The Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit) (Behind The Scenes)

Music video by The Black Eyed Peas performing The Time (Dirty Bit). (C) 2010 Interscope Records
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  1. Josh89

    Josh89Hace 4 meses

    Fergie: this video is nostalgic to us Everyone else: me too

  2. phv2901

    phv2901Hace 5 meses

    1:24 Me currently here in 2020: 𝐢 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭.


    KILL MAURICEHace 6 meses

    Hearing them talking about how this song feels nostalgic to them, about this new era and youth, about that new technology they're playing with... Then you remember, this was a decade ago.

  4. Yamaha Mio Sporty

    Yamaha Mio SportyHace 11 meses

    si will i am Hawig ni kokey😂😂 anak nya ba si kokey😂😂

  5. Rameses Viera

    Rameses VieraHace un año

    2019? Anyone

  6. Sang Woody

    Sang WoodyHace un año

    he say pixel i thought he say Minecraft XD

  7. Marina Trehen

    Marina TrehenHace 2 años


  8. funda yagli

    funda yagliHace 2 años

    There are great together

  9. satish8299

    satish8299Hace 2 años

    Everybody still goes crazy on this song when going out, well when i am out i am so happy to hear it. Black Eyed Peas the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing people together.

  10. vincent huwart

    vincent huwartHace 2 años


  11. Raya Alatas

    Raya AlatasHace 2 años

    miss u guys . taboo

  12. Carrie Peel

    Carrie PeelHace 2 años

    360 is normal know

  13. Carrie Peel

    Carrie PeelHace 2 años

    The beginning song the end??????

  14. Ayken Ay

    Ayken AyHace 3 años

    geri dönün lann fergie de olsun ama

  15. Tight Flight Productions

    Tight Flight ProductionsHace 3 años

    Hey guys come and check out my ROCK COVER! TO Meet Me Halfway ;)

  16. Erttyy Adgshkl

    Erttyy AdgshklHace 4 años

    who watched the last video and now are here to remember the old memories from late 2000s

  17. Ying

    YingHace 4 años


  18. NoPain NoGain

    NoPain NoGainHace 4 años


  19. Isabely Fernandes

    Isabely FernandesHace 4 años


  20. Kash Ghost

    Kash GhostHace 4 años

    these guys are fucking legendary!

  21. Diego Pereira

    Diego PereiraHace 4 años

    Missing you togheter guys.... The world its not the same without your energy.... Feerg, please comeback :'(

  22. Windan Rogers

    Windan RogersHace 10 meses

    *together* and I just found out that Fergie left like right now

  23. Rollo

    RolloHace 2 años

    They just uploaded😃

  24. Carrie Peel

    Carrie PeelHace 2 años

    Diego Pereira what happened to them????

  25. Joseane Corrêa

    Joseane CorrêaHace 4 años


  26. kayne Lundon

    kayne LundonHace 4 años

    i hope that the black eyed peas come to nz in 2016

  27. Marialuisa Papa

    Marialuisa PapaHace 4 años

    Taboo so sexy!!

  28. Maya

    MayaHace 4 años

    how many Fergie fans hear? 👍

  29. DeAndre Kincaid

    DeAndre KincaidHace 3 años

    FoxyGamer 101 I agree

  30. Sahil Saxena

    Sahil SaxenaHace 3 años


  31. Romane Youtube

    Romane YoutubeHace 4 años

    taboo so cute

  32. Marion Gasse

    Marion GasseHace 5 años

    that video is perfect With Fergie, Taboo, and apl.d.ap

  33. happysmash27

    happysmash27Hace 5 años

    But how in the world did they do the voxelization?!?!?!

  34. Alisson Medranda

    Alisson MedrandaHace 5 años


  35. Larissa Esponja

    Larissa EsponjaHace 6 años

    they will return in 2015!

  36. Fariz Fahreza

    Fariz FahrezaHace 3 años

    More Shabnab and now is 2017

  37. Dr.Archipielago

    Dr.ArchipielagoHace 5 años

    aaaaand thats a fucking lie little kid

  38. Andreea Andronache

    Andreea AndronacheHace 6 años

    I love this group

  39. micah slade

    micah sladeHace 6 años


  40. rosmad2

    rosmad2Hace 6 años

    Otra cosa este video esta incre

  41. Mel_19UZ

    Mel_19UZHace 6 años

    And... Where are the BLACK EYED PEAS?

  42. Mel_19UZ

    Mel_19UZHace 6 años

    oh thanks

  43. January

    JanuaryHace 6 años

    They are taking a break because fergie had her baby with Josh jamel

  44. GameR Latino

    GameR LatinoHace 6 años

    Like 2014

  45. Karla Gomes

    Karla GomesHace 7 años

    Uul .-.

  46. Awesomeness On Youtube

    Awesomeness On YoutubeHace 7 años

    They haven't comformed their break up.

  47. Freddie Young

    Freddie YoungHace 7 años

    that was amazing

  48. Omar Aguiniga

    Omar AguinigaHace 7 años

    They know minecraft now way

  49. Radheya U

    Radheya UHace 7 años



    SOTY MOOKYHace 7 años

    awesome made!

  51. Albert Tee

    Albert TeeHace 8 años

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  52. SF-13

    SF-13Hace 8 años

    IN THE WORDS OF TOBUSCUS hothothothothothothothothothothothothothothothot

  53. X P

    X PHace 8 años

    How many pairs of glasses does tabbo have ???

  54. Matheus Gomes

    Matheus GomesHace 8 años

    888888, its my

  55. Mary Brooks

    Mary BrooksHace 8 años

    Taboo looks like James Maslow! Tell the truth everybody.

  56. 4everJcool

    4everJcoolHace 8 años

    my cousin has beat but i think zig zags and beats are the ish

  57. yehyeh yeh

    yehyeh yehHace 8 años


  58. Jeremy Morris

    Jeremy MorrisHace 8 años

    Fergie is so HOTT!!!!!!!

  59. Simple Sparks

    Simple SparksHace 8 años

    70 peeps are party poopers =.=..

  60. lensol

    lensolHace 8 años

    David Guetta has the biggest orgasm next to the video...

  61. Cristian Schneider Van Dyck

    Cristian Schneider Van DyckHace 8 años

    3:27 parece la voz de una azafata, no?

  62. Sharon Conley

    Sharon ConleyHace 8 años

    is she a les

  63. TunazRecordz

    TunazRecordzHace 8 años

    great song and i was curious to see how they make this great song keep like this!!!

  64. Dude Bro

    Dude BroHace 8 años

    @x0ThePlayerOfGames0x IDK o_O

  65. Redlighting007

    Redlighting007Hace 8 años

    wtf? why are the comments beginning with things like dsfsgyjdfd- and stuff?

  66. misteryiulia

    misteryiuliaHace 8 años

    what the hell is with all these spam comments ????

  67. Nic O'Neill

    Nic O'NeillHace 8 años


  68. selenasproblem

    selenasproblemHace 9 años

    fergie is reall sexy ah

  69. Thomas Hristov

    Thomas HristovHace 9 años

    taboo and fergie are my fave

  70. Ricky Zhu

    Ricky ZhuHace 9 años

    watch my i gotta feeling on the piano!

  71. William Berlin

    William BerlinHace 9 años

    @lucasmanissong what do you mean ... not completely human?

  72. Alex

    AlexHace 9 años

    fergie you fat pig

  73. sruxlove92

    sruxlove92Hace 9 años

    "Taboo: Wassup ya'll its the black eyed others: peas" \m/

  74. anyel don Montero

    anyel don MonteroHace 9 años

    i like it the song

  75. Bangtan Slay

    Bangtan SlayHace 9 años

    0:01 helping u from watching ads

  76. Elliot -

    Elliot -Hace 9 años

    what song was the time ripped off from? some1 pls tell me...

  77. Megazepe1

    Megazepe1Hace 9 años


  78. David

    DavidHace 9 años

    @jobo9173 I would change 2 thigs: 4. (cuz now he is not completely human) 3. Taboo (cuz he is part latin like me) 2. Apl-de-ap (cuz he is Fillipino!) 1. Fergie...I love to...write that (she is HOT And SEXY and i love her) ;P

  79. Jp Junod

    Jp JunodHace 9 años


  80. Janscar

    JanscarHace 9 años

    My top 4 best in the band 4. Taboo 3. Will-i-am 2. Fergie (Cause she's sexy) 1. apl d ap (Philippine Pride yow!)

  81. Magnho Soares

    Magnho SoaresHace 9 años

    Muito foda esses caras. Vascoooooo.

  82. Diogo Brandao

    Diogo BrandaoHace 9 años


  83. Estela Cornejo

    Estela CornejoHace 9 años


  84. Yamaha Mio Sporty

    Yamaha Mio SportyHace 11 meses

    Estela Cornejo Kmsta na kaya sila ngayon no May sakit pala si Tabo

  85. gaabii279

    gaabii279Hace 9 años

    Is Taboo related to Sel Gomez ? Hope not....(by that i mean his real name:Jaime Luis Gomez)

  86. MoonSpells13

    MoonSpells13Hace 9 años

    I love Taboo glasses and his hair he looks cool!

  87. ridenduro

    ridenduroHace 9 años

    taboo its vodka

  88. Walter White

    Walter WhiteHace 9 años

    press 5 and 6 alternately fast ... it says [on shit]

  89. Hope Hustoft

    Hope HustoftHace 9 años

    wait the last time theyr together as a foursome theyr splitting up? :(

  90. Dan

    DanHace 9 años

    where's the crazy dance girl ???? Im sad now

  91. GodPoseidonZ

    GodPoseidonZHace 9 años

    @shikitokaproto Whats is Rare of APL

  92. Andrew McAnon

    Andrew McAnonHace 9 años

    @shadowsangel123 Because BED has turned into and Fergie, with a rare occurance of Apl.

  93. mustchelover21

    mustchelover21Hace 9 años

    Taboo looks so hot with his short hair!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Amondium

    AmondiumHace 9 años

    Minute 1:40 xD Lol

  95. KrissyCupcakes

    KrissyCupcakesHace 9 años

    why doesn't taboo get a solo? :(

  96. Lan1998

    Lan1998Hace 9 años

    I love Taboo!

  97. 1CherokeeChief

    1CherokeeChiefHace 9 años

    Taboos cartoon is awsome!

  98. 1CherokeeChief

    1CherokeeChiefHace 9 años

    Taboos cartton is awsome!

  99. Rachel C

    Rachel CHace 9 años

    A guy and a girl are coming home from a date. Guy: I've had the time of my life.. Girl: Me too Guy: And I never felt this way before.. Girl: Me too! Guy: And I swear this is true.. Girl: *smiles* Guy: And I owe it all to you *looks at girl and smiles* Girl: Aw! I love y- Guy: DIRTY BIT! *starts to dance*

  100. broendbyif

    broendbyifHace 9 años

    @Oyeczka :D

  101. Andriy Yuzov

    Andriy YuzovHace 9 años

    Thank you. I like Black Eyed Peas very much. And this song very-very much. Pixalating is hypnotyzing. Dirty Bit makes me dance!

  102. Taco salad

    Taco saladHace 9 años

    we ani't messing with the maggonts!!?!?!?!?!!

  103. Spectator

    SpectatorHace 9 años

    Fergie hypnotized me at the end

  104. Eliška Suchá

    Eliška SucháHace 9 años

    fergie is very very very very beutiful

  105. Roisin O'Hara

    Roisin O'HaraHace 9 años

    what was doin on the floor

  106. katherinecat09111

    katherinecat09111Hace 9 años

    my smexi taboo isnt singing in this song (d)

  107. xy274

    xy274Hace 9 años


  108. Natalie Shaw

    Natalie ShawHace 9 años

    Can I ask a favour ? Could you check out my page & share some vlogging advice and ideas please ? ill love you forever ? ... and ever ?

  109. Ivan Wong

    Ivan WongHace 9 años

    @owenm9216 i booked that too!

  110. Steven Nuñez

    Steven NuñezHace 9 años

    i like the avatars of you