The Black Eyed Peas - The APL Song (Official Music Video)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing The APL Song. (C) 2004 Interscope Records
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    How cool Dante basco and chad Hugo is in this video

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    Who's here? May 2021

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    2021 🙌🏻

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    Balita - asin the original song

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    Vengo por floricienta jsjsjs

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    nice one pre. whos's with this 2021 listening, so dope

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    so powerful . hits right in the heart!

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    big love, been here 11 years for work, the most generous and hospitable people on earth

  10. Daniel Mendoza

    Daniel MendozaHace 19 días

    The reflection of the old man in the mirror is Dante Basco. He's the voice actor of Zuko from ATLA and Jake Long: The American Dragon

  11. Liezel Lansangan

    Liezel LansanganHace 20 días

    Amazing apl.

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    A good pinoy , one n only apple the apl , good tunes BEP

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    2021 na still babalik balikan koto

  14. ickochi

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    Sa mga nakalimot sa title at ni type "lapit mga kaibigan at makinig kayo"

  15. Miitsa Kajiri Pochury

    Miitsa Kajiri PochuryHace 24 días

    When I was 11-12 year my brother's use to play this son and east one of my favourite song .. now I'm 21 ,.... finall found this song 🔥😩❤️❤️❤️

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    2021 April?

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    Love from Venezuela!

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    Life in the philippines is hard but by power of love thats made us stronger

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    So they said true! Music connects world... No matter what the language is.. Soul understands (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━✿✿✿✿✿✿

  20. joshmher vosotros

    joshmher vosotrosHace 27 días

    This song is from Balita by Asin. It's about the atrocities that happened during the Martial Law under Marcos' regime. Ya'll might wanna check it out. It's a good song.

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    HI 2021

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    lapit mga barbero at pagupit ako, SEMI KALBO!

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    Greetings from Mongolia! We love you?

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    2021.04.15 rock on!

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    zasqZ wa

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    Im Malaysian and love this song.. Ur. 👑 king mann

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    HELEN SWORDHace un mes

    I love every song of Black Eyed Peas.😘It's 2021 and I'm still listening there songs.

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    Still listening today 👍🏻

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    2022 solid

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    I’m Australian and love this song, and love the BlackEyed Peas 🤘2021 Lets Go ‘!!!

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    Apr. 2021 🙏🙏🙏

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    ❤from Northeast India

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    yo this song hit me in the feels. 2021 much love from ph. keepsafe yall.

  38. Mr:Dome Malitong

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    I Don't Khow Only Admarn Family Meaning I doing When K.william Mean.i thinking BECAUSE Him very high temperature!

  39. Mariam Baramidze

    Mariam BaramidzeHace un mes

    I've been searching for this son since 2010 . finally, found it today.

  40. Wheatley Bea

    Wheatley BeaHace un mes

    I love this song since boyhood in various high schools attended away from home. It's makes me remember my lifestyle in my home village. Love from the south Pacific way of life.

  41. Gerald Vargas

    Gerald VargasHace un mes

    "Lapit mga kaibigan at makinig kayo (Listen up y'all) Ako'y may dala-dalang balita galing sa bayan ko (Listen closely y'all) Nais kong ipamahagi ang mga kwento at mga pangyayaring nagaganap sa lupang pinangako" Translation: "Come close, friends and listen (listen up y'all) I'm carrying a news from my hometown (Listen closely y'all) I wanted to share the stories and events taking place in the promised land"

  42. Ma. Lucia Laborte

    Ma. Lucia LaborteHace un mes

    Proud Filipino here!! 🇵🇭💕💕

  43. Rye G-therz

    Rye G-therzHace un mes

    Is that Dante Basco at 2:40?!?!!? How have I never noticed this?

  44. Mark

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    This Is The First Song I Heard From The Blacked Eyes Peas, Still Love It

  45. amier kamak

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    2021 still listening in this song. Still the best local song for me

  46. mark amon

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    Respect and love for every Mother land..thank you Apl for all humanitarian Kindness;)praying for you for 400 days remaining:)Glory to God.

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    March 24,2021 💖🎶🎶

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    Old but gold

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    March 22,2021 whose here?

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  52. ZEN ZEN

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    this takes me back to my uni days. With just the study lights on in the middle of the night, playing this song on the PC. Me and my roomie we just lay in our beds and chill.

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    Salute to all OFWs

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    20052021 anyone listening yet dunno the meaning 🙄🙄

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    LSS with this song

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    Love from Mongolia🇲🇳

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    Beautiful song from legendary Apl D Ap

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    2021 🖤

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    original song is by asin known as balita

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    lapit mga kaibigan at makinig kayo 🤩🥳😎

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    March 2021 Demolition brought me here ;(

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    Flipino ww2 veterans received their final pay because of this song

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    This is one of my fav song of all time when i was still in school.. and now im near 30y/o. Im not even philipines but I felt very nostalgic. Such a good song ❤

  64. Mike D.

    Mike D.Hace 2 meses

    Black Eyed Peas do more collaborations with Filipino artists.

  65. Olzhas Mahmetov

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    Best song ever !! KAZAKHSTAN 2021!

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    我在菲律宾呆过2年,我挺喜欢那里的,希望菲律宾人民生活越来越好,健健康康快乐,peace and love

  67. paulo merin

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    2:47 about to his brother who had been killed

  68. Skylit 824

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    2004 pag naririg ko to ayaw ko ng pumasok

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    This song is bon top

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    I am from India can't understand filipino but i like this song tunning and voice so much love from India from Heart

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    14.03.2021 still hear and love yah guys

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    Love this all time

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    MARCH 2021 still watching 💖

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    2021 anyone?

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    The best cguro kung mgcocollab si EZ MIL and Apl de ap

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    I like it ..

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    Gaano karaming pilipino andito.

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    Napaka calming ng song na ito

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    excited for your collab with ez mil 🇵🇭☺️

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    Who is here because of instagram...))

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    Oh shit?! Dante Biasco???

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    Solid pa den kahit 2021

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    March 2, 2021 🎉💖

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    All through 9th grade i used to sing this song like mad. I'm indian and didn't know that a language called tagalog exists. But i appreciated apl's story a lot

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    nice song

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    Anyone here in 2021 like here 👇👇

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    Waaaww after many years I hears again this song.. LEGEND🇵🇭

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    Feb 25, 2021 🔥🔥🔥

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    Never thought that the old guy was prince Zuko when he's young!!

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    Aney one 2021

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    От Ирины кайратовна привет

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