The Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama (Official Music Video)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Hey Mama. (C) 2003 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.
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  1. madison hardeman

    madison hardemanHace 22 horas

    Published in Jun 16 2007

  2. WCW99nWo

    WCW99nWoHace un día

    I miss OLD Black Eyed Peas (

  3. lucas2308

    lucas2308Hace un día

    I discover this sont with Garfield back in 2005... still haven’t left my playlist ^^

  4. YouTuber 20

    YouTuber 20Hace un día

    This is still a bop

  5. tanaka ncube

    tanaka ncubeHace 2 días

    This song was a true equal team effort frm the whole crew. They were equals appreciated it

  6. Mattatron 18

    Mattatron 18Hace 2 días


  7. BaronvonPiano

    BaronvonPianoHace 2 días

    My dog danced to this at a dog show and it caused a rich guy to kidnap him and then my lazy lasagna eating cat had to save him

  8. Agusto Lopez

    Agusto LopezHace 2 días

    Neta q si no te pone a bailar esta rola estas mal.. 😎

  9. Rahul Dev Singh

    Rahul Dev SinghHace 3 días

    The whole song one side and Fergie's lalalala one side 😂 she is so hot 🔥

  10. Yanee Hiddland Schneid

    Yanee Hiddland SchneidHace 3 días

    A lot of mexican girls can understand when I say that I danced this song in my 15 party 😁, this was almost 12 years ago. I was completely crazy for Hey Mama in 2009 before and after my party 😂

  11. Xontex

    XontexHace 3 días


  12. Marsh Farms

    Marsh FarmsHace 4 días

    We really were wearing mini skirts with anything

  13. Sicario brother

    Sicario brotherHace 4 días

    Doesn’t fergie look like topanga from boy meets world

  14. Faith Delores

    Faith DeloresHace 4 días

    This isn't on spotify

  15. - Danika -

    - Danika -Hace 5 días

    2:05 Is that Megan the stallion I hear or is that just me

  16. Wagner Florentino de tigre Tigre

    Wagner Florentino de tigre TigreHace 5 días

    Music brazil 👏👏👏👏📻📻✌✌

  17. Sahla. HDP

    Sahla. HDPHace 6 días

    If it wasn't Garfield, I would never knew this song!

  18. skate shack sample

    skate shack sampleHace 6 días

    fergie making fish eyes

  19. Michelle Daniela

    Michelle DanielaHace 6 días

    This was in “just dance”


    SUPERNOVAHace 7 días

    Black Eyed Peas is the only group to have -Black -White -Hispanic -Asian

  21. Lory Michelena

    Lory MichelenaHace 3 días

    Black Eyed Peas fixed racism 🥰 (i wish)

  22. Kaymer Soares

    Kaymer SoaresHace 7 días

    17/11/2020 eu estive aqui assim como em 2009

  23. K O

    K OHace 7 días

    Well this video is from 2009 on youtube that is ca 11 years ago,but this music tune come much earlier out in the year it was released in 2004, it was the third single from their new produce 2003 album, Elephunk,that is now 16 to 17 years ago. Is that good enough for you all.This music is very old and very good ;)

  24. QuinnTheSuperStar

    QuinnTheSuperStarHace 8 días

    Fergie had everybody learning this dance routine😂😂 And it's crazy the guys didn't dance in any other videos, but THEY'RE SO GOOD!

  25. DevyDev 2004

    DevyDev 2004Hace 9 días

    5 year old me watching Garfield bumping this rn!😂

  26. Anick. M

    Anick. MHace 2 días

    Lol!! Same ! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 As soon as I saw your comments I smiled!

  27. Juan R

    Juan RHace 3 días

    SAME! 😫😂

  28. Alison Jade

    Alison JadeHace 4 días

    literally all i can think about is garfield when i listen to this

  29. Totally Out Of It

    Totally Out Of ItHace 5 días

    Omgggg yesss 😂

  30. Michael Phillips

    Michael PhillipsHace 9 días

    Garfield brought me here.

  31. ashley

    ashleyHace 9 días

    dios lo mucho q me obsesionaba este video

  32. Giuseppe Ianniello

    Giuseppe IannielloHace 10 días

    Fun fact The clip was nominated for 3 VMAs in 2004: Best Hip-Hop Video, Best Dance Video and Best Choreography. It won the latter

  33. Thanos

    ThanosHace 10 días

    1997 to 2013 was peak music. Change my mind

  34. Doctor Begimsulu

    Doctor BegimsuluHace 11 días


  35. Alexander Gheysens

    Alexander GheysensHace 11 días

    Move ya body

  36. Jim Dejesus

    Jim DejesusHace 12 días

    The black eyed pea’s is cool but without it would be less cool

  37. Noel Chrisjohn Benson

    Noel Chrisjohn BensonHace 12 días

    You know what sucks about this song? Sounds like they got a bit too much influence, wanna hear a better song? Listen to "Don Dada" by Super CAt, and see if theres any simularities.

  38. Becky Maney

    Becky ManeyHace 13 días


  39. LarDi DK

    LarDi DKHace 13 días

    Imagine being the indian and the "other" black guy😅

  40. Madison Stegall

    Madison StegallHace 13 días

    Who remembers Garfield dancing to this?😂

  41. Kayla Martin

    Kayla MartinHace 14 días

    I’m only here from the Garfield and odie dance scene


    DARA PARKHace 14 días


  43. Sebastian Piazza

    Sebastian PiazzaHace 14 días

    i miss fergie in black eyed peas.... :'(

  44. raiden stark

    raiden starkHace 14 días

    Someone from smallville??




  46. Rachit Kalra

    Rachit KalraHace 15 días la la la la la

  47. Marushka K

    Marushka KHace 15 días

    10 year old me couldn't stop dancing to this everytime I came on

  48. Cecilia Rod Alv

    Cecilia Rod AlvHace 16 días

    Fergie invented 2000's outfits

  49. Taga-igib TV

    Taga-igib TVHace 16 días

    La la la la la.... Damn Ferg so sexy.

  50. Let's Gaming YT

    Let's Gaming YTHace 17 días

    Oh the nostalgia

  51. Snorkmaiden Albarn

    Snorkmaiden AlbarnHace 17 días

    3:03 Steady Are You Ready from Little Mix!

  52. faisal saleh

    faisal salehHace 17 días

    my best lovly song

  53. Mavzune Bazarova

    Mavzune BazarovaHace 17 días


  54. L Noza

    L NozaHace 17 días

    i miss when the music videos were made

  55. Eileen Alvarez S.

    Eileen Alvarez S.Hace 18 días


  56. Nut Bridges

    Nut BridgesHace 18 días

    Black eyed peas were the best. Fergies voice is timeless.

  57. Christian Aguilar

    Christian AguilarHace 18 días

    La la la la laaaa

  58. Jozefino J.O.M.

    Jozefino J.O.M.Hace 19 días

    "We never decease".... Yeah Fergie still gone

  59. Matheu Sousa

    Matheu SousaHace 19 días

    Garfield ❤❤

  60. Sohaira 21

    Sohaira 21Hace 20 días

    I have fever dream memories of hearing this in Garfield?????

  61. Keyboard Cockatoo

    Keyboard CockatooHace 16 días

    lmao the one in Garfield was another black eyed peas song. I think it was Pump It. You can probably find the Pump it Garfield clip on ESdos.

  62. congobongo productions

    congobongo productionsHace 21 un día

    One of the few songs whose censored version is far better than the uncensored version

  63. FÉNIX BS

    FÉNIX BSHace 21 un día

    Like si la escuchas en noviembre 2020

  64. Marco da Silva

    Marco da SilvaHace 21 un día

    Donde para la Bugs Bunny

  65. Jack Morrison

    Jack MorrisonHace 21 un día

    Yellow brought me here

  66. kimmy

    kimmyHace 21 un día

    I love this video and the producer who used it in the animation

  67. 9brutus08

    9brutus08Hace 21 un día

    My dad and I used to jam to this when I was a kid, 22 now!

  68. Séverine Imize

    Séverine ImizeHace 21 un día

    Miss Fergie in Black eyed peas

  69. Gamer Maniac

    Gamer ManiacHace 23 días


  70. Nokuthula Ndlovu

    Nokuthula NdlovuHace 24 días

    The coolest band ever!!! How I miss them gosh!👌🏾😀🔥💃🏾

  71. Bishal roy

    Bishal royHace 24 días

    Kids these days dont know when everyone was BEP'S FANS AND EVERY SOUND SYSTEM PLAYED THIER SONGS.... Still love em....💖💖

  72. NÄD

    NÄDHace 24 días

    Mıktı( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

  73. Sebastian Chirinos

    Sebastian ChirinosHace 24 días


  74. S RD

    S RDHace 24 días

  75. Michel Lebaillif

    Michel LebaillifHace 25 días

    Les français j'vous attend vous êtes où j'suis seul tout seul Faites moi un signe

  76. Leticia Farias

    Leticia FariasHace 25 días

    1:15 loop to this movement

  77. Leticia Farias

    Leticia FariasHace 25 días

    Taboo’s energy is amazing

  78. Well that was funツ

    Well that was funツHace 25 días

    Bruhhhh memories

  79. Chalciadom

    ChalciadomHace 25 días

    Hooray to 🇵🇭! 👊🏻

  80. дневник Пророка

    дневник ПророкаHace 27 días

    who from 2020

  81. Jimmi Nion

    Jimmi NionHace 27 días

    Привет мама!?

  82. Sean T.

    Sean T.Hace 27 días

    She (Fergie) would be nice to talk to 👍🤣

  83. KA'RA Leigh Lakusta

    KA'RA Leigh LakustaHace 27 días


  84. Madison Drake

    Madison DrakeHace 28 días

    I'm here because of Garfield

  85. Tilie Andrade

    Tilie AndradeHace 28 días

    brazillian influences rsrs

  86. Big Brother

    Big BrotherHace 28 días

    Fergieeeeee!!!😁😁Work it girl!!

  87. wild card

    wild cardHace 28 días

    02:36 go on fergie

  88. NotPeterParker

    NotPeterParkerHace 28 días

    *I hate Mondays* But I sure love lasagna


    IGUHiT ANDRE PHHace 28 días

    im an '04 kid, back then this was our anthem besides the fact that garfield brought me here hihi

  90. Edrick Quave, Jr.

    Edrick Quave, Jr.Hace 29 días

    Gonzo sent me

  91. Pieter Naude

    Pieter NaudeHace un mes

    Aaah back in the days when you clicked to Mtv and this is what you saw.

  92. Adam's Awesome Projects

    Adam's Awesome ProjectsHace un mes

    It’s from the 2004 movie Garfield.

  93. Michael Hammond

    Michael HammondHace un mes

    The Black Eyed Peas just isn't the same without Fergie.

  94. Carol Coêlho

    Carol CoêlhoHace un mes

    Mermão, vcs não conseguem fazer música ruim mesmo.

  95. Mad Titan Angelo

    Mad Titan AngeloHace un mes

    Wow how funny these companies try to change such talent but what do I know

  96. Emily Carrillo

    Emily CarrilloHace un mes

    Lalalala hay mama :) 🗣🤸‍♀️

  97. NightHyper

    NightHyperHace un mes

    Garfield nostalgia 😅

  98. rurusiddi

    rurusiddiHace un mes


  99. Crishelle Anne Basilio

    Crishelle Anne BasilioHace un mes

    Garfield movie brought me here

  100. i am gojira

    i am gojiraHace un mes

    The blacked eye peas is just garfield

  101. Ciccio Privitera

    Ciccio PriviteraHace un mes

    Fifa street, old times 😢

  102. Romina Suarez

    Romina SuarezHace un mes

    Soy la única que lo escucha en esta cuarentena?? BEP❤

  103. Luis Atiro Jimenez

    Luis Atiro JimenezHace 29 días

    No :')

  104. Ranger

    RangerHace un mes


  105. Help me to reach 200 subscribe

    Help me to reach 200 subscribeHace un mes

    Let's see, how many people are listening to this song in 2020.

  106. Sunshine Hood

    Sunshine HoodHace un mes

    When music was music love you fergie #Aries♈❤💯

  107. Шота у АШОТА

    Шота у АШОТАHace un mes

    Мда слушаю её спустя несколько лет (я русский)а Вилаему ща больше 50 лет