  90. Judita Balkeviciene

    Judita BalkevicieneHace 6 años

    crazy video love it

  91. SuperGamerForever123

    SuperGamerForever123Hace 6 años

    The black eyed peas isnt even in it

  92. Bank Chiangmai

    Bank ChiangmaiHace 6 años

  93. marley cardona

    marley cardonaHace 6 años

    (Audio) :*

  94. Joyce Powell

    Joyce PowellHace 6 años


  95. Couy French

    Couy FrenchHace 6 años

    Emineim and Rhianna woulda rocked the fuck out of this!

  96. Machiavellian Productions

    Machiavellian ProductionsHace 5 años

    they say the N word Eminem can't say that

  97. Ryan Smith

    Ryan SmithHace 6 años

    Rihanna would be good on anything always. Eminem? Not so sure.

  98. Couy French

    Couy FrenchHace 6 años

    dang whatever then

  99. Tich Jura

    Tich JuraHace 6 años

    Eminem would be horrible on this beat. Also rihanna. They have never done techno beat in there life and should never do one.

  100. cinthia citlalli robledo bonilla

    cinthia citlalli robledo bonillaHace 6 años


  101. Josiah Taylor

    Josiah TaylorHace 6 años

    What did I just watch?

  102. Jonas Henrique

    Jonas HenriqueHace 6 años

    Crazy music! I love it!

  103. Giselle Blue

    Giselle BlueHace 3 años


  104. Luis Suárez

    Luis SuárezHace 3 años


  105. Bella Shaffira Putri

    Bella Shaffira PutriHace 6 años

    when i see this video, all i think is just….flappy birds

  106. ertugrul yavuzalp

    ertugrul yavuzalpHace 6 años

    why black eyed peas y-why...

  107. Valentina Miranda

    Valentina MirandaHace 6 años

    I Miss The Black Eyed Peas

  108. Hasan E

    Hasan EHace 6 años


  109. Hamza Ray

    Hamza RayHace 6 años

    Cool song

  110. Esio Aguiar

    Esio AguiarHace 6 años


  111. erwin tjahyadi

    erwin tjahyadiHace 6 años

    love this song

  112. ThatBoyBalloutG

    ThatBoyBalloutGHace 7 años

    i miss the black i peas 2010 thats all i listen to

  113. Esio Aguiar

    Esio AguiarHace 6 años

    cala aboca mano que n e meu mano lol

  114. Rosa Pouwe

    Rosa PouweHace 7 años

    Leuk liedje we moeten met dansen aan het leren

  115. Malachi Akau

    Malachi AkauHace 7 años

    I don't get this song.

  116. theazn07

    theazn07Hace 7 años

    best song? you need to listen to more music then

  117. Kevin Felix Colque

    Kevin Felix ColqueHace 7 años


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  119. Pez UwU

    Pez UwUHace un año


  120. Toprak Akkol

    Toprak AkkolHace 7 años

    Awsomee!!! :D

  121. Durell Richardson

    Durell RichardsonHace 7 años

    The last part is better than the first part I was listening to just now!

  122. rookeinator

    rookeinatorHace 7 años

    apl's part is cut off as this isn't the whole song

  123. Tabby Albaugh

    Tabby AlbaughHace 7 años

    This ain't rapping , ya dumbnut!

  124. JdeVrijer

    JdeVrijerHace 7 años


  125. zacharylurlock

    zacharylurlockHace 7 años

    why don't taboo or sing

  126. AnyThiccPasta

    AnyThiccPastaHace 7 años

    He is amazing, but this isn't really rap...........

  127. Lynette Gomez

    Lynette GomezHace 7 años

    I learned the choreography to this song lol I like it.

  128. Ayo Bryan

    Ayo BryanHace 7 años


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  130. y mbtyy

    y mbtyyHace 7 años


  131. Maxime Bigras

    Maxime BigrasHace 7 años

    I like this song

  132. pign0uf

    pign0ufHace 7 años

    horrible ce clip Oo

  133. kristen0009

    kristen0009Hace 7 años

    Hello Shirley

  134. SkyFoo93

    SkyFoo93Hace 7 años