The Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get It Started (Official Music Video)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Let's Get It Started. (C) 2004 A&M Records
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  1. SaltyGaming HD

    SaltyGaming HDHace 2 horas

    such a throw back gives me chills.

  2. Pearytale XV

    Pearytale XVHace 4 horas

    May 18, 2021

  3. Hymn For Life

    Hymn For LifeHace 6 horas

    Lets get it started... India... Thats what i heard..

  4. Dheer #TK

    Dheer #TKHace 9 horas

    2:19: my neighborhood pigeons at 6 in the morning

  5. radman davodi

    radman davodiHace 11 horas

    im gonna kms

  6. Joel Mr.Jhoul

    Joel Mr.JhoulHace 12 horas

    Top até hoje 😄

  7. Kanchai Kornjirachot

    Kanchai KornjirachotHace 13 horas

    *leepung found diamond oh yeah heeee!*

  8. Vitalie Guivan

    Vitalie GuivanHace 15 horas

    So, I got drunk and I am here. Hell yah.

  9. Na sygnale Fanka cz12

    Na sygnale Fanka cz12Hace 18 horas


  10. Mariane Melim

    Mariane MelimHace 19 horas

    só penso em uma coisa "as branquelas"

  11. Reveka Rivera

    Reveka RiveraHace 20 horas

    Master piece

  12. Oli4

    Oli4Hace un día

    Ace of spades' run

  13. DAN4IK YT✔️

    DAN4IK YT✔️Hace un día


  14. Датуйте

    ДатуйтеHace un día

    It's 0% of racism, 0% mamble rap, but 100% of Lets get it started in here!

  15. Night Hunter

    Night HunterHace un día

    Remember guys Downhill Ps2

  16. jhins stars

    jhins starsHace un día

    Viene por un meme y me encuentro otro :v

  17. J So Toxic

    J So ToxicHace un día

    Who else born in the 2000s

  18. J So Toxic

    J So ToxicHace un día

    Who else is a 2000s Kid

  19. V O X

    V O XHace un día


  20. V O X

    V O XHace un día


  21. LuluKuchen

    LuluKuchenHace 2 días

    Ich glaube @laserluca mag diesen Song nicht mehr

  22. sam artxst

    sam artxstHace 2 días

    0:54 why y'all here

  23. lucavasconcellos

    lucavasconcellosHace 2 días

    Alex turner at 2:30

  24. Italian Media

    Italian MediaHace 2 días


  25. eirinkou

    eirinkouHace 2 días

    My mind suddenly decided to remind me of the words “let’s get it started, let’s get it started in here” and here I am. Surprised at how easy it was to find unlike some other stuff I’ve suddenly remembered lol

  26. Ali Almayad

    Ali AlmayadHace 2 días

    Gold days 💔

  27. lu morena

    lu morenaHace 3 días


  28. luis alberto Cabrera HN

    luis alberto Cabrera HNHace 3 días

    When mtv had good music

  29. лиза гаврина

    лиза гавринаHace 3 días


  30. Maria Zaria

    Maria ZariaHace 3 días

    Носки в истории...

  31. Frosty_MCPE•

    Frosty_MCPE•Hace 3 días

    "I bought all of the effects so im going to use all the effects" -Director


    BTS ARMYSHace 3 días



    RNTU BANKROLLHace 3 días

    I only know this song Bc of white chicks tbh, it’s the first thing I think of when I hear it

  34. MOBInoticias

    MOBInoticiasHace 3 días

    I love this song, BEP por siempre.

  35. Natalyah C

    Natalyah CHace 3 días

    music is the 2000's be like: i have leaned from this that rap music was different in the 2000's :>

  36. Aparnaa Dutta

    Aparnaa DuttaHace 3 días

    If tiktok did anything, it was make old songs new again.

  37. Luis Javier Rivera Chávez

    Luis Javier Rivera ChávezHace 4 días

    Aún me acuerdo que este temaso sonaba en Downhill Domination, esos tiempos eran buenos.

  38. Mister C

    Mister CHace 4 días

    If you feel stupid remember that 23,513 people are stupider than you :D




  40. Dj Mazoni

    Dj MazoniHace 4 días


  41. Hafiz Aiman

    Hafiz AimanHace 4 días

    nostalgic and its still lit 🔥

  42. mini GABUSHA

    mini GABUSHAHace 4 días

    if i ever make a movie this is going to be song in background while all the characters are coming at the place of the big fight

  43. I'mjusttrying tobecool

    I'mjusttrying tobecoolHace 2 días

    @Gabriel Ryan M. Ganuelas tru

  44. Gabriel Ryan M. Ganuelas

    Gabriel Ryan M. GanuelasHace 3 días

    Their other song "Pump It" will fit much better in a fight scene.

  45. MOBInoticias

    MOBInoticiasHace 4 días

    Iconic song, BEP 😍.

  46. ∆cinti+Kato∆

    ∆cinti+Kato∆Hace 4 días


  47. luis elias

    luis eliasHace 4 días

    Very good

  48. cuddlylambb

    cuddlylambbHace 4 días

    This song still makes me go coo-koo after all these years!! KLIKKOCOO

  49. Zeyixa

    ZeyixaHace 4 días

    ESdos: Music in this video: Let's get retarded :/

  50. Jaasiel Lewis

    Jaasiel LewisHace 5 días


  51. Laquisya Hoareau

    Laquisya HoareauHace 5 días

    This song is seriously freaking awesome even in American dad have it song 4 party’s

  52. John McCain

    John McCainHace 5 días

    Who else is here from tiktoc

  53. haroldpinkcum

    haroldpinkcumHace 5 días

    black eyed peas is so underrated :(


    ALER4NDROHace 5 días

    Quando ouço essa música só lembro de passar o dia inteiro jogando downhill domination

  55. Keyy Bandzz

    Keyy BandzzHace 5 días

    18 years later 🔥🔥🔥

  56. SniQuit

    SniQuitHace 6 días

    Dayum i love this

  57. Evandro Nakazone

    Evandro NakazoneHace 6 días

    When you put awesome people together that is exactly what you get!

  58. Luis Te Cuenta

    Luis Te CuentaHace 6 días


  59. Fernando Jesus Zavala Caballero

    Fernando Jesus Zavala CaballeroHace 6 días

    Un minuto de silencio para los que no concen esta joya

  60. Hsuwhs Shy2ye

    Hsuwhs Shy2yeHace un día

    Downhill ps2

  61. Olivia A

    Olivia AHace un día


  62. Annette_cardenas 356

    Annette_cardenas 356Hace 2 días

    Y si 🌚👌🏻

  63. Juan Serrano

    Juan SerranoHace 6 días

    So... are we going to ignore the fact that the song in the description is "Lets get retarded"?

  64. Bedo D’weed

    Bedo D’weedHace 6 días

    Sah quel plaisir

  65. ssk come g check and see where it ends up

    ssk come g check and see where it ends upHace 6 días

    Wow man this music sht changed fforr realll

  66. N1nja 247

    N1nja 247Hace 6 días

    0:58 👌

  67. OtakuAndKai's Wifeu

    OtakuAndKai's WifeuHace 6 días

    OmO. I've been looking for this song for too long. Finally found it

  68. Alexis Quintero

    Alexis QuinteroHace 6 días

    los efectos JAJAJAJAJAJ

  69. joao pedro

    joao pedroHace 6 días

    Finalmente achei essa música 👍😎👌

  70. YungnPrince Gaming

    YungnPrince GamingHace 6 días

    The part that tiktokers know 0:57 Actual fans 0:00 - 3:49

  71. SolvedIce

    SolvedIceHace 2 días

    @N0T0R10US PR0D same LOL

  72. Divyansh Sachan

    Divyansh SachanHace 4 días

    @N0T0R10US PR0D +1😂

  73. Strxanger

    StrxangerHace 4 días


  74. YungnPrince Gaming

    YungnPrince GamingHace 4 días

    @N0T0R10US PR0D oof

  75. N0T0R10US PR0D

    N0T0R10US PR0DHace 4 días

    Is it just me or I’ve never seen this song being used in tiktok

  76. Alexander Reijendal

    Alexander ReijendalHace 6 días

    The begin sample when fergie sings "Let's Get It Started In Here" 0:08 , is from alicia keys - fallin'

  77. angelo

    angeloHace 6 días

    Momento épico 0:50

  78. Tristan T. Moss

    Tristan T. MossHace 6 días

    I love Fergie's dancing in this!

  79. KeSean Ellington

    KeSean EllingtonHace 7 días

    Life was simple when this came out

  80. Raging Rogue

    Raging RogueHace 7 días

    bro why can i see this in an assassins creed trailer

  81. zero373

    zero373Hace 7 días


  82. バスケバスケ

    バスケバスケHace 23 horas


  83. UberChadMemes

    UberChadMemesHace 7 días

    POV your a twitter stan and just found out Ninja said "frick" 7 years ago:

  84. Keenan or Trwee

    Keenan or TrweeHace 7 días


  85. Trentyboi Yeah

    Trentyboi YeahHace 7 días


  86. Giotaku play

    Giotaku playHace 7 días

    Me:*Calls mom on the phone Friends: 1:00

  87. sunshine and ego 7

    sunshine and ego 7Hace 7 días

    Anyone here from the movie 'Hot Tub Time Machine'.

  88. Poo Bum

    Poo BumHace 7 días

    the aesthetic of this is 👌

  89. William Coleman

    William ColemanHace 7 días

    Life so different it was so easy back then the good times 🥺 who remember this song was on white chicks 😂

  90. Hell Boy

    Hell BoyHace 7 días

    If someone said this is from tiktok I'm gonna kil him

  91. Toprak Keser

    Toprak KeserHace 7 días

    I'm still here 😏

  92. Nestoons

    NestoonsHace 7 días

    As someone born in the 2000s, it’s a weird feeling when you see how long ago the music you listened to as a kid came out

  93. Brandon What if

    Brandon What ifHace 21 un hora

    2007 lets goooooo

  94. Andre Alves Amado

    Andre Alves AmadoHace un día

    eeaeman0lúti aprtss

  95. ISuperMario

    ISuperMarioHace un día

    I was born in 2007 but i like it so much, no naked womans, no smoking, just epic voice

  96. Cornelius Griffin

    Cornelius GriffinHace 2 días


  97. Jjfordaydays yo

    Jjfordaydays yoHace 2 días

    yeah i was born in 2006

  98. lucas wootton

    lucas woottonHace 7 días

    Song I was born to :)

  99. Money Millerrr

    Money MillerrrHace 7 días

    it originally was “let’s get retarded” no joke

  100. KIra

    KIraHace 7 días

    POV:This is not your first time ❤




  102. Panda Craft

    Panda CraftHace 8 días

    solo yo escucho la vos de bruno mars?

  103. willy CC G

    willy CC GHace 8 días

    chevere el grupo

  104. Luckyvoin Production

    Luckyvoin ProductionHace 8 días

    Everyone: Let's get it started! Russian: Носки в истории! (Socks in story/history)

  105. Andrea Mulas

    Andrea MulasHace 8 días

    It's favoulus!🤩

  106. Outcast Live

    Outcast LiveHace 9 días

    What the black i peace done at the world was surreal 😰👌🏻

  107. Илья Безстрашный

    Илья БезстрашныйHace 9 días

    Залайкайте меня что бы все подумали что я что то умное пиз*анул

  108. Siobbhan Ryan

    Siobbhan RyanHace 9 días

    2021 🔥🔥

  109. Duarte Lucas

    Duarte LucasHace 9 días

    Downhill Domination ❤😭

  110. Danilo Bernardo

    Danilo BernardoHace 9 días

    Um dos melhores clip

  111. Руслан Фаизов

    Руслан ФаизовHace 9 días

    Самые весёлые, безбашенные и непотопляемо позитивные чуваки в музыке из всех когда либо мной виденных.

  112. mystical tea

    mystical teaHace 9 días


  113. Artemchek

    ArtemchekHace 9 días

    бля, нашёл трек из тт))

  114. Анастасия Левицкая

    Анастасия ЛевицкаяHace 10 días

    2021 отзовитесь??

  115. CEBAS __

    CEBAS __Hace 10 días

    Get high to this you won’t regret it