The Black Eyed Peas - #WHERESTHELOVE ft. The World (Video)

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Music video by The Black Eyed Peas performing #WHERESTHELOVE. (C) 2016 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.
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  1. Fran Heta

    Fran HetaHace un hora

    How can you not cry wacthing this

  2. Fran Heta

    Fran HetaHace un hora

    Whats going on with the world

  3. Himanshu Tyagi

    Himanshu TyagiHace un día

    Justin Timberlake ♥

  4. Adam W

    Adam WHace 2 días

    i prefer old version

  5. Abu3lwh

    Abu3lwhHace 3 días

    i noticed that most of the pictures in the video from Libya palestine and syria, and all of them are arabic countries.! Arabic people need love. 🙏 الله يصلح حالنا. ❤️

  6. Radim Ziegler

    Radim ZieglerHace 3 días

    The original is way better

  7. Gh05t X

    Gh05t XHace 3 días

    I miss Fergie

  8. Cecilia Guerrero

    Cecilia GuerreroHace 4 días

    Esta canción se necesita este año !!!

  9. Alaluf Castellá María José

    Alaluf Castellá María JoséHace 4 días


  10. William Lee Willis

    William Lee WillisHace 6 días


  11. PoyraZDU

    PoyraZDUHace 6 días

    Tha Games part made me almost cry. Such a powerful song

  12. Ayah El-Masri

    Ayah El-MasriHace 6 días

    anyone still listening to this song?

  13. HOT Zoneplus

    HOT ZoneplusHace 7 días

    ➡ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre...

  14. Doğanın Sesleri

    Doğanın SesleriHace 9 días


  15. Explicit Goals

    Explicit GoalsHace 9 días

    Where’s Fergie though

  16. blahhh ortiz

    blahhh ortizHace 9 días

    baby einstein

  17. P V

    P VHace 9 días

    the fact that they released a second version with other artists ensemble in it just goes to show HOW FKIN EPIC THIS SONG IS!!!! this shit only happens with artworks like MJ and Tina Turner and JamesB n shit

  18. mya :3

    mya :3Hace 10 días

    we need a remake just about now :(

  19. Mazy Isdizzy

    Mazy IsdizzyHace 9 días

    They made a version about a month ago :(

  20. zerrqs

    zerrqsHace 10 días

    i am fat \

  21. Skrippsta

    SkrippstaHace 10 días

    This song had such an important message. Now it‘s used in dumb tiktokmemes.

  22. assi altofi

    assi altofiHace 10 días

    super cool super great song .....thanks alot from syria ..we are syrian people seekin for love and freedom ....

  23. Ohhh Please

    Ohhh PleaseHace 10 días

    This is going to always be timeless our world needs healing

  24. Ohhh Please

    Ohhh PleaseHace 10 días

    This is going to always be timeless our world needs healing

  25. Captain Jeoy

    Captain JeoyHace 11 días

    I would like to what's behind the mind of those that disliked this video

  26. Rudra M.

    Rudra M.Hace 4 días

    They ruined an amazing song with this BS. It also sounds terrible...

  27. Captain Jeoy

    Captain JeoyHace 11 días

    I would like to what's behind the mind of those that hated this video

  28. marcelo raul moran

    marcelo raul moranHace 11 días

    amo este tema junto con imagine son mis himnos por la paz

  29. Laura Martin

    Laura MartinHace 11 días

    It’s refreshing to see all of these great talents coming back up

  30. Laura Martin

    Laura MartinHace 11 días

    I really love this version

  31. Doğan MERT

    Doğan MERTHace 12 días

    Usa, France etc.. killed love and peace. Why. We only have one world

  32. Fran Heta

    Fran HetaHace 12 días

    When issa (jesus) comes back he will be asking where is the love!

  33. Yasin KARAAHMET

    Yasin KARAAHMETHace 12 días

    Yes where the love. France? USA? England? Germany? Israel?? Everybody knows The Ugliest Game now. If they have a plan. God has plans too.

  34. Andrea Bustarde

    Andrea BustardeHace 12 días

    We need this PH 2020 :(

  35. Vantage V

    Vantage VHace 13 días

    When this song was released..i was so obsessed with this

  36. Jessie James

    Jessie JamesHace 14 días

    you didn't need to change it. don't like this version.

  37. SASA Lee

    SASA LeeHace un día

    U don’t have to like it



    I'm sure u will like this one ( )

  39. Kathryn Hawkins

    Kathryn HawkinsHace 14 días

    even in 2020 there is so much hate. the world has lost their way. in this pandemic we should be united but we are apart.

  40. Alysa Polden

    Alysa PoldenHace 14 días

    32k people are salty lmao

  41. Brikol Charikol

    Brikol CharikolHace 14 días

    ❤ #WhereIsTheLove 💚

  42. Samuel Attias

    Samuel AttiasHace 14 días

    In One Life

  43. matthew vendiola

    matthew vendiolaHace 14 días

    help cagayan❤️

  44. WaakeeSC - Luca Gattullo

    WaakeeSC - Luca GattulloHace 15 días

    this is just bad lol

  45. Nick Doyle

    Nick DoyleHace 15 días

    William just single handedly set world peace back by another 500 years.

  46. Neelam Ahmed

    Neelam AhmedHace 15 días

    Right on point guys well done god bless you xx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

  47. Khairy Alsharkasi

    Khairy AlsharkasiHace 16 días

    4:19 who are these guys?

  48. Jonathan Donald

    Jonathan DonaldHace 15 días

    ASAP Rocky and Jayden smith

  49. Angus Jones

    Angus JonesHace 17 días

    Justin Timberlake’s voice really didn’t go well with this song. Might have been the effects on it but i think its a bit of both

  50. Nadia Rose

    Nadia RoseHace 17 días


  51. Francisca San Martín Abarca

    Francisca San Martín AbarcaHace 17 días

    Ok, no me agrada pero creo que ese es justo el punto..

  52. Vivek Limboo

    Vivek LimbooHace 17 días


  53. alireza shsevari shsevari

    alireza shsevari shsevariHace 18 días


  54. wildish Gambino

    wildish GambinoHace 19 días

    2:15 breaks my hearteven after 4 years thingd havnt changed a lot 2:53 best verse (tho tbep have reunited)

  55. Boi Krasinki

    Boi KrasinkiHace 19 días

    2 version, different beats, same fucking chills from the messagery.

  56. Mamadou Traore

    Mamadou TraoreHace 19 días

    the world will need this for ever

  57. Marshall Sautlan

    Marshall SautlanHace 19 días

    hmm..why can't we all just get along?

  58. Rey

    ReyHace 20 días

    freaking bootlickers

  59. Sueimalo Robertson

    Sueimalo RobertsonHace 21 un día

    Now its back to 2020 😔😔😔

  60. Sueimalo Robertson

    Sueimalo RobertsonHace 21 un día

    This sing got me heartbreakn...AMEN 🙏🙏🙏

  61. Abood Anna

    Abood AnnaHace 21 un día


  62. Nikolina Milicevic

    Nikolina MilicevicHace 21 un día


  63. Pablo Martín

    Pablo MartínHace 21 un día


  64. triki moez

    triki moezHace 21 un día

    Damn that song should have the same number of likes as the views but I checked and there is 32K dislikes .TELL ME WHY!!?

  65. rain

    rainHace 19 días

    Maybe because they use a lot of autotunes.

  66. Nikolina Milicevic

    Nikolina MilicevicHace 21 un día

    The LOVE IS ALIVE 😍❤️🎂🎂🎂🌍

  67. Nikolina Milicevic

    Nikolina MilicevicHace 21 un día


  68. Shivani R

    Shivani RHace 22 días

    The number of times they have had to repost this song... The number of times they have had to repost this message... Nothing really has changed... Where is the love?

  69. Jill Blevin

    Jill BlevinHace 22 días

    anyone else watching this in 2020 and crying?

  70. Leah Hensley

    Leah HensleyHace 22 días

    I don't see color I see humans never will there be hate n my heart just pure love for all my brothers and sisters #1love1world

  71. Lonetree

    LonetreeHace 22 días

    Middle east is where we need to look. The only reason for the massacres is the American government. Blood and tears since America entered the Middle East

  72. Laura Davies

    Laura DaviesHace 23 días

    This song anytime you update this song it gives me chills I love you keep up with the good job

  73. Tavo Stone

    Tavo StoneHace 23 días

    La despedazaron.

  74. Miss WK

    Miss WKHace 23 días

    Loveee Fergie in BEP.. I guess I saw Rose 🌹♥️

  75. Leighana Garcia

    Leighana GarciaHace 24 días

    Glad the peas came together for this again❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  76. Leighana Garcia

    Leighana GarciaHace 24 días

    ASAP ROCKY AND JADEN❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  77. Lovely Ann

    Lovely AnnHace 24 días

    Where is the love

  78. Sabrina

    SabrinaHace 24 días

    Americans please make the difference 😞🙏

  79. Gramor84

    Gramor84Hace 24 días

    neosozi suck!

  80. Natan Skorput

    Natan SkorputHace 24 días

    If you still think the original is better:

  81. Natan Skorput

    Natan SkorputHace 24 días

    The music industry ruined "We are the world" and now this?? No need to reinvent the wheel, the original version is still relevant and WAAAAYYYY better than this...and they brought back Fergie ONLY to sing 9 words???? What a wasted opportunity...

  82. Natan Skorput

    Natan SkorputHace 24 días

    It was alright until DJ Khaled showed up...

  83. tra ffic

    tra fficHace 25 días


  84. Lemon Tea

    Lemon TeaHace 25 días

    Many people dont know what "love" is... love your work :)

  85. Christian Ipsen

    Christian IpsenHace 25 días

    I hope America vote love❤️

  86. Lemlemba Laishram

    Lemlemba LaishramHace 25 días

    Justin Timberlake can be the next Wolverine


    WSYD HOOLIGANHace 25 días

    Made in 2016: screaming he can't breathe 2020: Scary

  88. RL vlogger

    RL vloggerHace 22 días

    @WSYD HOOLIGAN yes indeed and I'm afraid this shit will get worse instead then it's getting better


    WSYD HOOLIGANHace 22 días

    @RL vlogger the song actually makes more sense now than it did then, scary shit

  90. RL vlogger

    RL vloggerHace 22 días

    Yeah I thought that too, it's 4 years later and that happened literally

  91. Osnapitzme '

    Osnapitzme 'Hace 25 días

    Vienna 💔🙏😣

  92. Fool Gaming

    Fool GamingHace 25 días

    32k dislike ... Why?why hate this song? who no souls and love dislike this best song about love?

  93. Rudra M.

    Rudra M.Hace 25 días

    The song is a terrible remix of 'Where is the Love'. You should listen to the original song instead of this bs.

  94. Mary Salvi

    Mary SalviHace 25 días

    @ Black Eyed Peas Yes I have seen your other 2020 version. Thank you for keep on pushing love - justice - compassion - I have tears and I have my fears and I sing and turn to those who flood the world with music ~ peace love and light ~ a dark part of the makeup of human beings we are in at this moment and there is always a shining light, like the sun that is always there behind the darkest clouds and torrential downpour of hate filled rain, that sun does come out brighter and stronger along with a rainbow arching over some area of this planet. And we sing, dance, embrace ~ L-O-V-E 💞

  95. Logan Mielnik

    Logan MielnikHace 26 días

    3:44, I heard that if tears originate from the middle of your eyes they are fake...

  96. Natalia Olmos

    Natalia OlmosHace 26 días

    Nos falta más amor 😓❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  97. Joni Villagomez

    Joni VillagomezHace 26 días

    come and get your love

  98. Kaela Lunn

    Kaela LunnHace 26 días


  99. TECHnical Era

    TECHnical EraHace 27 días

    32 Thousand People Hate LOVE... Let that sink in!!!!!

  100. Felipe Sure

    Felipe SureHace 27 días

    why are we still here just to suffer

  101. Aaliyah Enyas

    Aaliyah EnyasHace 27 días

    @xaviernaidoo @söhnemannheims @mosespelham

  102. G T.

    G T.Hace 28 días


  103. Jessica Gracilla

    Jessica GracillaHace 28 días

    Crying while watching

  104. Sniper King

    Sniper KingHace 28 días

    I keep telling people the world has forgotten how to love ! I'm about done Solo recuerda siempre que eras a quien realmente amaba y me importaba. No me importa nadie más. Voy ahora. Nunca me encontrarán.

  105. Laurie Ann

    Laurie AnnHace 28 días

    To the 32k people who disliked this video- God help you. You just planted a seed that is coming for you and yours. Every devious thing you do will be reaped, either by you or your later generations. Remember that as you continue to harvest hate and dissension.

  106. Rudra M.

    Rudra M.Hace 25 días

    Nah 32k people disliked this because the song is terrible. Listen to the original verison...

  107. Layla Deeb

    Layla DeebHace 28 días

    i just pray for world peace i would give up anything just to make world a safe place for every single country

  108. ZLine

    ZLineHace 28 días

    4yrs later and we still need the love 2020, what have you caused

  109. Vanya Pirozhok

    Vanya PirozhokHace 28 días


  110. HngKng1

    HngKng1Hace 28 días

    The fact that this makes 3 different versions.

  111. RS Maraviles

    RS MaravilesHace 29 días

    Christmas is coming and 2020 is about to end. We need this song so much. 2020 is too much.😭