The Black Eyed Peas - Toazted Interview 2004 (part 3)

Interview with at the Pinkpop festival, 2004, Holland, prior to the break through of the Black Eyed Peas.
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  1. rafik benchabane

    rafik benchabaneHace 2 años

    black eyed peas

  2. Redroxx is not a scam

    Redroxx is not a scamHace 2 años

    Yo this is sick guys!! Keep this up. Don’t listen to the hate

  3. Smail Moussaoui

    Smail MoussaouiHace 3 años

    The Black Eyed Peas

  4. cute cat

    cute catHace 5 años


  5. RORY Farr

    RORY FarrHace 6 años

  6. Andrianna Ashe

    Andrianna AsheHace 6 años

    Damn..when I saw this video at first I was like "yay they are back" and then I saw "2004"

  7. ANfilm 2

    ANfilm 2Hace 6 años

    Check "Awesome" - the song to nba. They really back!

  8. Denise Santos Santos

    Denise Santos SantosHace 6 años

    Amo esse quarteto. .. gosto demais dos clips deles


    TV PEPEUHace 6 años

    Alguém ta entendo algo ? Se tive me explica por favo. Kkkkkkk

  10. TV PEPEU

    TV PEPEUHace 6 años


  11. Denise

    DeniseHace 6 años

    so are they back together?

  12. X

    XHace 6 años


  13. Cam McEwen

    Cam McEwenHace 6 años