The Black Eyed Peas - My Humps (Official Music Video)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing My Humps. (C) 2005 Interscope Records
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  1. ѵ.ѵ я.м

    ѵ.ѵ я.мHace 45 minutos

    Cadê a glr BR ouvindo esse hino em 2021?

  2. lorena hernandez

    lorena hernandezHace un hora


  3. Cookie Crumble

    Cookie CrumbleHace un hora

    Me singing this when I was 5: Me now: 🤦‍♀️

  4. Sergey Zinoviev

    Sergey ZinovievHace un hora

    Still hits the same still feels the same in 2021 let’s go smoke a blunt plug this shit and live life👌😎😍💙🧡❤️

  5. Bartolo Hernández

    Bartolo HernándezHace 2 horas

    Que pedo que haciendo??? Nariz aki visitando ala vieja escuela

  6. Samone Coats

    Samone CoatsHace 3 horas

    Back when MTV still played music videos.

  7. Mária Dunová

    Mária DunováHace 7 horas

    Timea Bartošová 🌹🥀🌹

  8. Pom Khamsopha

    Pom KhamsophaHace 8 horas

    ได้ยินมาตั้งแต่เด็ก พึ่งรู้ชื่อเพลงฮ่าๆๆ

  9. Авраам Линкольн

    Авраам ЛинкольнHace 8 horas

    *ОЛДЫ НА МЕСТЕ!* 🔥💣🔥💣🔥💣🔥

  10. deltaJee7_org

    deltaJee7_orgHace 11 horas

    People now: oh this generation is spoilt with all these tik tok stuff... And those WAP song Same people in 2005: My hump my hump my hump

  11. Wutaii1 Nostalgia

    Wutaii1 NostalgiaHace 12 horas

    Yes those lady lumps are always awesome

  12. Ghadeer L

    Ghadeer LHace 14 horas

    I searched my heart my heart my heart hehe.

  13. Cyber Quasar

    Cyber QuasarHace 15 horas

    Gosh life was so good from 2000's before 2010

  14. يوسفي عثمان

    يوسفي عثمانHace 19 horas

    شكون جاي من التيك توك

  15. Juho

    JuhoHace 19 horas


  16. LordVandor1

    LordVandor1Hace 21 un hora

    This is about simps

  17. Cami G.

    Cami G.Hace 22 horas

    No puedo creer que me dejaran cantar esto a los 7 años 😂😂

  18. lorena hernandez

    lorena hernandezHace un hora


  19. Rc Nicole

    Rc NicoleHace 22 horas

    She looks like Taylor Swift LOl

  20. Judith Ayala

    Judith AyalaHace 22 horas

    Una joya ..!! 😎✨ Quien en 2021

  21. Amanda Isabelly Torres Coelho

    Amanda Isabelly Torres CoelhoHace un día

    marrom marrom marrom

  22. MintyStars

    MintyStarsHace un día

    I swear they make the best songs

  23. Olivia Watkin-McClurg

    Olivia Watkin-McClurgHace un día

    People are freaking out about WAP and this song was played REPEATEDLY at my middle school dances. Pour one out for the teachers who had to chaperone that shit.

  24. Prince Cobra!

    Prince Cobra!Hace 6 horas

    Lol 😂

  25. Tabung LPG

    Tabung LPGHace un día

    me and the boiss used to listening this song in my room

  26. Maggie Concannon

    Maggie ConcannonHace un día

    I never thought I love club and jammy songs such as this till now. I miss clubbing! (Outside the club) Ahahhaaha

  27. Jeffry Putrasibarani

    Jeffry PutrasibaraniHace un día


  28. Jeffry Putrasibarani

    Jeffry PutrasibaraniHace un día


  29. Yumi chan yurichan054

    Yumi chan yurichan054Hace un día

    This song is my favourite 😭

  30. Hoop God

    Hoop GodHace un día

    When she ain’t got no jumps😭

  31. tonyboy987654

    tonyboy987654Hace un día


  32. Maddy Walker

    Maddy WalkerHace un día

    This was posted on my birthday

  33. leo_ boi

    leo_ boiHace un día

    i dunno weither to sing or enjoy it

  34. dakota5025

    dakota5025Hace un día

    Why does this give fergie vibes?-

  35. Carlos Alexandre

    Carlos AlexandreHace 2 días

    Bons tempos

  36. Nafisa Nawal Safa

    Nafisa Nawal SafaHace 2 días

    Ah this is my childhood 😍😛

  37. L

    LHace 2 días

    Not sure if anyone had it but there was a dance game on the Wii with just black eyed peas music I loved it as a kid I miss it lol

  38. Yelena Kaffa

    Yelena KaffaHace 2 días

    My brother sing dis all day

  39. strawberry

    strawberryHace 2 días

    2021, still get those humps:)

  40. Ольга Заксор

    Ольга ЗаксорHace 2 días

    Это было одно из первых видеоклипов которые я увидела в принципе в жизни

  41. Olivier Hauata

    Olivier HauataHace 2 días

    caca de la Vierge.

  42. Claudia Marcela Saavedra Rodriguez

    Claudia Marcela Saavedra RodriguezHace 2 días

    the best group.super.


    MILAD FAILLIHace 2 días


  44. Dromedda

    DromeddaHace 2 días

    Love the stereo bongos in the back. Sounds like the one playing is on speed though

  45. Midnight_Snacks

    Midnight_SnacksHace 2 días

    another song tiktok RUINED

  46. Renato Guinho

    Renato GuinhoHace 2 días


  47. Kevin Yeh

    Kevin YehHace 2 días

    If there was a song that represented Kim Kardashian the best, it's this one.

  48. Daniela Rojas

    Daniela RojasHace 2 días

    Porqué siempre en este tipo de canciones, solo comentan personas que hablan Inglés😥😂

  49. Antenor Morini Junior

    Antenor Morini JuniorHace 2 días

    Poor fergie, she didn't need to subject herself to that, someone else's shame for all women and for society that needs to demean women so much to have fun.

  50. The one who argues

    The one who arguesHace 3 días

    Я ем булочки и не поправляюсь.

  51. Holstn 17

    Holstn 17Hace 3 días

    وكر العصفور😂

  52. Nino Gvianidze

    Nino GvianidzeHace 3 días

    Fortunetly twerking was not popular at that time...

  53. M a n g ø T e a

    M a n g ø T e aHace 3 días

    Who watched this at 2021?

  54. gtkric fedr

    gtkric fedrHace 3 días

    M A N T R A!!!!

  55. Laine

    LaineHace 3 días

    Imagine being Fergie's son and coming across this video one day.

  56. 蘭Ranny

    蘭RannyHace 3 días

    ano bang kinakain mo kinakain mo sa yong pinggan. Bakit di mo na lng tignan at tikman sakin pinggan

  57. Eduardo Ignacio Robles Sosa

    Eduardo Ignacio Robles SosaHace 3 días

    The office ?

  58. Nawal ;0;

    Nawal ;0;Hace 3 días


  59. Débora Yasmin

    Débora YasminHace 3 días


  60. Pro Doge Gaming

    Pro Doge GamingHace 3 días


  61. Olivier Hauata

    Olivier HauataHace 3 días

    Je ne comprends toujours pas pourquoi tabou n'a toujours pas d'albums bordel!

  62. Olivier Hauata

    Olivier HauataHace 3 días


  63. Hopper The Marxist

    Hopper The MarxistHace 3 días

    Who knew 16 years later not only would I be a communist but a communist who defends the ussr. Back then I was just trying to grind on girls in the club we called it “freaking” back then do kids still do that

  64. Rick

    RickHace 3 días

    I love going back to old songs

  65. HanCholo

    HanCholoHace 3 días

    this used to be the song i put on when i wanted to make my move, cant wait for corona to be over

  66. Canal Do PeLoXa

    Canal Do PeLoXaHace 3 días

    yesssss muy bueno my amigos de plata de casa hiihihihihiihihih yes baby +

  67. Jefferson VR

    Jefferson VRHace 3 días

    presente los de la butifarda

  68. CrazyCheddarPreston

    CrazyCheddarPrestonHace 3 días

    pretty overhated song, of course, the phrase "my humps, my lovely lady lumps" is stupid but the peas do a good job performing and the beat is pretty good.


    SpACE BOUNCEHace 3 días

    Hi I am from the new time and this song still better than all the new women rappers

  70. MOBInoticias

    MOBInoticiasHace 3 días

    I like this song, BEP.

  71. Kpop_CutieCakes

    Kpop_CutieCakesHace 3 días

    the fact that i sang this at age 4 is just-

  72. Tabung LPG

    Tabung LPGHace un día

    stay away from tiktok

  73. Meem Salah

    Meem SalahHace 3 días

    جايه اشوف الاغنيه الاصليه من وسام ورغده شفت الشعبيه

  74. 조민지

    조민지Hace 3 días

    Wdser we r love again minji im your husband 💕 hh y im too fat ou ye

  75. 조민지

    조민지Hace 3 días

    2021 wahtsome

  76. Rukiye Erbaş

    Rukiye ErbaşHace 3 días

    Gelinteröründen geldim agagagag

  77. Hussain Talal

    Hussain TalalHace 3 días


  78. Ana Sanchez

    Ana SanchezHace 4 días

    Beatboxing blueberry

  79. regherde sazhege

    regherde sazhegeHace 4 días

    "Oh, spending all your money on me And spending time on me" - it didn't get to me in first place, what does the second line mean exactly))

  80. Spriñg Liñh

    Spriñg LiñhHace 4 días

    Auditions Việt Nam ost 😍😍😍😍

  81. Deepak Rawat

    Deepak RawatHace 4 días

    2021 Best Beats to beat Corona

  82. Franciny Ramirez

    Franciny RamirezHace 4 días


  83. Hilary Sánchez

    Hilary SánchezHace 4 días

    alguien que hable español aquí y que la este escuchando en 2021

  84. Muhammad Aryaa

    Muhammad AryaaHace 4 días


  85. valentina -.- mieles

    valentina -.- mielesHace 4 días


  86. MOBInoticias

    MOBInoticiasHace 4 días

    I love The Black Eyed Peas ❤️.

  87. Sierra Noelle

    Sierra NoelleHace 5 días

    I haven't watched this since 2017-

  88. Jayzpaii

    JayzpaiiHace 5 días

    Gosh, i found the original ILama Song :O

  89. Ming Rat

    Ming RatHace 5 días

    Same group are making songs like wheres the love where they talk bout negative images infecting the mind...are they not hypocrites

  90. ebru jr

    ebru jrHace 5 días

    Mattybraps and haschak sisters >>>>>> :3 lol

  91. Jacob Hoffman

    Jacob HoffmanHace 5 días

    Gotta be honest...this song is fucking awful 😂

  92. Samantha DuBois

    Samantha DuBoisHace 5 días

    I cannot believe it’s been 16 years since this video has been a thing

  93. Samantha DuBois

    Samantha DuBoisHace 2 días

    @zenitsu's simp it’s OK don’t worry about it

  94. Samantha DuBois

    Samantha DuBoisHace 2 días

    @zenitsu's simp It’s OK don’t worry about it

  95. zenitsu's simp

    zenitsu's simpHace 2 días

    @Samantha DuBois oh i'm sorry i didn't really know i am really sorry hope u forgive

  96. zenitsu's simp

    zenitsu's simpHace 2 días

    @Samantha DuBois oh i'm sorry i didn't really know i am really sorry hope u forgive

  97. Samantha DuBois

    Samantha DuBoisHace 2 días

    @zenitsu's simp and they posted it on ESdos 11 years ago but they actually made it in 2005

  98. Nadir SoLTani

    Nadir SoLTaniHace 5 días


  99. Cowboy Houston

    Cowboy HoustonHace 5 días


  100. Cowboy Houston

    Cowboy HoustonHace 5 días

    I love the song I can see it

  101. Elizaabeth Afton

    Elizaabeth AftonHace 5 días

    why did my dad show me this song :')

  102. Mhmd Alahmari

    Mhmd AlahmariHace un día


  103. Otis Smithenry Myers

    Otis Smithenry MyersHace 5 días

    Fergie is one of my favorite singers

  104. Rafael Macedo

    Rafael MacedoHace 5 días

    Morro de saudade. aff ¬¬

  105. p!rk!r

    p!rk!rHace 5 días

    I just remember this song from Reggie the Mouse smh

  106. João Wesley

    João WesleyHace 5 días

    Utica Queeeeeeen

  107. Shashini V

    Shashini VHace 5 días

    Tiktok make me to hear this

  108. Saad Goumr

    Saad GoumrHace 5 días


  109. Fernando Malto

    Fernando MaltoHace 5 días

    Good G(old) days

  110. Simply Iris

    Simply IrisHace 6 días

    Brooo I remember listening to this in 1st grade acting all cool 😎😎😎

  111. Prayag Nao

    Prayag NaoHace 6 días

    Anyone Humps lover 💃 ?