The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling (Behind The Scenes Clip #4)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing I Gotta Feeling. (C) 2009 Interscope Records
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  1. ChanchoXX

    ChanchoXXHace un mes

    Did predict the future? Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora came in to the future CD demand dropped 77% in 2014

  2. tobu

    tobuHace 7 meses

    Omg william gotem all right 0-0

  3. RTG Cavendish

    RTG CavendishHace 8 meses

    Hi I'm from the future, 2020 to be exact and everything soo depressing

  4. big boy gamings

    big boy gamingsHace 5 meses


  5. iStyles_S

    iStyles_SHace 11 meses

    A legend of youtube

  6. Ante Tomas

    Ante TomasHace un año

    William was right

  7. Life of A Dolly

    Life of A DollyHace un año

    Yeah he sure was right things have changed these days

  8. Gecko

    GeckoHace un año

    That time I am obsessed collecting CD.

  9. Zerow SHI

    Zerow SHIHace 2 años


  10. yatlink burbusoda

    yatlink burbusodaHace 2 años

    Realy! no juegues!( exprecion mexicana ) Ferg eres la mejor tobe or don't know seas fea o seas bonita te respeto y admiro este viernes sera el concierto en mexico extrañare verte black eyed peace send my message to ferg please!! #OldScoold #Milenial #Mexico #Fergie♡Beatles♡aguacate♡paz #SoyYoselinYatziriChavez

  11. Victor Cisneros

    Victor CisnerosHace 2 años

    joselink aguilar escribes horrible. Debiste traducir tu mensaje y no escribir en ese spanglish nefasto. Para terminar de errarla en ambos idiomas tienes faltas de ortografía. 🤮 Se nota que eres fan jajaja les llamaste black eyed peace (ya ni porque en el título viene el nombre de la banda).

  12. rafik benchabane

    rafik benchabaneHace 3 años

    black eyed peas

  13. Rock 360 Media

    Rock 360 MediaHace 4 años

    He was right. New cars and trucks, as well as many computers, are now being made without CD ports. appears to always be at the forefront of innovation.

  14. Jerome khan

    Jerome khanHace 6 años

    Wow he was actually right haha Who the fuck buys CD's anymore?? You got shit like iTunes and Spotify as well as people are downloading a lot more than buying CD's. Everybody's got music on their iphone So yeah. But Will's smart watch is really shitty tho

  15. AW

    AWHace 6 años

    4 years later nothings changed just a little bit 2014 sucks I miss the old music of my generation called 2009-2012

  16. AW

    AWHace 4 años

    @Ricard F. That's so true, but ever since i made that comment i got into metal no longer mainstream stuff but just a lot of mainstream became shit after 2012

  17. Ricky DNP

    Ricky DNPHace 4 años

    +Ricard F. Sry*

  18. Ricky DNP

    Ricky DNPHace 4 años

    Srt but 2016 is even worse :(

  19. Ricky DNP

    Ricky DNPHace 4 años

    Srt but 2016 is even worse :(

  20. Tristan Brentnall

    Tristan BrentnallHace 6 años

    hes kinda true that people don't use cd's to listen to music anymore we use sterios or ipods or our phones instead of a cd player

  21. Deron Daniels

    Deron DanielsHace 3 meses

    We don’t even use iPods anymore lol

  22. Martin Jugolin

    Martin JugolinHace 3 meses

    @big boy gamings bro...

  23. big boy gamings

    big boy gamingsHace 5 meses

    You still alive?

  24. thomas almeydaa

    thomas almeydaaHace 7 años

    I am sorry ur prediction was wrong will

  25. danplaybad

    danplaybadHace 7 años

    4 years later nothing changed.. Lol

  26. Panem - Daily Minecraft Videos

    Panem - Daily Minecraft VideosHace 7 años

    0:32 = Wrong

  27. angieeeeee06

    angieeeeee06Hace 8 años

    I think its the same person who voted for himself many times! so spammy

  28. Igor Gustavo

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  29. Zaiflyy

    ZaiflyyHace 8 años

    How the hell did these two guys get the top comment?

  30. Mazel Tov

    Mazel TovHace 8 años

    @williamVEVO I remember you predicting in an interview 2 years ago, that " in 4 yrs there'll be no CDs, well 2 yrs after & ya predictions exist. Aha! Dope

  31. 4everJcool

    4everJcoolHace 8 años

    0:36 - 1:21 and i hope the downloads will be free. like if you agree.

  32. Zakida Zupinova

    Zakida ZupinovaHace 3 años

    4everJcool э

  33. SteBrazier2K9

    SteBrazier2K9Hace 9 años

    27/28 thumbs up on these shit comments, wow they aren't bots at all

  34. Joel Robles Fernández

    Joel Robles FernándezHace 9 años

    dfadsfjnbdsfjnads - Thumps Up to STOP spam - kscioikasd

  35. TVpingui

    TVpinguiHace 9 años

    STOP SPAM!!!

  36. azbazmaz1

    azbazmaz1Hace 9 años

    @jrobinson3k1 youtubes only been around for 6

  37. Mickey

    MickeyHace 9 años is obsessed with the future and apparently taboo doesn't agree with him :P

  38. sruxlove92

    sruxlove92Hace 9 años

    No matter what changes in 4 years. I would still love BLACK EYED PEAS music and I would still love

  39. Seth Tharpe

    Seth TharpeHace 10 años

    i Think whin the guy in the video says in 4 years cars and computers walt have slouts for cds he so right

  40. blackeyedshimi

    blackeyedshimiHace 10 años

    @jrobinson3k1 Yeah but he meant ESdos wasn't able to bring long period or HD videos and Facebook was just starting to go worldwide... he talks about all this in interviews.

  41. Christyan Peres

    Christyan PeresHace 10 años

    twitter: @jugubriudo

  42. Nancy Goossen

    Nancy GoossenHace 10 años

    Lol a bald Chinese women in the background, 0:27 / 0:30

  43. Sky Adict

    Sky AdictHace 10 años

    what ever happend to VHS. RIP

  44. mickypure

    mickypureHace 10 años

    I miss's Jamaican hair :( i think he suits it better than his hair is right now. Take a loot at apl and taboo. Their hair never changes and fergie suits every hair style out there, but please i want the Jamaican hair back :)

  45. Meg

    MegHace 10 años

    just forget about all your problems and get wasted :3

  46. Tereza Vašková

    Tereza VaškováHace 10 años

    Thats really old but I still love it

  47. meme master

    meme masterHace 10 años

    @RonaldinhoReborn, it's only been 1 year after that interview.

  48. Thora

    ThoraHace 10 años

    0:33 he kinda has a piont

  49. Gae Vanzo

    Gae VanzoHace 10 años

    hey, u should watch my latest short movie. It's shot with a Canon 550D. Aesthetically stunning and with a great cinematography. Feel free to comment! Bye!

  50. P4me4ever

    P4me4everHace 10 años

    bullshit!!!!!! is only to make money

  51. VictoriaSobocki

    VictoriaSobockiHace 10 años

    @TheAngelus001 lol xD

  52. VictoriaSobocki

    VictoriaSobockiHace 10 años

    he's got a point

  53. pokadotguitar92x

    pokadotguitar92xHace 10 años

    how can ppl go to clubs and pay for shit like booze when they have financial problems fergie :P

  54. xSammySeventeen

    xSammySeventeenHace 10 años

    Will to haha all of the guys are adorable

  55. xSammySeventeen

    xSammySeventeenHace 10 años

    Taboo is so cute x]]

  56. Amy Galley

    Amy GalleyHace 10 años

    I get what is saying but I reckon CDs will still be around, they'll probz just become a hgher resolution like BluRay and how thats supposed to be a better version of DVD ( I dunno, haven't got one or a BluRay player lol). So maybe in four years, there won't be CDs, but a better version of them, hopefully, coz I love CDs :P

  57. דין אלקובי

    דין אלקוביHace 10 años

    I will always love CDs and use them :)

  58. דין אלקובי

    דין אלקוביHace 10 años

    THIS is music at least, not that "dirty bit" shit which isn't even a song!!

  59. Kreks

    KreksHace 10 años

    It was posted on my birthday :)

  60. Cindy Khalil

    Cindy KhalilHace 10 años

    i love you

  61. Jonathan

    JonathanHace 10 años

    close will very close

  62. bebot chicks

    bebot chicksHace 10 años

    that's not true t.v are in how about the poor people who cant afford computer...

  63. dootje4life

    dootje4lifeHace 10 años


  64. Isabelle A

    Isabelle AHace 10 años

    oh my god......will is so cute!!! i love them

  65. Victor Fraga

    Victor FragaHace 10 años

    I like CDs, Will! But that's OK, I understand you.

  66. Viry Barragán

    Viry BarragánHace 10 años

    taboo.. i love u !!!

  67. momo John

    momo JohnHace 10 años

    黑眼豆豆 棒

  68. Aurelio Ortiz

    Aurelio OrtizHace 10 años

    thumbs up if you are the 21485th viewer

  69. BlackFatimaa

    BlackFatimaaHace 10 años

    I very like this song ^^

  70. Carla Maguida

    Carla MaguidaHace 10 años

    waiting for the black eyed peas in chile!!!!!!!

  71. Don A.

    Don A.Hace 10 años

    I will always love Black Eyed Peas :)

  72. Vlad Tavi

    Vlad TaviHace 7 meses

    They made my childhood cooler aswell. I hope I woke a feeling of nostalgia inside you😁

  73. Don A.

    Don A.Hace 7 meses

    @Vlad Tavi they were a big part of my childhood and adolescence, so yeah, i will always remember them fondly. I can't believe i wrote that 9 years ago hahah

  74. Vlad Tavi

    Vlad TaviHace 7 meses

    you still love em, man? just checkin

  75. Connor

    ConnorHace 10 años

    they stole the beat. law suit!!!

  76. Quemical83

    Quemical83Hace 10 años

    Digital Downloads are Lame. I still like Owning the Hard Copies.

  77. Adele Ross

    Adele RossHace 10 años

    look how Taboo is looking at O.o!

  78. Gustavo Lee hsu

    Gustavo Lee hsuHace 10 años

    The Black Eyed Peas show,in Sao Paulo was so good,with david guetta and akon*-*

  79. MrMixify

    MrMixifyHace 10 años

    Still good..

  80. zipperscream

    zipperscreamHace 10 años

    they must love neckwear..... all of them are wearing it!

  81. camila cerra

    camila cerraHace 10 años

    I can't wait to see you, the 13 of november!!! i'm so excited!!!!!!!!

  82. wedo2pwninc

    wedo2pwnincHace 10 años


  83. Rando Media

    Rando MediaHace 10 años

    I've pre-ordered their new CD... sorry but your prediction was wrong

  84. JessWuvs2laf

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  85. JessWuvs2laf

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  86. JessWuvs2laf

    JessWuvs2lafHace 10 años

    i messed up :((

  87. JessWuvs2laf

    JessWuvs2lafHace 10 años

    haha 43 because i love black eyed peas

  88. JessWuvs2laf

    JessWuvs2lafHace 10 años

    hahaha 42

  89. JessWuvs2laf

    JessWuvs2lafHace 10 años

    I had to count all the comments when it says: All Comments (number in parethesis) ...FAIL

  90. Cristian Obando

    Cristian ObandoHace 10 años

    Fergie you are the maximum thing

  91. JessWuvs2laf

    JessWuvs2lafHace 10 años

    40th commenter :D BLACK EYED PEAS KICK ASS!

  92. JessWuvs2laf

    JessWuvs2lafHace 10 años

    @TwiceFiasco FAIL

  93. JessWuvs2laf

    JessWuvs2lafHace 10 años

    @Shadowkillu EPIC FAIL

  94. JessWuvs2laf

    JessWuvs2lafHace 10 años

    @jelle121 comment

  95. JessWuvs2laf

    JessWuvs2lafHace 10 años

    @marcoscapslock I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! =D

  96. JessWuvs2laf

    JessWuvs2lafHace 10 años

    @ByWanD IKR!!! :D

  97. JessWuvs2laf

    JessWuvs2lafHace 10 años

    0:45 ...Taboo looks comfortable ;D

  98. Champagne Mami

    Champagne MamiHace 10 años is soo cute!!!

  99. RonaldinhoReborn

    RonaldinhoRebornHace 10 años

    4 years later I'm still buying cd's

  100. big boy gamings

    big boy gamingsHace 5 meses

    10 years later...

  101. Milly

    MillyHace 10 años

    This song never gets old xx

  102. Marcos

    MarcosHace 10 años

    Sucesso com "The Time" waiting The Beginning ;)))

  103. Arman Khanagian

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  104. Ivars Igaunis

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  105. Nonstop Dan

    Nonstop DanHace 10 años

    12th :P

  106. Ilya Sergeevich

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  107. TwiceFiasco

    TwiceFiascoHace 10 años

    fuck this sh!t i wanted to be the first comenter,!!!!

  108. Dennis S

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    cool why 0 views?

  109. Jellex

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