The Black Eyed Peas - Missing You (Behind The Scenes Clip 2)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Missing You. (C) 2009 Interscope Records
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  1. Faris Gago 96

    Faris Gago 96Hace 9 meses


  2. SOLY YT

    SOLY YTHace un año

    What is the girl's name?

  3. Phantom1o1 _

    Phantom1o1 _Hace 9 meses

    Wait hol up you don’t know who Fergie is?

  4. Nia Snow ASMR

    Nia Snow ASMRHace un año

    They look miserable

  5. Lukan88

    Lukan88Hace 3 años

    Um I have a question how come some Black eyed peas songs have no music video when Others have music videos Not trying to be mean its Just Couldn't They do a music video for all of them #Savetheblackeyedpeas

  6. Oh yes

    Oh yesHace 2 años

    Lukan88 because music videos are expensive to produce so they only do videos for the popular songs

  7. Tata

    TataHace 3 años

    Missing You is a super song l love ut and it's still dope even to this day.That whole album infact all of your albums

  8. Sinhye Choi

    Sinhye ChoiHace 4 años

    U guys are the true edm

  9. Romane Youtube

    Romane YoutubeHace 4 años

    don't go away!!!

  10. Ivan Zamora

    Ivan ZamoraHace 5 años

    i miss you black eye pease. please come back. fuck our 2015 music its all about sex , money and drugs. please come back

  11. Kobe Bean

    Kobe BeanHace 5 años

    Thats what i think everyday. makes me sad

  12. Lasha

    LashaHace 6 años

    i cant find original music video

  13. znory Ruanto

    znory RuantoHace 6 años

    I love black eyed peas!

  14. Bejetc

    BejetcHace 8 años

    I miss them so much

  15. Sepak

    SepakHace 8 años

    fuck you with your stupid spam

  16. Sepak

    SepakHace 8 años

    so many fucking spam in bep songs, so many, please BATMAN save youtube!!

  17. Serdar Kayar

    Serdar KayarHace 9 años

    Ive had enough with this mother@$# comments!


    ADRIANO NUNESHace 9 años


  19. Some Weird Chick

    Some Weird ChickHace 9 años

    Ummm.... not to be rude or anything... I love this song. Im not being mean to that. But.. can someone explain to me y half the front comments on the 1st is filled with "How to make *insert amount* money" comments?

  20. Sofia Vila

    Sofia VilaHace 9 años


  21. Humbly Stoner

    Humbly StonerHace 9 años

    @sagitariow10 HEY ! guy why vevo is fucking !?

  22. Waveya Fan

    Waveya FanHace 9 años

    fergie the best

  23. Neyeni Cruz

    Neyeni CruzHace 9 años


  24. Marián Mussot

    Marián MussotHace 9 años

    i like the black eyed peas

  25. TexasHasPoo

    TexasHasPooHace 10 años

    0:37 lmao apldeap's leg

  26. HakunaMatata

    HakunaMatataHace 10 años

    i like

  27. Jackie Bernal

    Jackie BernalHace 10 años

    they're my inspiration keep on rocking and doing your thang! Love u guys!!!

  28. PASHA

    PASHAHace 10 años

    trop bien !!! MegaStuder

  29. PASHA

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  30. thomas .crampon

    thomas .cramponHace 10 años

    coming back !

  31. ElGranWisconsin

    ElGranWisconsinHace 11 años

    I still remember when they were great.... Now it's just Nothing (OLDBEP fan)

  32. Sarah D

    Sarah DHace 11 años

    my fav. band!!!! evry1 ad me!!!!

  33. Niko

    NikoHace 11 años

    Wanna see a dead body

  34. sagitariow10

    sagitariow10Hace 11 años

    vevo is fucking

  35. dotes adventure

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