The Black Eyed Peas - Toazted Interview 2004 (part 1)

Interview with at the Pinkpop festival, 2004, Holland, prior to the break through of the Black Eyed Peas.
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  1. Mohamed Alborno

    Mohamed AlbornoHace 2 años

    come to Palo Alto

  2. Remixed Rhythms

    Remixed RhythmsHace 2 años

    Wonderful! Always a treat, since it give me a bit of encouragement to keep making music. I can’t wait to see what you upload next! 💗

  3. Smail Moussaoui

    Smail MoussaouiHace 3 años

    the black eyed peas

  4. Jhosh McLovin

    Jhosh McLovinHace 3 años


  5. Thamb 259

    Thamb 259Hace 3 años


  6. Fregress

    FregressHace 3 años


  7. Fernanndo Gonzalez

    Fernanndo GonzalezHace 4 años

    etan chias zuscansiiones

  8. The Journey Not Conquest

    The Journey Not ConquestHace 4 años


  9. I love SARABAH

    I love SARABAHHace 4 años

    are you dead

  10. Bobir Abdurasulov

    Bobir AbdurasulovHace 4 años

    What's up bro

  11. Sam Korver

    Sam KorverHace 4 años


  12. Val Vazquez

    Val VazquezHace 4 años


  13. Fernando incognito

    Fernando incognitoHace 4 años

    why you disapear

  14. UvaPassaTV

    UvaPassaTVHace 4 años

    B.E.P. you're sooo amazing pls come back :( can't wait

  15. Adrian Abiraham

    Adrian AbirahamHace 4 años


  16. Adrian Abiraham

    Adrian AbirahamHace 4 años


  17. whereisthemoonlight

    whereisthemoonlightHace 4 años


  18. Denis AGON

    Denis AGONHace 4 años

    Ferit İbiçoğlu zszqq

  19. Raihan Purboyo

    Raihan PurboyoHace 4 años


  20. ava raene

    ava raeneHace 5 años

    Are they quitting?

  21. Mr Chicken

    Mr ChickenHace 5 años

    What happend to them?

  22. Heart

    HeartHace 5 años

    who is watching this in 2016

  23. Atún Dolores

    Atún DoloresHace 5 años

    Come back!!!!😖😔😭

  24. R M

    R MHace 5 años

    are they still alive?

  25. geaux rob

    geaux robHace 4 años

    +Master Chicken He is true. It was 8 months ago

  26. PickleWickle

    PickleWickleHace 4 años

    @Thomas Yang Yesterday

  27. Ilyas d'Agrella

    Ilyas d'AgrellaHace 4 años

    +Master Chicken what's the name of the song m8

  28. PickleWickle

    PickleWickleHace 4 años

    yes they are they made a new song

  29. Tohmis

    TohmisHace 4 años


  30. Víctor Gómez

    Víctor GómezHace 5 años

    #VOLTA Black Eyed Peas

  31. Krul Gaming

    Krul GamingHace 5 años

    What happened with the peas?

  32. Ninguém

    NinguémHace 5 años


  33. Kater

    KaterHace 5 años


  34. Daniel Brandao

    Daniel BrandaoHace 5 años

    vim pelo castanha

  35. lol kek

    lol kekHace 5 años

    Посмотрите мой канал))))

  36. isaiah Hernandez

    isaiah HernandezHace 5 años


  37. T DUB

    T DUBHace 4 años


  38. i’m lego

    i’m legoHace 5 años

    What happens to BLACK EYED PEACE?

  39. joão vitor santos souza

    joão vitor santos souzaHace 5 años

    :c sumiram

  40. LA PEPPA

    LA PEPPAHace 5 años


  41. Layla Encarnacion

    Layla EncarnacionHace 5 años

    I Only Have One Request For The Black Eyed Peas, Can you please have an reunion where all the black eyed peas members come together and collaborate on one song. It would be a miracle if you could. So Please

  42. amazingasian

    amazingasianHace 4 años

    +Free Commenter and the song is called yesterday

  43. amazingasian

    amazingasianHace 4 años

    Unm they kinda have without Fergie. The song celebrates their 20 year anniversary but Fergie only joined in 2003 it's honestly will's apl's and taboo's celebration

  44. nawaf alghamdi

    nawaf alghamdiHace 4 años


  45. nawaf alghamdi

    nawaf alghamdiHace 4 años

    They will its only because the girl is pregnant

  46. Efrain Vargas

    Efrain VargasHace 5 años

    damn that song pump it was my favorite but now they are gone

  47. Nashi Takahashi

    Nashi TakahashiHace 4 años

    No the girls was pregnant

  48. Chris R.

    Chris R.Hace 5 años

    i need new Album , please

  49. Martyna Powęska

    Martyna PowęskaHace 5 años

    you will still record?

  50. Guilherme Silva

    Guilherme SilvaHace 5 años

    Come baaaaaack Pls 😭

  51. amazingasian

    amazingasianHace 4 años

    +Jasper Rojas so atleast they're back

  52. icedoutslater

    icedoutslaterHace 5 años

    +SoocksIRL Which was ages ago

  53. amazingasian

    amazingasianHace 5 años

    They are with a song called yesterday

  54. Daniel Mendoza

    Daniel MendozaHace 5 años

    va volver

  55. Logic Flakes

    Logic FlakesHace 5 años

    what happened to them

  56. amazingasian

    amazingasianHace 5 años

    They're back with a new song they never broke up they just took a break because Fergie was pregnant

  57. amazingasian

    amazingasianHace 5 años

    +Toxin Gaming no they didn't break up

  58. Toxin Games

    Toxin GamesHace 5 años

    The broke up

  59. Baetta's Life

    Baetta's LifeHace 5 años

    Retour Black eyed peas, les Brésiliens vous manquer !!BR aqui!!!


    BANANAMAN78Hace 5 años

    When are they goin to make another song


    SUPERMAN PRIMEHace 5 años

    +Стилян Димов 2016🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊😆😆😆😄😄😄😃😃😃😊😊😊😎😎😎


    SUPERMAN PRIMEHace 5 años

    +Стилян Димов 2016🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊😆😆😆😄😄😄😃😃😃😊😊😊😎😎😎

  63. StillDimm

    StillDimmHace 5 años

    i think never ;'(

  64. Star. Josie

    Star. JosieHace 5 años

    Do more video Es plz plz

  65. Lerigou Lerigou

    Lerigou LerigouHace 5 años

    Volta Black eyed peas💘💘

  66. cristianos

    cristianosHace 4 años

    Lerigou Lerigou Lançaram uma ano passado

  67. Kiko Lindo

    Kiko LindoHace 4 años

    a musica Wherethisislove

  68. Shima Nagazap

    Shima NagazapHace 4 años

    Sério? Qual?

  69. Emillyn Salvalaggio

    Emillyn SalvalaggioHace 4 años

    eles colocaram uma música nova esse mês

  70. davi åhr

    davi åhrHace 5 años

    +Nathan Rios 💜 I Froom Brazil ✌

  71. Louis

    LouisHace 5 años

    Who s have 💢💢🎧The Black Eyed Peas Experience?🎶💢💢

  72. Karol Ortiz

    Karol OrtizHace 5 años

    es mi grupo favorito ..

  73. Nicolas Vidal

    Nicolas VidalHace 4 años

    siii ojala volvieran...

  74. Diego Ibañez

    Diego IbañezHace 5 años

    @Karol Daniela Ortiz Espitia Mmm porque?

  75. Diego Ibañez

    Diego IbañezHace 5 años

    @Karol Daniela Ortiz Espitia Mmm porque?

  76. Karol Ortiz

    Karol OrtizHace 5 años

    @Diego Ibañez lástima q se separaron

  77. isaiah Hernandez

    isaiah HernandezHace 5 años

    yo también mucho

  78. Agus

    AgusHace 5 años

    I miss them so bad... they are still my favourite band 😢💞

  79. SkalDi

    SkalDiHace 5 años

    WHERE ARE U !?!?!?!??!?!

  80. Im Eutuber

    Im EutuberHace 5 años


  81. Nextvortexgaming Nextvortexgaming

    Nextvortexgaming NextvortexgamingHace 5 años

    i think they just went away like justin biber and come back after 5-6 years

  82. Maria Luiza De Souza

    Maria Luiza De SouzaHace 5 años

    Caramba, melhor banda de todas, ainda ouço todas as músicas ;-; Saudades, muitas saudades de vocês...

  83. Shima Nagazap

    Shima NagazapHace 5 años

    Ninguém morreu, só pararam pq a furgie(espero ter escrito corretamente) teve um filho e queria dedicar mais seu tempo a família, todos respeitaram sua opinião e desfizeram a banda, mais eles confirmam que não deviam ter desfeito a banda,tanto que em 2015(se não me engano) eles foram em um evento e cantaram uma nova musica sem a furgie(espero ter escrito corretamente) e dps i gotta feeling, junto cm ela, eles estão planejando voltar mais não sabem quando

  84. ㅤGraphics抑郁症是

    ㅤGraphics抑郁症是Hace 5 años

    +EVIL OF WAR Claro que não. De onde você tirou isso?

  85. Larz Larou

    Larz LarouHace 5 años

    morreu 0 ( 0

  86. Larz Larou

    Larz LarouHace 5 años

    Um deles morreram? 0 ( 0

  87. CAUA MARTINS Alves

    CAUA MARTINS AlvesHace 5 años

    R.i.p banda:,(,,,,,,,,,

  88. Mateo Karel

    Mateo KarelHace 5 años


  89. Millie

    MillieHace 5 años

    Why did they stop singing together?

  90. Nashi Takahashi

    Nashi TakahashiHace 4 años

    They didn't

  91. Finn

    FinnHace 5 años

    We are still waiting..... you know what i mean right?

  92. Jacob Chapman

    Jacob ChapmanHace 5 años


  93. Jacob Chapman

    Jacob ChapmanHace 5 años

    The BlackEyedPeas: 2 Billion biews.

  94. Jose Diego

    Jose DiegoHace 5 años


  95. anthony valle

    anthony valleHace 5 años


  96. Samet Kurubal

    Samet KurubalHace 6 años

    My :'(

  97. Rafael Bras

    Rafael BrasHace 6 años

    Comi bequi BR amo suas músicas

  98. Marianna Morel

    Marianna MorelHace 6 años


  99. Brooke Stephens

    Brooke StephensHace 6 años

    Why did they break up? Its stupid how they did that they could have been bigger than ariana grande and miley cyrus if they were still together but they decided to break up? They had great music but bad hearts for there fans.

  100. amazingasian

    amazingasianHace 4 años

    But they didn't break up they're back with a song called yesterday, search it up

  101. Johnny Cash

    Johnny CashHace 6 años

    Like if Waching 2015

  102. Johnny Cash

    Johnny CashHace 6 años

  103. marley

    marleyHace 6 años

    see I am Spanish but I am translating this to see what happened to black eyed peas tell me please !!!

  104. amazingasian

    amazingasianHace 4 años

    +LANCEitzMe OMG guys stop spreading rumours look they're back with a song called yesterday search it up

  105. Digital2Pulse

    Digital2PulseHace 5 años

    +frizzy frog its true they did disbanded,Ap de ap went back to philippines

  106. PacRat

    PacRatHace 5 años

    I don't know but people are saying the did a band break up or something it's a shame cause there actually awesome

  107. Gabriela Rosales

    Gabriela RosalesHace 6 años

    Come back plz😭😭😭😭 Im seriously crying

  108. 2JZ TRD

    2JZ TRDHace 6 años

    you know?

  109. FPC-Virtual

    FPC-VirtualHace 6 años

    I would love to see the faces of these two dudes. I did love listening and watching the Black Eyed Peas. Whatever happened to the group? Y'all folks used to rock the Net and everywhere. Please come back!

  110. Thisisaninterestingusername

    ThisisaninterestingusernameHace 6 años

    What happend to these guys? they went from famous to unknown.

  111. alfxalfa

    alfxalfaHace 6 años

    I really hope they get back together.

  112. John Liska

    John LiskaHace 6 años

    Me too

  113. Are you a Hutu or a Tutsi?

    Are you a Hutu or a Tutsi?Hace 6 años

    sad how they left

  114. Kuba

    KubaHace 6 años

    I love the black eyed Peas - come back :(!!!!

  115. Havin Gürcan

    Havin GürcanHace 6 años

    come back noooww!!! )-:

  116. Sara ayman

    Sara aymanHace 6 años

    what happened?

  117. jonathan emiliano

    jonathan emilianoHace 6 años

    Porfas suban mas vídeos me encantan son la onda

  118. Fernando Arrieta

    Fernando ArrietaHace 6 años

    Vuelval :'(

  119. Aurora Furias

    Aurora FuriasHace 6 años


  120. Addison B.

    Addison B.Hace 6 años

    Come back to making music please!!!!!!!

  121. bomboy2121

    bomboy2121Hace 6 años

    miss you ;(

  122. Eat Your Cookies

    Eat Your CookiesHace 6 años

    Miss you :( COME BACK!!!...

  123. Christina Carrasco

    Christina CarrascoHace 4 años

    Free Commenter l

  124. amazingasian

    amazingasianHace 5 años

    +isabella lebrato they can't make a lot in a month they're working on an album

  125. YvngGloryJay

    YvngGloryJayHace 5 años

    They are back new video poster yesterday and it's called yesterday

  126. noir ramen

    noir ramenHace 5 años


  127. ht

    htHace 6 años

    @Zachary L This band crashed, they not making music together now.

  128. Hoa Nguyen

    Hoa NguyenHace 6 años


  129. jason tokarski

    jason tokarskiHace 6 años

    Like every one please come back I got all your songs. Your my favorite band ever

  130. Jamie cook

    Jamie cookHace 6 años

    after I herd my first song by this band I thought it was a good band! where have you guys been all this time! how has life been all these years!? I hope your all doing great sine 2004! :D

  131. Florian Harche

    Florian HarcheHace 6 años


  132. Ismael Gavia

    Ismael GaviaHace 6 años

    Que cancion es la del fondo?

  133. Christian Martinez

    Christian MartinezHace 6 años

    "you know?" lol lost track of how many times he said that xD

  134. Aurora Furias

    Aurora FuriasHace 6 años

    Yeah, you know?

  135. Nussie Boswell

    Nussie BoswellHace 6 años

    So many comeing at me I dont .well u here

  136. Nussie Boswell

    Nussie BoswellHace 6 años

    Awsome bad to the bone Nussie Boswell

  137. Jonathan Walter

    Jonathan WalterHace 6 años

    I Love BEP...

  138. WorldGames

    WorldGamesHace 6 años

    Ок Засираем Американский ЧАТ.Русские ИДУТ СУКИ.Скоро ядерная война тогда и послушаем вас


    GIANT POTATOES!Hace 6 años



    GIANT POTATOES!Hace 5 años

    @Darien Ly but then it died :c

  141. Robert Ly

    Robert LyHace 5 años

    +Theodorito and had been reincarnated

  142. Theo

    TheoHace 5 años

    @GIANT POTATOES! Then we became ghosts.


    GIANT POTATOES!Hace 5 años

    @Theodorito then I died.

  144. Theo

    TheoHace 5 años

    @GIANT POTATOES! Then ebola traveled through the air into you.

  145. Shah

    ShahHace 6 años

    Come back

  146. Navid Aslami

    Navid AslamiHace 6 años

    Why are you guys not making more song i miss black i peas

  147. Kary Isidro

    Kary IsidroHace 6 años


  148. Giovanni Librera

    Giovanni LibreraHace 6 años


  149. MoonlightSolace

    MoonlightSolaceHace 6 años

    Uploaded on my birthday😂

  150. Advmmm

    AdvmmmHace 6 años

    Like this comment if you want the 'Black Eyed Peas' back!

  151. Victor Ramos

    Victor RamosHace 6 años

    what append new at this

  152. Victor Ramos

    Victor RamosHace 6 años


  153. Larry Larry

    Larry LarryHace 6 años


  154. SpAAzer Warface

    SpAAzer WarfaceHace 6 años


  155. BearyNChairy

    BearyNChairyHace 6 años

    I loved your songs when I was younger I still do plz come back

  156. Nerijus Kudžma

    Nerijus KudžmaHace 4 años

    I'm sorry. My fault. But william and Fergie did create songs alone

  157. amazingasian

    amazingasianHace 4 años

    +Nerijus Kudžma don't lie pls it annoys me. It was a break! They're back with a song called yesterday

  158. wurld

    wurldHace 6 años

    Guys Taboo said that they are making a new song and the reason they stopped making music is because the are making projects to see what's going to be their 20th anniversary song

  159. Sar Sereiboth

    Sar SereibothHace 6 años

    @Nerijus Kudžma thank for telling me bro :-D

  160. Nerijus Kudžma

    Nerijus KudžmaHace 6 años

    They had well not very much fans so he quit because he waned to have a lot of fans