The Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk With My Heart (Official Music Video)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Don't Phunk With My Heart. (C) 2005 Interscope Records
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  1. Kareem Lawson

    Kareem LawsonHace un día

    There world wide appeal was remarkable

  2. Kiara Amanzo

    Kiara AmanzoHace 2 días

    2020 ??

  3. Alexandru Coman

    Alexandru ComanHace 2 días

    i remember beiing so happy when i was catching the song from the beggining at TV

  4. Lisania Rocha

    Lisania RochaHace 2 días


  5. Pablo Astini

    Pablo AstiniHace 2 días

    Don´t know why this part 2:44 always makes me laugh...


    MILAD FAILLIHace 2 días

    Jag vet att det var du som sa det Rozbe, så fort festen var över... Du är bara pinsam som låter en tjej försvara dig, du borde skämmas.

  7. Isabella Rincha

    Isabella RinchaHace 2 días

    This would be a great fanfic tho

  8. Kevin Lewia

    Kevin LewiaHace 2 días

    White people and aliens no omega hair friday God is lite fruity

  9. Naninga Koei

    Naninga KoeiHace 2 días

    my teen years were truly amazing

  10. Quantum

    QuantumHace 2 días

    Nowadays kids: GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG Me: F**k this bulls**t, lemme show you what real music is

  11. lucky ME

    lucky MEHace 2 días

    i forgot this exist

  12. Juliana Marie Artocillo

    Juliana Marie ArtocilloHace 2 días

    Been finding this song for years and finally found it. Loving this one. No regrets

  13. Tomas Zuluaga

    Tomas ZuluagaHace 3 días

    voodoo Thursday, biggest cockblocker in History

  14. Арчибальд

    АрчибальдHace 3 días

    Зачем мне Ютуб рекомендует это в 00:44??

  15. Canonian

    CanonianHace 3 días

    2020 !!!

  16. Sci-Co

    Sci-CoHace 3 días

    i wonder if you take me home would you still be interesting baby

  17. Karina Holguin

    Karina HolguinHace 4 días

    Theres something abt Taboo that😳😳🤤


    LALAJO TVHace 4 días

    Indonesia 2020

  19. Juliana Schinemann

    Juliana SchinemannHace 4 días

    I really miss those days.

  20. Priyanka Ray Choudhury

    Priyanka Ray ChoudhuryHace 4 días


  21. Luis Perez

    Luis PerezHace 4 días


  22. VADIM_05. DAG

    VADIM_05. DAGHace 5 días


  23. Jon Carter

    Jon CarterHace 5 días

    Real nioceeee

  24. Lucian Sousa

    Lucian SousaHace 5 días

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾sensacional voltar a ouvir esses hits

  25. gizel brown

    gizel brownHace 5 días

    *I remember being afraid to sing this song when I was younger because i thought it was a curse word*

  26. gizel brown

    gizel brownHace 5 días

    *geez that cheap dress is irking my insides* HA!

  27. PlavaFrajla

    PlavaFrajlaHace 5 días

    somehow this song reminds me of habbo hotel ..

  28. Vanessa Rodriguez

    Vanessa RodriguezHace 6 días

    Ha ha ha

  29. Luis Miguel Vasquez Villegas

    Luis Miguel Vasquez VillegasHace 6 días

    Wil im have a fokng nice style

  30. Fabi Gavira

    Fabi GaviraHace 6 días

    Estamos quase em 2021 e eu ainda AMO essa música! ❤️

  31. Vivek Acharya

    Vivek AcharyaHace 6 días

    I was so much obsessed with this song. I was 12 years old.

  32. Mert

    MertHace 6 días


  33. Сайман обо всем

    Сайман обо всемHace 6 días

  34. mohamed shahrul

    mohamed shahrulHace 6 días


  35. Emilen Nuarot

    Emilen NuarotHace 7 días

    Take a look at the original source of this song

  36. patrick grondines

    patrick grondinesHace 7 días

    3:18 that part was funny

  37. Joachim MALOU

    Joachim MALOUHace 7 días

    Love black a peac

  38. Archie Abueme

    Archie AbuemeHace 7 días

    I remember back in the day. . . Hahahaha I feel old. . And I'm just 28 hahahaha . . I miss there band. . 😭

  39. Teguh Iskandar

    Teguh IskandarHace 7 días

    I'll be back in 2025 ....

  40. SLIIZY

    SLIIZYHace 7 días

    Yeee 🏁😏

  41. Flame

    FlameHace 7 días

    нихуясе ёбнуло

  42. Liz

    LizHace 8 días

    chiiii special dedication chi

  43. david sheen

    david sheenHace 8 días

    lisa lisa take me home

  44. burak ayan

    burak ayanHace 8 días

    the hot tub

  45. N N

    N NHace 9 días


  46. Johana Duran Cardenas

    Johana Duran CardenasHace 9 días

    Good times 🤧

  47. Jamille Nascimento

    Jamille NascimentoHace 9 días

    Saudades dessa época ❤️

  48. Jozef Bircak

    Jozef BircakHace 9 días

    2:44 Uh yeah yeah checkt it out :D

  49. Her Telden

    Her TeldenHace 9 días

  50. Sonia Salcedo valenzuela

    Sonia Salcedo valenzuelaHace 10 días

    Mi. Situación😆

  51. Mr Unknown

    Mr UnknownHace 11 días

    I just listen to this to smoke a joint 🙄😌

  52. พิมพธีรา อกอุ่น

    พิมพธีรา อกอุ่นHace 6 días


  53. Mingau Osbourne

    Mingau OsbourneHace 9 días

    hahahahahah me too

  54. Neo Smith

    Neo SmithHace 11 días

    Will i am looking like odb in the thumb

  55. Pala4 ali

    Pala4 aliHace 11 días

    202020 MAGA

  56. Jana Nurjanah

    Jana NurjanahHace 11 días

    Unique n nice song ..❤️

  57. 境井仁たん

    境井仁たんHace 11 días


  58. Blazing Lion

    Blazing LionHace 12 días

    My favorite part of this video was ALWAYS the way Apl head shook when they were dancing. From that angle, it's the funniest shit in the world to me 😂😂

  59. Work Work

    Work WorkHace 12 días

    Guys my sister has wrote and recorded her first song, please support her ❤️❤️❤️

  60. lou nited

    lou nitedHace 12 días

    2020 💘

  61. Максим Ефремов

    Максим ЕфремовHace 12 días


  62. Айдос Палманов

    Айдос ПалмановHace 12 días

    Almaty,Kazakhstan love

  63. Fabian De La Rosa

    Fabian De La RosaHace 12 días

    My first BEP song ❤️

  64. Adrian Souza

    Adrian SouzaHace 12 días


  65. Balaji Chandran

    Balaji ChandranHace 12 días

    I'm waiting for voodoo Thursday

  66. Balaji Chandran

    Balaji ChandranHace 12 días

    I love this

  67. rurusiddi

    rurusiddiHace 12 días

    Why they gotta do taboo like that?!

  68. Munaf Sheikh

    Munaf SheikhHace 13 días

    1:06 Dude took selfie with Fergie 11 years back. Way ahead of his time.

  69. Munaf Sheikh

    Munaf SheikhHace 7 días


  70. SaraDad

    SaraDadHace 7 días

    damn those time travellers

  71. shahhh89 shahhh89

    shahhh89 shahhh89Hace 7 días

    This song was released in 2005, more than 15 years ago.

  72. crack noir

    crack noirHace 13 días

    yeah i could handle Fergie

  73. Bylee Malox

    Bylee MaloxHace 13 días

    So this is where my youth ran off too!

  74. Aniket Patil

    Aniket PatilHace 13 días

    Starting music R.D burman DoN...😇

  75. Apple Song

    Apple SongHace 13 días

    It took me two years to re find this song

  76. Shadi Rahimian

    Shadi RahimianHace 13 días

    This used to be my jam!

  77. Allyson Colunga

    Allyson ColungaHace 13 días

    The guy with the flip phone took a picture of the crowd

  78. Tyara Richaards

    Tyara RichaardsHace 13 días

    2020 still my jam.

  79. LSK

    LSKHace 8 horas


  80. Sauki Moto

    Sauki MotoHace 13 días


  81. Pamela Stefanie

    Pamela StefanieHace 13 días

    Saudade deles todos juntos🇧🇷❤

  82. V E M

    V E MHace 13 días

    my childhood >

  83. Felix Solano

    Felix SolanoHace 14 días

    ужасный балаган из цирка для сумасдедших. музыка отстой, видео такое убогое, что даже нет слов. тетка страшная

  84. 801Milcah

    801MilcahHace 14 días

    We never have a band like Black Eyed Peas

  85. Paweł H

    Paweł HHace 14 días

    Suka rzadkiej maści ;)

  86. kangalmädchen

    kangalmädchenHace 14 días


  87. kyndaar

    kyndaarHace 14 días

    mcdonald toy

  88. Food Gurudev

    Food GurudevHace 15 días

    Yeh Mera dil Pyaar ka Deewana...

  89. brandon HVAC/ANTS

    brandon HVAC/ANTSHace 15 días

    Many years later and I'm still in love baby.

  90. Joheb Khan

    Joheb KhanHace 15 días

    what a days man really missed

  91. MR aimndniell

    MR aimndniellHace 15 días

    if you watching this after 11 years , you are the legend bruh !

  92. Kaktus5001

    Kaktus5001Hace 15 días

    Stop the Video at 0:50

  93. Ираклий Леладзе

    Ираклий ЛеладзеHace 15 días

    Спасибо ютуб!

  94. The Wizard Games

    The Wizard GamesHace 15 días

    my mans southern accent is great

  95. Samurai Katana

    Samurai KatanaHace 15 días

    Recommended in 2020?

  96. dvie rabino

    dvie rabinoHace 15 días

    Childhood song🙌

  97. abner garcia

    abner garciaHace 16 días

    You all are so creative, congrats

  98. James Petterson

    James PettersonHace 16 días


  99. jemey bouthaina

    jemey bouthainaHace 16 días

    Glory days.. ❤️ I was addicted kid to this song and this Band..

  100. Reuben D

    Reuben DHace 16 días

    is this doesnt scream mid-2000s I'm not sure what does

  101. Kiss Kitty

    Kiss KittyHace 16 días

    This gameshow it just as rigged as the ones back in the day.

  102. Cherr M

    Cherr MHace 16 días


  103. Aesthetic_Prince

    Aesthetic_PrinceHace 17 días

    My childhood.

  104. Hound 594

    Hound 594Hace 11 días

    @MATÍAS LOCKETT wtf is gacha?


    MATÍAS LOCKETTHace 11 días

    but, you still in childhood, you still use gacha

  106. Hound 594

    Hound 594Hace 12 días

    @Marion Piette ah the 2000's an early 2010's were elite

  107. Marion Piette

    Marion PietteHace 12 días

    @Hound 594 same for me! I remember when my dad used to put the monkey business CD in our car and I would lip sync to Fergie’s part 😂 those were the good old days

  108. Hound 594

    Hound 594Hace 12 días

    @Marion Piette when i was like 3 i was jamming out to this

  109. Lostt420

    Lostt420Hace 17 días

    This is probably one of my favorites by them. Good memories.

  110. Vanderson GMotta

    Vanderson GMottaHace 17 días

    2020 Alguém???

  111. LSK

    LSKHace 8 horas


  112. zilia hui

    zilia huiHace 17 días

    I got recommended by this what a great music

  113. Fredrick Bower

    Fredrick BowerHace 17 días

    Most peeps around now was born when this came out