The Black Eyed Peas - Head Bobs (Official Music Video)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Head Bobs. (C) 2004 Interscope Records
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  1. Tonah Yrneh

    Tonah YrnehHace un mes

    OMMGGG DAWG they samplin GZAAAA

  2. Mlynn ̆ 3 ̆

    Mlynn ̆ 3 ̆Hace 3 meses

    *Kindly please reupload this with an improved audio quality, thanks!*

  3. omison ken

    omison kenHace 3 meses

    Playback 1.5

  4. Gavin Wieland

    Gavin WielandHace 5 meses

    This is a super cool song.

  5. Kitsune Baka

    Kitsune BakaHace 7 meses

    This sample sounds familiar.... Wu Tang. Liquid Swords.

  6. Szymon Zaremba

    Szymon ZarembaHace 9 meses

    His First songg

  7. Big el aka fat daddy Channel

    Big el aka fat daddy ChannelHace 11 meses

    Underrated song

  8. Porbida

    PorbidaHace 11 meses


  9. neuko alex

    neuko alexHace un año


  10. Kyo 2004

    Kyo 2004Hace un año

    This BEP is the best, all of there music is great tho. Also if anyone likes this BEP, they should listen 2 the atban klann as that's Aple de ap and will b4 they met taboo. The group had a few other ppl but there music is still awesome. #OLDSCHOOLBEP4EVER

  11. lorenzo archive

    lorenzo archiveHace un año

    People only say Fergie messed them up cuz this is old

  12. Frantanas29

    Frantanas29Hace un año


  13. James_Reyes

    James_ReyesHace un año

    The first Black Eyed Peas song

  14. Samthegamer2005

    Samthegamer2005Hace 9 meses

    @carlos garcia no

  15. carlos garcia

    carlos garciaHace 10 meses

    actually its "FALLING UP"

  16. PlayerMasteret 63

    PlayerMasteret 63Hace un año

    Alguie me dise q tipo de baile es ese esta chido

  17. Ethaniel Clyne

    Ethaniel ClyneHace un año

    BEP became bad when Apl cut his dreads off. He's the Filipino Samson

  18. nath polido

    nath polidoHace 11 meses

    it seems part of your comment were right.. Apl is dope in rapping with his dreads that time compare this time.. but in others side they still have it i believe they only change their style to match their music to what is trending today..

  19. Jamal Wayans

    Jamal WayansHace un año

    Wow...them guys can really dance....

  20. Ace Soul

    Ace SoulHace un año

    BEP Forever💯💯🔥🔥🎧🎧🎵🎶🎤🎹

  21. miguel t

    miguel tHace un año

    here after watching their 4EVER music video 🔥🔥

  22. Lucas Henrique

    Lucas HenriqueHace un año

    Old pesadoo

  23. Stefano Longoni

    Stefano LongoniHace un año

    Stil bounce my head in 2019

  24. Victor Garcez

    Victor GarcezHace 2 años

    They really got back to this in 2018!! Bep new album the Masters of sun is such a today masterpiece

  25. Kyo 2004

    Kyo 2004Hace un año

    I love it, it's one of my fave hip hop albums

  26. Tsew Keelem

    Tsew KeelemHace un año

    Ima check it now

  27. Kebo Clement

    Kebo ClementHace un año

    Very true I heard their new album it's a dope record

  28. Halfaxa

    HalfaxaHace 2 años

    Олд бат голд.

  29. xxxtentacion

    xxxtentacionHace 2 años


  30. Hazik Sakin

    Hazik SakinHace un año


  31. Aaron Walls

    Aaron WallsHace 2 años

    Antonio Diogo Mendes This is from their first album- Behind The Front. It came out in 1998.

  32. M SARAO_

    M SARAO_Hace 2 años

    Listening to it in Sept. 2018 😂

  33. Karina Rodríguez

    Karina RodríguezHace 2 años

    M SARAO_ check out their new album on october 26! you can pre order it now, they’re back to their hop hop roots.

  34. Pedro Paulo Amorim

    Pedro Paulo AmorimHace 2 años

    I love this era so hard. I wish they record a album like this again.

  35. Y-3T klein

    Y-3T kleinHace 2 años

    Como se hace el cambio de la seleccion

  36. outofservise

    outofserviseHace 2 años

    Old school music this is the good shit

  37. Jazzmin Earthling

    Jazzmin EarthlingHace 2 años

    "This soulful, ole school stuff is nice.. but can you make POOOOOOP ??? " **a multimillion $$$ record executive**

  38. Pieterjan Seur

    Pieterjan SeurHace 2 años

    Head bobs and vagenes

  39. Victoria Appiagei

    Victoria AppiageiHace 2 años

    Dope music rap good Cool Awesome

  40. ETthe Lost1

    ETthe Lost1Hace 3 años

    Back when they were on that trip hop ish!

  41. Jose Aneurys Baez Hernandez

    Jose Aneurys Baez HernandezHace 3 años

    Listening in 2017

  42. lorenzo archive

    lorenzo archiveHace 3 años

    Why is it that Black Eyed Peas fans see this and then suddenly call Fergie a bitch? She just, changed things, in a good way of course

  43. Chris Hutnik

    Chris HutnikHace 3 años

    Check out the song called "positivity" off the same album. Classic old school original and indicative of the signature sound they started out with.

  44. Kyo 2004

    Kyo 2004Hace un año

    That is a great track. I'm 15 and ppl find it weird that I prefer old school bep compared 2 there pop music (even tho I do like it) 😂

  45. Eizh 狼

    Eizh 狼Hace 2 años

    I was thinking that _New Wave_ sounds like this

  46. Albert Jr Seidel

    Albert Jr SeidelHace 3 años

    2:29 lol

  47. Albert Jr Seidel

    Albert Jr SeidelHace 3 años

    poor sounds

  48. Rotaholikz hds

    Rotaholikz hdsHace 3 años

    a time when hiphop was great and everyone in the industry had there own style,,,

  49. VOR

    VORHace 4 años

    this song was from 90s, fergie was in the group after in 2001

  50. Casey Thomas

    Casey ThomasHace un año


  51. DihStyle69

    DihStyle69Hace 4 años

    yea when she completely ruined the group lmao

  52. Lyendith

    LyendithHace 4 años

    This is the Black Eyed Peas…? But… But I don't feel like cutting my wrists while listening to it?!

  53. The Retronians

    The RetroniansHace 3 meses

    @Grzegorz Karol remember when they were with eazy e

  54. Grzegorz Karol

    Grzegorz KarolHace 2 años

    after 2000 BEP wasn't so cool like before...

  55. StephenWestSyd

    StephenWestSydHace 2 años

    Lyendith that’s because the 90s ruled

  56. Josef Bate

    Josef BateHace 2 años

    Flayxz this was their first video and it was released in 1996 so you can’t really blame them for not having the best sound quality

  57. Soul Stealer Jay

    Soul Stealer JayHace 2 años

    Flayxz you can literally find the song on Spotify with AMAZING quality

  58. Elver Gomez Torba

    Elver Gomez TorbaHace 4 años

    Bob your head!!

  59. dance withYourcorpse

    dance withYourcorpseHace 4 años

    not Fergie's fault. the group headed into the direction they wanted to. the girl who sang with them and toured left because of the decision they made to do pop music. so they replaced her with Fergie's.

  60. Shaleel Griffith

    Shaleel GriffithHace 7 meses

    That’s a lie next time gets your fact straight before commenting lmao

  61. Chris Harthcock

    Chris HarthcockHace 11 meses

    Actually the original girl quit cause they was asking her to be more sexual and show more of her body on videos and in convert

  62. NiggaChickenSticks

    NiggaChickenSticksHace 11 meses

    dance withYourcorpse That’s not true they were talked into it by Ron fair. was against that decision because he didn’t want to sell out but somehow changed hid views.its rather sad how he became the one thing he was against

  63. Soul Stealer Jay

    Soul Stealer JayHace 2 años

    Well, then, financially that decision was a great one. But quality? Went downhill after I heard this. I liked the Black Eyed Peas with Fergie, but this song (and the whole album for Behind The Front) made me just want to ignore everything from the 2000s onward. But it's not Fergie who ruined it, you're right.

  64. The Uppercut

    The UppercutHace 2 años

    dance withYourcorpse facts

  65. Austin Edwards

    Austin EdwardsHace 4 años

    Real hip hop music right here

  66. Ayan Ujer

    Ayan UjerHace 4 años

    I love this song!!!!

  67. Giovanni Cruz

    Giovanni CruzHace 4 años

    Like si lo escuchas en 2016

  68. Diego Leunar

    Diego LeunarHace 3 años

    Alias el piña gomez 2017 wey

  69. Slaiomy

    SlaiomyHace 4 años

    OMG WHO ELSE READ ''head boobs''

  70. Leopold Verdeaux

    Leopold VerdeauxHace 3 años


  71. Raven Usdiada

    Raven UsdiadaHace 4 años

    Sampled from Wu tang. GZA: Liquid Swords

  72. Steve Rotters

    Steve RottersHace 4 años

    Willie Mitchell "Groovin" 1967

  73. Наиль Тдинов

    Наиль ТдиновHace 4 años

    They always was so great!

  74. Maybe Not

    Maybe NotHace 4 años

    +Roksana Yilmaz lol

  75. Roksana Yilmaz

    Roksana YilmazHace 4 años

    nice grammar 😂😂 lol

  76. Michael Myers

    Michael MyersHace 4 años

    They was great before that Fergie Bitch join the group..

  77. Robert MTZ

    Robert MTZHace 3 años

    i will defeat you shao khan

  78. Rachel Davis

    Rachel DavisHace 4 años

    Um, your comments calling her a bitch and a slut are disgusting. News flash for you: The Black Eyed went out looking for pop singers to join the group because they were changing their sound. They originally asked Nicole Scherzinger but she turned it down. Fergie is not the cause of the group changing, you sexist moron.

  79. Ben F

    Ben FHace 4 años

    +Shao Khan They were the best rappers with their first 4 albums, and the best dance artists with their last 2 albums. That's the way I like it.

  80. Michael Myers

    Michael MyersHace 4 años

    Whatever man

  81. Ben F

    Ben FHace 4 años

    +Shao Khan You hate her cause you ain't her

  82. Sustained x

    Sustained xHace 4 años

    Did anyone hear when someone breathed loudly and Taboo said shut up?

  83. Colin T

    Colin THace 4 años

    at the very start of the video

  84. Simon Kendra

    Simon KendraHace 4 años

    No. Where?

  85. Nolan Flemmings

    Nolan FlemmingsHace 5 años

    The song is great, the videos great but the audio sucks.

  86. Rae

    RaeHace 8 meses

    Troy Tias : It sure is, it makes the whole video and audio more natural

  87. Geo-Dash

    Geo-DashHace 8 meses

    Black Magic and even Spotify

  88. Troy Tias

    Troy TiasHace 10 meses

    I like it. The audio quality matches the camera quality. It’s a vibe.

  89. Nathan Medina

    Nathan MedinaHace 11 meses

    Soul Stealer Jay what the heck are you talking about they had normal audio just over 20 years ago lol this is 1920s😂🤦

  90. Emilio YT

    Emilio YTHace 11 meses

    Nolan Flemmings ponlo en volumen completo

  91. Dj Soar

    Dj SoarHace 5 años

    song lowkey good

  92. Padre Fluminense

    Padre FluminenseHace 5 años

    Carai Apl dança muito! 0:37

  93. Art Wasp

    Art WaspHace 4 años

    +Padre Fluminense Né não? Eles dançavam break antes de cantar rap.

  94. Blaze Fireball

    Blaze FireballHace 5 años

    What The Hell Is This?!

  95. MemeLord 500

    MemeLord 500Hace 2 años

    Blaze Fireball it's called when bep where actually good Well on a side I thought a bit of their new work was ok imma be kinda had more of their rap style on a type of electronic beat so yeah

  96. Gee Hunter

    Gee HunterHace 5 años

    +Blaze Fireball You must be new

  97. Giovanni Cruz

    Giovanni CruzHace 5 años

    Black Eyed Peas es lo mejor

  98. Micky Kurosawa

    Micky KurosawaHace 2 años


  99. daughter of god

    daughter of godHace 3 años

    Alias el piña gomez il

  100. Leon Lind

    Leon LindHace 5 años

    Why so muh the others rap too!

  101. Brennn O.S

    Brennn O.SHace 6 años

    Soy fan de The Black Eyed Peas, me gustan todas sus canciones, pero a mi me gustan mas estos B.E.P :/.

  102. Jair salas

    Jair salasHace 2 años

    estos son sus inicios antes q fergie se unieran y empezaran con el pop ( Los 90 ) busca las canciones subtituladas de este Ep es fenomenal

  103. Binjamin Vandenhaute

    Binjamin VandenhauteHace 6 años

    is there something wrong with the audio?

  104. alexis alex

    alexis alexHace 6 años

    Its old thats it.

  105. Euan Atkinson

    Euan AtkinsonHace 6 años

    Fergie seriously messed up stuff didn't she

  106. Hayden Goodman

    Hayden GoodmanHace 2 años

    right, it's like they started as an ATCQ/Black Sheep style contemporary and became some kinda dime-store trendy bubblegum version of the fugees

  107. NEU

    NEUHace 2 años

    Euan Atkinson yep. I loved bep b4 her lil skinny ass came in then they did fall down, not up no more

  108. Soul Stealer Jay

    Soul Stealer JayHace 2 años

    Euan Atkinson we need more people like you on the internet. Also, I think she just kinda steered the group towards it's demise but eh. We wouldn't know about them at all if it wasn't for her

  109. Euan Atkinson

    Euan AtkinsonHace 4 años

    Idk she kinda turned them poppy, I'm not really into pop but its cool if your into it, different opinions matter👍

  110. Leon Lind

    Leon LindHace 5 años

    I think she made them better

  111. Uncle Joe 55

    Uncle Joe 55Hace 6 años


  112. Uncle Joe 55

    Uncle Joe 55Hace 6 años

    this is Will I am first music video

  113. Channel Not in use

    Channel Not in useHace 4 años

    +DaRendogxtreme it is

  114. DaRendogxtreme

    DaRendogxtremeHace 4 años

    I thought falling up was

  115. Uncle Joe 55

    Uncle Joe 55Hace 6 años

    this was`s first music by t

  116. Shannon Ecco

    Shannon EccoHace 6 años

    Why have I never heard this?

  117. Kalman Sandor

    Kalman SandorHace 6 días

    @Shannon Ecco Her name is Kim Hill. The label wanted them to switch it up and wanted her to show ass. That's why she left. It was fame vs. integrity, and she chose the latter. Will I Am didn't want to loose the shot.

  118. Shannon Ecco

    Shannon EccoHace 5 meses

    @Annie Pinchinat I never knew that, thanks for the info ✌👍

  119. Annie Pinchinat

    Annie PinchinatHace 5 meses

    The Black Eyes Peas used to have a another girl. She was a real queen. Then they separated and they started making music in they own.

  120. Arcanjo Miguel

    Arcanjo MiguelHace 10 meses

    @DK's Squad ray of light

  121. DK's Squad

    DK's SquadHace un año

    Madonna Revolution 1998

  122. Meryan Johanna Maguiña Riega

    Meryan Johanna Maguiña RiegaHace 6 años

  123. alvida dollars

    alvida dollarsHace 6 años

    they were artists back in the day. then fergie fucked shit up .and when will is all like "3008" i'm like " BITCH I DON"T CARE ABOUT THAT FUTURISTIC SHIT"

  124. Reznov _ 1249

    Reznov _ 1249Hace 6 años

    What ever happened to them ive been waiting 4 years for a song i gues the end was really was the end

  125. Carlos Arroyo

    Carlos ArroyoHace 4 años

    Nah they released Yesterday and remade Where is the love, by the way some advice from me to u....I wouldn't listen to the Where is the Love remake....

  126. Reznov _ 1249

    Reznov _ 1249Hace 6 años

    Hahah apl dee ap dreads

  127. Ruff Cunningham

    Ruff CunninghamHace 6 años

    Where's Fergie

  128. Pedro Paulo Amorim

    Pedro Paulo AmorimHace 2 años

    There is no Fergie on the original formation.

  129. Alex Markovic 2

    Alex Markovic 2Hace 6 años

    It was before she joined

  130. Wu Tang Fan

    Wu Tang FanHace 7 años

    fergie fucked up everything

  131. lorenzo archive

    lorenzo archiveHace 3 años

    May I remind you that their first, for real, hit song (Where Is The Love) was the first Black Eyed Peas song to feature Fergie. So thanks to her, the Black Eyed Peas continued to make songs. That is until she left

  132. PsychedelicSkull

    PsychedelicSkullHace 3 años

    Will i am's greedy ass fucked up everything. It amazes me how this comment is the one with most likes...

  133. lorenzo archive

    lorenzo archiveHace 3 años

    No she didn't. She messed up everything when she left

  134. Joseph Ferguson

    Joseph FergusonHace 7 años


  135. Sebastián Vélez Cano

    Sebastián Vélez CanoHace 7 años

    @MultiRanger88 Atban klann, band before bep :D

  136. Natália Pasolini

    Natália PasoliniHace 7 años

    Preciso desses BEPs, os do Elephunk e os do M.B. também :/

  137. Hector Flores Eguia

    Hector Flores EguiaHace 7 años

    2:39 That face....

  138. Jarell Liow

    Jarell LiowHace 7 años

    You should not promote your songs prior to the BLACK EYED PEAS

  139. Céran Music

    Céran MusicHace 7 años

    Hey, I’m a young artist, & I would really appreciate it if everyone would check out the lyric video to my current single, “State of Grace.” My original composition was inspired by great gospel-tinged songs like Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” & “When You Believe” by Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey. I promise that you won’t regret giving my song a listen, & it will truly move you! So please listen & enjoy! Thanks! You can access “State of Grace” by visiting my ESdos channel. God bless!

  140. Oriana900

    Oriana900Hace 7 años


  141. Ãârtúùr Táàliibãã

    Ãârtúùr TáàliibããHace 7 años

    - quem ta vendo 2013 curte ai ;)

  142. Carlos Gallon

    Carlos GallonHace 7 años

    yeah that line hurts. It always pops up in my head whenever I hear their music today

  143. CZ0L0

    CZ0L0Hace 7 años

    Quality of this audio sux hard, but vid is great

  144. c0mm0ns3nc3

    c0mm0ns3nc3Hace 7 años

    Kim Hill

  145. c0mm0ns3nc3

    c0mm0ns3nc3Hace 7 años

    He lied from :54 to 1:00 into the song. SMH

  146. Daffa Sader

    Daffa SaderHace 7 años

    1:21 Java Indonesia

  147. Dustin Gonzalez

    Dustin GonzalezHace 7 años

    It was from the old school type black eyed peas to the pretty good fergie addition black eyed peas to techno pop shit.

  148. Dustin Gonzalez

    Dustin GonzalezHace 7 años

    Probably one of their older albums they made before fergie, before Elephunk. Idk which one

  149. Zendaro Ch

    Zendaro ChHace 7 años

    ayone knows to which album this song belongs?

  150. theoriginalMaxman2

    theoriginalMaxman2Hace 7 años

    How the FUCK did Will.I.Am go from THIS to all his current SHIT?

  151. TheRaccoonable

    TheRaccoonableHace 7 años

    There is not a single person here who actually cares...

  152. RememberKenny

    RememberKennyHace 7 años

    Ima 17 Yr Old Rapper From A Small City In Indiana, Isnt Too Much Out Here To Get Things Going For Me Except This Internet. I Just Want To Be Given The Chance For Me & My Bros To Live A Dream We Cherish So Much I'll Recieve Negativity & Positive Feedback From People But You Personally Cant Judge Til You Give Me A Chance And Listen To My Music CLICK HERE ON MY CHANNEL !! & I Can Prolly Be Your Next Fav. Rapper THUMBS UP This !! So Others Can See? What You See In Me SPREAD THE WORD !!

  153. 96biggo

    96biggoHace 7 años

    so im guessing Fergi was their downfall

  154. lilxlondanet

    lilxlondanetHace 7 años

    They used to be good....

  155. Tyras ifran

    Tyras ifranHace 7 años

    After Where is The Love - illuminati took them..

  156. Salma Shehidy

    Salma ShehidyHace 7 años


  157. JustBrandon.

    JustBrandon.Hace un año

    go away then...

  158. gabechat2

    gabechat2Hace 7 años

    awkward moment when the hot chick in the pool is just taboo.. :/

  159. Nyphensanders

    NyphensandersHace 7 años

    Love the beat

  160. Shay Triplett

    Shay TriplettHace 7 años

    lol no fergie? this is rly old xD

  161. Sam Day

    Sam DayHace 7 años

    @Scott Burgman

  162. Pav Khaira

    Pav KhairaHace 7 años

    Ah, back in the days when BEP were good!

  163. Gloria98x

    Gloria98xHace 7 años


  164. marta piotrowska

    marta piotrowskaHace 7 años


  165. Italo Santos

    Italo SantosHace 7 años

  166. zzjwxnw

    zzjwxnwHace 7 años

    read the title as "Head Boobs"