The Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway (The Making Of)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Meet Me Halfway. (C) 2009 Interscope Records

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  1. ArchangelExile

    ArchangelExileHace 15 días

    Fergie was so sexy in this music video and in this making of.

  2. James MacKay

    James MacKayHace 3 meses

    Love love LOVE BEP

  3. shawn Alexis

    shawn AlexisHace 3 meses

    How many people is watching in 2021?? 👇

  4. renato medeiros

    renato medeirosHace 3 meses

    Um dos melhores clipes da historia !

  5. 大头説电影

    大头説电影Hace 4 meses

    why no comments? this chat dead?

  6. Comedy Four

    Comedy FourHace 5 meses

    Un saludo pa los curifeos

  7. Gery 1337

    Gery 1337Hace 7 meses

    i love this song and your movie

  8. Exalted Carnage

    Exalted CarnageHace 9 meses

    Oppressor mk 2 spammers where u at?

  9. Buenos Aires Transportes

    Buenos Aires TransportesHace 10 meses


  10. Xorge Eduardo GN' R

    Xorge Eduardo GN' RHace 10 meses

    0:28 Fergie es tan preciosa y canta divino 😍❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Den-Den Mae De Vera

    Den-Den Mae De VeraHace 11 meses

    I did not just watched the official music video, but also this ❤️

  12. Rafaela Rodríguez

    Rafaela RodríguezHace un año


  13. Paodryu

    PaodryuHace un año

    using an elefant so disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Luix Strada

    Luix StradaHace un año

    Extraño mucho esas buenas canciones

  15. Toxiy

    ToxiyHace un año

    2020 anyone?

  16. Toni Loc

    Toni LocHace un año

    The past is history the future is a mystery today is a gift that is why it is called the present- master oogway

  17. Christopher Godek

    Christopher GodekHace un año

    Who watching in 2019

  18. Paola

    PaolaHace un año

    Meet me halfway ❤

  19. Kgomotso Lencwe

    Kgomotso LencweHace 2 años


  20. mark Charles

    mark CharlesHace 2 años


  21. mari silva

    mari silvaHace 2 años

    😍😍😍😘😘😘 nostalgia pura

  22. Tevin Cozart

    Tevin CozartHace 2 años

    That Elephant looks like Tai, the star of the movie water for elephants.

  23. JOROMERA Mestas

    JOROMERA MestasHace 2 años

    Y asi se crea una obra de arte❤

  24. Enrique CT

    Enrique CTHace 11 meses

    La canción favorita de toda mi vida, si que si 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤩🥺✨

  25. yatlink burbusoda

    yatlink burbusodaHace 2 años

    Realy! no juegues!( exprecion mexicana ) Ferg eres la mejor tobe or don't know seas fea o seas bonita te respeto y admiro este viernes sera el concierto en mexico extrañare verte black eyed peace send my message to ferg please!! #OldScoold #Milenial #Mexico #Fergie♡Beatles♡aguacate♡paz #SoyYoselinYatziriChavez

  26. Amruś Infsai

    Amruś InfsaiHace 2 años

    That's Fergie? Her voice is different than today…

  27. BownigueTonique Period

    BownigueTonique PeriodHace 3 años


  28. Bitchy Emily

    Bitchy EmilyHace 3 años

    Fergie's forests is so beautiful who else agrees?

  29. Tight Flight Productions

    Tight Flight ProductionsHace 3 años

    Hey guys come and check out my ROCK COVER! TO Meet Me Halfway ;)

  30. ITSGINA Yass

    ITSGINA YassHace 4 años

    You slayyyy

  31. ITSGINA Yass

    ITSGINA YassHace 4 años

    Fergie yasssss

  32. ITSGINA Yass

    ITSGINA YassHace 4 años

    This song is on GTA 5

  33. TheNkid

    TheNkidHace 4 años

    Gta 5

  34. SuperKoekje

    SuperKoekjeHace 4 años


  35. Alejandra La diver

    Alejandra La diverHace 4 años

    Old times

  36. Dominick Velsquez

    Dominick VelsquezHace 4 años

    if I seen the cube I would walk into it to see fergie

  37. Dominick Velsquez

    Dominick VelsquezHace 4 años

    that's weird the e.n.d ended then the begging ended?

  38. Dominick Velsquez

    Dominick VelsquezHace 4 años


  39. Dolores Mariscal

    Dolores MariscalHace 4 años

    the black eyed peas why😥

  40. AdielMz

    AdielMzHace 4 años

    spanish? :(

  41. Erendira Medina

    Erendira MedinaHace 4 años

    AdielMz Hacen faltas subtitulos :"b solo entiendo un poco xd

  42. AdielMz

    AdielMzHace 4 años

    si pero el video en español? :(

  43. Andy moran molina

    Andy moran molinaHace 4 años

    Yo jajaja

  44. AdielMz

    AdielMzHace 4 años

    Woow this song is fantastic and see the work! fine!

  45. Dominick Velsquez

    Dominick VelsquezHace 4 años

    Vaboo is right most. All the wrappers today only care about the money and girls.

  46. Zakida Zupinova

    Zakida ZupinovaHace 4 años

    Dominick Velsquez :

  47. Francis

    FrancisHace 5 años

    Fergie was so beautiful :3

  48. Darius AJ

    Darius AJHace un año


  49. Jacob Berndt

    Jacob BerndtHace 3 años

    DrZicnarf w

  50. cinismo liquido

    cinismo liquidoHace 4 años

    +Vlogs by Tati is HOT omg her voice is so sensual

  51. Tatiana

    TatianaHace 4 años

    IS so beautiful.

  52. Marvin Valdes

    Marvin ValdesHace 5 años

    Guys when u all coming back we miss you all

  53. Dominick Velsquez

    Dominick VelsquezHace 4 años

    we need them back

  54. Robbo Secret

    Robbo SecretHace 5 años

    the song is in gta 5

  55. M -S.H

    M -S.HHace 5 años

    the past is history . the future is mystery and today is a gift . that's why it's called the present. .... i loved this saying

  56. ArchangelExile

    ArchangelExileHace 15 días

    Today is Now because its "ow"...

  57. Jamie Fitzgerald

    Jamie FitzgeraldHace 2 meses

    Have been able for me out for it yet but I'll let u have it by

  58. David Guillen

    David GuillenHace 5 años

    doesn't the plot to this music video sound like interstellar's plot?

  59. Mohammad Adil

    Mohammad AdilHace 2 años

    Now that you mention it, it totally does. which reminds me of a quote from my film teacher which was "every story that can be written, has been written"

  60. David Guillen

    David GuillenHace 5 años

    doesn't the plot sound like interstellar?

  61. Allana Belton

    Allana BeltonHace 5 años

    this is so 😎 cool

  62. Crystal Cortes

    Crystal CortesHace 5 años

    I love it and it is amazing

  63. Mykel Beso

    Mykel BesoHace 6 años

    Wtf happend to fergie ?? :(

  64. cinismo liquido

    cinismo liquidoHace 4 años

    she's a M.I.L.F $

  65. C w

    C wHace 5 años

    What do you mean????

  66. Metrowhite

    MetrowhiteHace 6 años

    They seem to be cool

  67. Ivon Abraham

    Ivon AbrahamHace 6 años

    no it myyyyyyy!!!!! it not yors

  68. procione TM

    procione TMHace 6 años

  69. steven randolph

    steven randolphHace 4 años

    YUU ™ q p2

  70. Dani RE

    Dani REHace 6 años

    I miss you u.u

  71. Swiss Express

    Swiss ExpressHace 7 años

    ï love this song

  72. Tina Miranda

    Tina MirandaHace 7 años

    I love this song!!!:)

  73. Jonatan Swifter

    Jonatan SwifterHace 8 años

    i like them in any times. even when they've lost their way a little


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  75. Joseph Ferguson

    Joseph FergusonHace 8 años

    Hermoso trabajo, BLACK EYED PEAS son mi todo, los mejores, los más mportantes en mi vida

  76. Dante Estrada

    Dante EstradaHace 8 años

    fergie is so cute :)

  77. Räuber Heinrich

    Räuber HeinrichHace 2 años


  78. MiirkzPT

    MiirkzPTHace 8 años

    My is Portgues love Black Eyed peas

  79. Katoosh

    KatooshHace un año


  80. S1lv3rSt0n3 Gamer

    S1lv3rSt0n3 GamerHace 8 años

    i have listened to you since I was 6

  81. B3 Joj

    B3 JojHace 8 años

    taboo is not in the future thats XOXOXO

  82. Ian

    IanHace 8 años

    I made no money today.. can i get about 6 people to like this to jump ahead of those bogus ads?

  83. zeraoula tarik

    zeraoula tarikHace 8 años

    frenchenan tu pue

  84. Julio Ruiz

    Julio RuizHace 8 años

    Just love it!

  85. Julio Ruiz

    Julio RuizHace 8 años

    I love everything about her!

  86. Jan Božić

    Jan BožićHace 8 años

    i love you

  87. spacebaged

    spacebagedHace 8 años

    I love the Black Eyed Peas, but I'm only here because of Fergie. DAAAMN!

  88. Salvo 1998

    Salvo 1998Hace un año

    She looked so nice!

  89. shypokemon

    shypokemonHace 9 años

    usdyftgrweiutgse - STOP. SPAMMING. Kthxbye.

  90. Sofia Rinaldi

    Sofia RinaldiHace 9 años

    5:28. She is the ONLY one that is energetic. I LOVE THAT ABOUT HER!!!!

  91. Räuber Heinrich

    Räuber HeinrichHace 2 años


  92. LovingLife

    LovingLifeHace 9 años

    i enjoyed this vid

  93. Alex De Headphones

    Alex De HeadphonesHace 9 años

    can i ask where did bought his sunglasses??

  94. Kyle Deel

    Kyle DeelHace 4 años

    Alex De Headphones still searching for em

  95. jane cupps

    jane cuppsHace 9 años

    i'm takind ben mor job me

  96. karla cristina

    karla cristinaHace 9 años


  97. Dani RE

    Dani REHace 9 años

    5:11 =D

  98. Angela Castro Morante

    Angela Castro MoranteHace 9 años

    3:49 - 3:52 so sweet :3 WILL ♥

  99. 1kPlum5677

    1kPlum5677Hace 9 años

    @powysss123 now the minutes thing is black and not white

  100. melian06

    melian06Hace 10 años

    3:51 sweetest thing evah!

  101. maylea mineyourbusiness

    maylea mineyourbusinessHace 10 años

    that was an amazing video and song

  102. Algis Kemezys

    Algis KemezysHace 10 años

    great tune

  103. Janice Miller

    Janice MillerHace 10 años

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  104. CarlitosxD

    CarlitosxDHace 10 años

    ajajaja la fregada ee

  105. Povilas Alminauskas

    Povilas AlminauskasHace 10 años

    Remember when you could watch a video without having to sit through a commercial? Remember when music videos were uploaded by users and not VEVO Remember when all the info was to the right of the video? Remember you could rate a video 1-5 stars? Remember the famous yellow subscribe button? Remember when the users controlled the site and now corporations? WE MISS THE OLD ESdos! Post this in every video and lets start a youtube revolution! Thumbs up to keep at the top of the page!

  106. Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan

    Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&AlicefanHace 8 meses

    Joe Marlow he predicted the future.

  107. Rubiee Contreras

    Rubiee ContrerasHace 10 meses


  108. Joe Marlow

    Joe MarlowHace un año

    Dude. You must have commented this in 2011. That was the old youtube.

  109. symmetry08

    symmetry08Hace 10 años

    they have no idea they are going to be an icon of non aging songs as U2, abba, and so on. Not yet.

  110. xFIRERUSHx

    xFIRERUSHxHace 10 años

    i want them in an episode of family guy! please!

  111. Liepa Pažereckaitė

    Liepa PažereckaitėHace 10 años

    visai nieko vaizdo klipas :] kaip suskure irgi idomu klipa ;]

  112. Antonella Quimey

    Antonella QuimeyHace 10 años

    I love Fergie

  113. Flixxbeatz

    FlixxbeatzHace 10 años


  114. BGwozhere

    BGwozhereHace 10 años

    my fav bit is when fergie says welcome to my forest and when her extension comes out :P

  115. Alma Saon

    Alma SaonHace 10 años

    I love the Black Eyed Peas for this reason: They are awesome and kind, even when they could be bitching someone out.

  116. Orlando Johnson

    Orlando JohnsonHace 10 años

    type in "syllables response" the kid is killing it

  117. Merrik

    MerrikHace 10 años

    this video reflexs so much the song, specialy because when you wanna be with some one, you forget or care nothing with what is around you, refering to the Fergi`s part of the video, she is in a beauty place, but she wanst to be some place else with the one she loves, and thats the way it is always when you realy feel something special.

  118. clearcombat

    clearcombatHace 10 años

    She has a forest we would all like to visit.

  119. Stacy B.

    Stacy B.Hace 10 años

    Welcome... To my forest :) Love Fergie ♥♥

  120. Peter Bullara

    Peter BullaraHace 10 años

    So, it's about the past and future meeting halfway? I thought it was about Sons of God (Fallen Angels) descending from above to sleep with daughters of men (ultimately producing Nephilim offspring and provoking God's restorative Flood of the Earth). So, this song isn't an illuminati-funded romanticization of trespasses of biblical proportions, but man-made art. I stand corrected.

  121. rlf4403tube

    rlf4403tubeHace 10 años

    @rene6985 i agree...

  122. Angie Noemy

    Angie NoemyHace 10 años

    The saying that they said "The past is history. The future is a mystery. But today is a gift. Thats why they call it a present." That saying was on Kung Fu Panda. And I loved Taboo's sunglasses!!!!

  123. Bubbles093

    Bubbles093Hace 10 años

    LOL 3:19 XDD

  124. Игровой Канал

    Игровой КаналHace un año


  125. Alyse Gibson

    Alyse GibsonHace 10 años

    haha mr. throw up every 3rd take