The Black Eyed Peas - Weekend ft. Esthero (Official Music Video)

Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Weekend. (C) 2000 Interscope
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  1. Lucky

    LuckyHace un día

    alguien del 2021?

  2. diaz myna

    diaz mynaHace 11 días

    Hey 2021!!!

  3. Ed Suratos

    Ed SuratosHace 13 días


  4. Ed Suratos

    Ed SuratosHace 13 días

    0:04 - Cheese Beef Omelete?

  5. Sandro Benavides

    Sandro BenavidesHace 27 días

    0:29 i used to think this part was so funny when i was like 8

  6. R I

    R IHace un mes

    Here on a real 4 day weekend. Party never ends!!

  7. Itumeleng Solar Modise

    Itumeleng Solar ModiseHace un mes

    Here in 2021!!! This song randomly pops in my head sometimes... a fave ♥️

  8. Dee Palmer

    Dee PalmerHace un mes

    Even though I love Fergie, Esthero was amazing with this band! Wish she’d do something with BEP again!

  9. aDarcone

    aDarconeHace 2 meses


  10. りえくりばやし

    りえくりばやしHace 2 meses

    I’ve used to had the TV.

  11. Rakim Lee Raphael

    Rakim Lee RaphaelHace 3 meses

    When they were greatest 👑

  12. Zakaria Abdi

    Zakaria AbdiHace 3 meses

    I used to follow black eyed peas when they made music like this. When they brought furge I was sad

  13. Rosa Puentes

    Rosa PuentesHace 3 meses


  14. An JeeT Jackson

    An JeeT JacksonHace 3 meses


  15. Brayhan Terrero

    Brayhan TerreroHace 3 meses

    Who in the 2021?

  16. David Star

    David StarHace 3 meses

    Who is she?

  17. JTMVision

    JTMVisionHace 4 meses

    I love how cinematic these old school BEP videos are

  18. Nick Kirtley

    Nick KirtleyHace 4 meses


  19. Guilherme Vidal Santos Santos

    Guilherme Vidal Santos SantosHace 4 meses

    A voz de apl de AP tá muito top

  20. Dylan Dreyar

    Dylan DreyarHace 4 meses

    They've always been a trio really

  21. Jay Molina

    Jay MolinaHace 4 meses

    Fire 2020!!!

  22. 2013venjix

    2013venjixHace 5 meses

    Haven't heard this song in a while

  23. Nicola Pagliacci

    Nicola PagliacciHace 5 meses

    i prefer the BEP with Fergie

  24. Nikkelnine

    NikkelnineHace 5 meses

    There was a super chill remix of this song that I listened to a few years ago. Anyone know it?

  25. Yohanna Quiroz-Quiroz

    Yohanna Quiroz-QuirozHace 5 meses

    Is there a 2020 comment?

  26. Ale Toral

    Ale ToralHace 5 meses

    Someone still listening to this song in 2020? or am I the only one?

  27. Anonim Walker

    Anonim WalkerHace 5 meses

    ахуеть у нее голос

  28. Stefan Taylor

    Stefan TaylorHace 6 meses

    I hear Redman on this beat

  29. Fede Luque

    Fede LuqueHace 6 meses


  30. Steely_Fran

    Steely_FranHace 6 meses

    1:47 Blood of Abraham!

  31. Skiddam Cervera

    Skiddam CerveraHace 7 meses

    dure años buscando esta canción...

  32. 飛田吉太郎

    飛田吉太郎Hace 7 meses


  33. Ester Ribeiro

    Ester RibeiroHace 7 meses

    2:13 does anyone know the name of this shoe (brand)? it is wonderful !!!

  34. Roman Bernal

    Roman BernalHace 2 meses

    Puma if you haven't figured it out yet

  35. Xhilarator YT

    Xhilarator YTHace 7 meses


  36. Manuel Byt

    Manuel BytHace 7 meses

    2020 ❤❤❤❤❤❤😱

  37. Mark Reginald

    Mark ReginaldHace 8 meses

    Who's listening to this song in 2020?!?

  38. william lagi

    william lagiHace 8 meses

    I love this video till day 😁

  39. Sandy Tigse

    Sandy TigseHace 8 meses

    Who come here after looking at the new Bep singer

  40. husman

    husmanHace 8 meses

    bridging the gaps album a masterpiece of music, legendary.

  41. Daniel Juarez

    Daniel JuarezHace 8 meses


  42. Tristan Vilallon

    Tristan VilallonHace 8 meses

    Jeez, it makes me feel old, i was born in the 90s, I experienced the 2000s vibe, 2010s and now Covid era no,, no,,, i mean 2020s haha.. lol✌and so much more

  43. Tristan Vilallon

    Tristan VilallonHace 8 meses

    My favorite hip hop group ever, kudos to our very own Apl de ap👌🇵🇭

  44. MoiNonPlus

    MoiNonPlusHace 9 meses

    descubrir esto en 2020.....vaya viaje en el tiempo :p

  45. George's Opinion

    George's OpinionHace 9 meses

    Just randomly remembered this song today and searched it lol this was my jam in middle school

  46. motlevi

    motleviHace 9 meses

    Big ups to the Blood of Abraham!!! Ben and Mazik!!!

  47. BeTheBest

    BeTheBestHace 9 meses


  48. Ben Daly

    Ben DalyHace 10 meses

    I'm confused it says online this came out in 2000. on the music video it says 1985

  49. Rodrigo Espinoza

    Rodrigo EspinozaHace 10 meses


  50. Rodrigo Espinoza

    Rodrigo EspinozaHace 10 meses

    Game Grumps Super Mario 64 part 5

  51. Victor

    VictorHace 10 meses


  52. Shwing ring

    Shwing ringHace 10 meses

    Jimmy, Zoe, Peter, Claire and Gary #FriendsForever

  53. carlos gutierrez

    carlos gutierrezHace 10 meses

    Me recordaron a illia kiuraky and the valderramas

  54. gary.s

    gary.sHace 10 meses

    I remember bumping this in 2012.. during my high school sophomore year.. good times

  55. Ali Pia

    Ali PiaHace 10 meses

    I remember watching this for the first time thinking Taboo was the coolest guy I've ever seen on TV. 20years later, I still haven't felt that way about anyone else.

  56. Mark Gillan

    Mark GillanHace 10 meses

    Mr. Wheelie Bin... I remember Px... Circa 85...Yo was every where...

  57. Ed Suratos

    Ed SuratosHace 10 meses

    1950 1953 1956 1959 1962 1965 1968 1971 1974 1977 1980 1983 1986 1989 1992 1995 1998 2001 2004 2007 2010 2013 2016 2019

  58. Ed Suratos

    Ed SuratosHace 10 meses

    Weekends (2000) Black Eyed Peas ft. Esthero Ranking * Will I Am - 54.8 * Esthero - 50.4 * Apl de ap - 24.4 * Taboo - 16.6

  59. Ed Suratos

    Ed SuratosHace 10 meses

    1970's 1980's 1990's 2000's 2010's 2020's

  60. Mark from [fordmustang98guy]

    Mark from [fordmustang98guy]Hace 10 meses

    Throwback To 2000

  61. Ed Suratos

    Ed SuratosHace 10 meses

    Underclassman (2005) Nick Cannon as Tracy Strokes / Tre. Also in the cast are Roselyn Sánchez, Kelly Hu, Shawn Ashmore, Hugh Bonneville and Cheech Marin in their supporting roles.

  62. Ed Suratos

    Ed SuratosHace 10 meses


  63. Ed Suratos

    Ed SuratosHace 10 meses

    That's my favorite soundtrack movie of Underclassman (2005) in the end credits in 14 years.

  64. CJ J

    CJ JHace 10 meses

    Esthero was way better then Fergie Ferg

  65. Gavin Wieland

    Gavin WielandHace 10 meses

    Damn. Before Fergie joined the band, this band was awesome. After Fergie joined, the band were a joke that wasn’t always funny.

  66. Stefan Alexandru

    Stefan AlexandruHace 11 meses

    Wich one is weekend here?

  67. Jude Vapes

    Jude VapesHace un año

    Debbie Deb

  68. like that

    like thatHace un año

    The good old black eyed peas

  69. blackcosmos

    blackcosmosHace un año

    One of their absolute best. Esthero 💯🔥

  70. Alessandro Boykin

    Alessandro BoykinHace un año

    They should reboot this somehow

  71. Thibaut

    ThibautHace un año

    WTF the intro reminds me Jump Up Superstar from Super Mario Odyssey !!!!!! (Star Festival version)

  72. eze. vs

    eze. vsHace un año

    better another weekend

  73. mikemalone1989

    mikemalone1989Hace un año

    Shoutout if you're watching in 2020!

  74. Candy Ordo

    Candy OrdoHace un año

    2020 anyone?!

  75. Onassis mc

    Onassis mcHace un año

    Bep empire

  76. Matt Willar

    Matt WillarHace un año

    Love seeing DJ Motiv8 in this video! Such an underrated member of the group

  77. Strictly4MyNiggaz82

    Strictly4MyNiggaz82Hace un año


  78. Strictly4MyNiggaz82

    Strictly4MyNiggaz82Hace un año


  79. Wagner Rodrigues WRS

    Wagner Rodrigues WRSHace un año

    Único Brasileiro Ouvindo Esse Som Por Aqui ?

  80. Aline Cristina

    Aline CristinaHace un año

    Curte aqui quem tá escutando em 2020

  81. Akemis D’Realist

    Akemis D’RealistHace un año

    Beat from sly and family stone family affair

  82. Maurilio Udave

    Maurilio UdaveHace un año


  83. mikemalone1989

    mikemalone1989Hace un año

    Imagine if Esthero had joined ...

  84. Mr Costa

    Mr CostaHace un año

    Great TRIBUTE to REAL HIP HOP from 2:11 --- B-boys verse (Jurassic 5) and Run-DMC DJ style and early 80 scratches

  85. LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch

    LAB-Lil' Angry B!tchHace un año

    Damn, I didn't know there was another ho before Fergie. Black Eyed Peas have replaced more bitches in their group than Destiny's Child did.

  86. Jack Johnson

    Jack JohnsonHace un año

    1:46 Wow so that girl right there was the original singer for BEP

  87. virgil solozzo

    virgil solozzoHace un año

    fantastic video !!!!!!!!

  88. OFFICIAL Falcon Turner

    OFFICIAL Falcon TurnerHace un año

    20 Years... Think about it for sec.

  89. ZThe Real

    ZThe RealHace un año

    This was there hip hop days before Fergie came in and changed the sound

  90. Dee kalinda

    Dee kalindaHace un año

    I see what they did here... Cheeky!!

  91. Marlon Avellandeda

    Marlon AvellandedaHace un año

    Creo que ya puse esto en otro video pero igualmente: 2000: Weekend ft. Esthero 2019: 4EVER ft. Esthero

  92. Rushdi Ishmail

    Rushdi IshmailHace un año

    Great track.👌🏾

  93. SeriouS

    SeriouSHace un año

    Brooo, thumbnail of this video is WEIRD AF.

  94. Big el aka fat daddy Channel

    Big el aka fat daddy ChannelHace un año

    This song awesome

  95. Mily Waffle

    Mily WaffleHace un año

    Much better 💕

  96. Santiago G

    Santiago GHace un año

    Came for da boobs, stayed for Taboo

  97. Cafe80’s Arigachu

    Cafe80’s ArigachuHace un año

    First time to see this hip hop rapper collection.

  98. Cafe80’s Arigachu

    Cafe80’s ArigachuHace un año

    The Lady also sounds like Fergie.

  99. SheniiLicious

    SheniiLiciousHace 3 meses

    It was the way they had to sing, that's it.

  100. Al W-B

    Al W-BHace 4 meses

    You mean, Fergie sounds like her...

  101. Roger Colque

    Roger ColqueHace un año

    fergi is awesome

  102. Casey Thomas

    Casey ThomasHace un año

    That's Esthero

  103. Satirical / Sartorial

    Satirical / SartorialHace un año

    Whose here in late December '19 but bc of New York Times???

  104. Shablé

    ShabléHace un año

    Who here after kim hill vid on bep?

  105. Riz Omar

    Riz OmarHace 2 meses

    Yo!!!! Peace from Sydney AUSTRALIA.! // Those were 13 minutes of DEEP.

  106. therealfattewok

    therealfattewokHace un año

    that was some hiphop history right there. well done mini-docu!