The Black Eyed Peas - Toazted Interview 2003 (Part 1)

Check out this interview with Taboo and, just before the big breakthrough of the Black eyed Peas.
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  1. Smail Moussaoui

    Smail MoussaouiHace 3 años

    The Black Eyed Peas

  2. gwyneth nesselrode

    gwyneth nesselrodeHace 5 años

    Omg I love there music y did they brake up

  3. Kitty Cat

    Kitty CatHace 5 años

    Please make more music me and my Dad love your music so so much we really want you back so much that me and my dad can't describe how much we want you to make more music. P.S. Our fav is I gotta feeling and another is light up the night. :3 miss you 😫😫😫

  4. Gissell Lopez

    Gissell LopezHace 5 años

    plz make more music me and my mom love you guys and miss you plz i am only ten and i miss your music

  5. dom quiroga

    dom quirogaHace 6 años

    300th like! i feel lucky

  6. Rod Wolfe

    Rod WolfeHace 6 años

    Didn't they break up

  7. Beatriz Snf

    Beatriz SnfHace 6 años

    OMG!!!!!! I loveyou guys :3 please! come back

  8. Red

    RedHace 6 años

    please come back! I miss you guys so damn bad!!!

  9. Tiffany

    TiffanyHace 6 años

    #TheBlackEyedPeas4Life I Love The Black Eyed Peas!!!!

  10. Gerson Lucas

    Gerson LucasHace 6 años

    Saudades Black Eyed Peas aqui no Brasil

  11. iker mendez

    iker mendezHace 6 años

    Black eyed peas again?

  12. RareCreature

    RareCreatureHace 5 años

    @BEPBODY They still didin't came ;-;


    BLAISEJONESHace 6 años

    Yes June 2015

  14. Luka Klauzer

    Luka KlauzerHace 6 años

    No :(

  15. TheIrbe

    TheIrbeHace 6 años

    damn, thought that they were back

  16. Gonzalo FM

    Gonzalo FMHace 6 años


  17. Nee

    NeeHace 6 años

    glad u guys are always up to date

  18. Agus Vega

    Agus VegaHace 6 años


  19. RastaBrosStudios

    RastaBrosStudiosHace 6 años

    Awsome song

  20. pollo gaymer

    pollo gaymerHace 6 años


  21. nctacoz

    nctacozHace 6 años


  22. Cem Özdemir

    Cem ÖzdemirHace 6 años

    Kizlar s.a

  23. GameRatGaming

    GameRatGamingHace 6 años